Black Recruitment and
Retention Center
BRRC was founded in 1983,  and is a student-initiated, student-run organization. The purpose of the Center is to supplement, expand, and create efforts on campus and within the community toward the recruitment and retention of Black students 


To those who were able to make it to the WELCOME BLACK BBQ, we hoped you had a great time! 
 We have more events in store for you all!


It’s sadly that time of year again... midterm season is upon us😓. BUT DON’T 🙅🏿‍♀️ STRESS! BRRC is having their first General Body Meeting centering around wellness during these stressful times. Come learn more about interning, who your mentor is, listen to our guest speakers, and much more!  Free soul food to soothe the mind and tummy! We'll also have free care package. Hope to see you all there. 
DATE: Oct 1, 2019 | LOCATION: DLAB (356B Barrows) | TIME: 7-9 PM| 
FOOD: Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen

Upcoming Retention Programs

The following are our fall upcoming academic, social, and professional programs for the community. 
1st thur of Month, 6:30p*
Fri, 10/4, 7:30p, Tilden
10/11, 7p Sen. Chamber
Fri, Nov 4 6pm 
Wed, Nov 20 12-2pm
Thur, Nov 21, 6pm 
Sun, Dec 8, 2-8pm 
Mon, Dec 9 - Fri, Dec 18
To be announced
To be announced
General Body Meeting (Monthly)
Friday on Friday Movie Night 

NBA 2k Tournament
Wellness & Distress (Painting & Mocktails)
Black Wednesday
Community Harvest (Performance Night)
Transfer Retreat
bridges Dead Week Study Jam

Professional Development/Career Night 
Study Jam (with EOP)
*Our GBM for the remainder of the semester will now be Thursday, instead of tuesday, for the remainder of the week. 
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Upcoming Recruitment Programs

The following are our fall upcoming recruitment events.
To be announced 
Nov 16 11-1pm
Th, Nov 21- Sun, Nov 24
dates vary
dates vary
Personal Insight Questions Pt. 1
Personal Insight Questions Pt 2
4-day Bay Area College Tour
High School Outreach 
Community College Outreach 
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