Happy Black History Month!

Peace Community!

We have so much in store in this beautiful Black History Month! Scroll down to see upcoming events and to Meet The Board!


Textbook Reimbursement 

We are extending our services to include academic material such as tutoring/help websites, course codes and more! Up to 50 people will receive up to $100 to cover up the cost of their books! Check this link for more information about the process and timeline!
DUE February 10th 11:59 PM PST
Life @ Berkeley

Do you have questions about Life @ UC Berkeley? Are you a Black high school student or parent? Say less! BRRC Outreach is hosting a panel to answer any questions about Life @ UC Berkeley! We will be discussing majors, extracurriculars, residential life, and so much more.

No need to sign up or register, the ZOOM link is here and 
Join us, February 19th 5-6:30 PM PST


Student Panelists Needed!

We will be hosting a series of panels for students in the Bay Area and need your help introducing them to UC Berkeley and what it is like being a student here! 
February 19th 5-6:30 PM PST


Academics at Berkeley Panel

This panel will feature also feature current Berkeley students from different academic colleges with different majors! They will speak about their academic experiences, from coursework to research opportunities! This will be Q&A style! Join live at here!
February 26th 5-6:30 PM PST



Meet John Stewart

John serves as the Director of External Affairs this year. He is currently a fourth-year Sociology and African-American Studies major. Outside of BRRC, he likes to sing and explore the Bay Area! As the explorer he is, John was able to study abroad in Amersterdam and Belgium in the summer of 2019! John is still trying to figure out what he wants to do after college, but hopes to work in education or student affairs. This semester, he wants to ensure the success of all recruitment and retention programming. Also, he is most excited about our new Outreach Program and Senior/Transfer Weekend. 
Meet Jalen Banks

Jalen is a fourth-year student studying Political Science with an African-American studies minor. As Internal Affairs Director, Jalen hopes BRRC can expose as many Black youths as possible to higher education and foster a sense of community among current Berkeley students in this virtual space. Outside of BRRC, she loves music and comedy TV shows! A fun fact about her is that she loves Burger King French fries. Jalen's goals post-college is to not work for anyone! Ain't that something!
Meet Nadyca Stallworth

Nadyca serves as our Operational Manager this 20/21 school year. She wants to continue to expand BRRC's impact through adapting to students' evolving personal and academic needs during the pandemic and changing socio-political climate. She is a fourth-year majoring in Sociology and hopes to work in human resources, helping children and teens through social work and/or counseling. A fun fact about her is that her brain is like a 2000s Disney Channel encyclopedia, fittingly, her mom almost named her Nala! She likes to dance and get lost in her favorite TV shows and movies. 
Meet Nayzak Wali-Ali
Nayzak is a Legal Studies and Ethnic Studies major part of the Class of 2021. She is serving as our Transfer Coordinator and Political Director this semester. In that position, Nayzak wishes to help cultivate the Black transfer community and connect with prospective Black transfer students. In addition, she plans to continue to address the institutional needs of the Black community at Cal! She hopes to become a civil rights lawyer. In her free time, Nayzak likes to sing and write. Something you might not know about her is that she lived in Morocco for her early schooling. 
Meet Tiffany Okeani

Tiffany is our K-12 Recruitment Co-Coordinator/ Senior Weekend Co-Coordinator. She is a fourth-year majoring in Legal Studies and minoring in Global Public Health and African-American studies. She aspires to attend law school and pursue a JD/MPH. Soon after, Tiffany wants to work for the CDC or in the public health law field. She might even dabble in some entertainment law. Tiffany is a huge fan of Spongebob Squarepants and video games. She also likes to collect sneakers and make people smile! Alongside BRRC, Tiffany is the president of the Nigerian Students Association and currently writing an honors senior thesis for her major! She hopes to speak to and mentor more black high school students that are not traditionally on the radar for UC Berkeley, retain the Black community at Cal, help them graduate, and receive the credit BRRC deserves from all the work we do as an organization. 
Meet Ezinne Abba
Ezinne is a third-year majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology with an emphasis in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She hopes to go to dental school and become an orthodontist. She serves as our Public Relations and Data Manager. Ezinne hopes that BRRC will be able to have a fun and successful senior weekend. Also, she wants to better connect Black student-athletes with the greater Black@Cal community. Outside of BRRC, Ezinne runs track for the university and loves to watch movies. A fun fact about her is that she loves being unapologetically Black!
Meet Jordan Goodwin
Jordan is a second year studying African-American Studies and Legal Studies/Theatre. She hopes to become a civil rights attorney in the non-profit sector. She is a member of the University of California Marching Band and loves theater. She has even been a vegetarian for 8 years! Jordan is our Outreach Co-Coordinator. She hopes to create fun and innovative programming that reaches students from all over California. 
Meet Kaiyah Florence 
Kaiyah is our Course Facilitator this semester. When she's not studying as a second-year Legal Studies major, Kaiyah likes to watch reality TV and practice yoga. She is an Aries sun and moon and a Leo rising, meaning she is all fire signs! She aspires to be active and influential in prison abolition work. Her goal for BRRC this semester is to get members an organization-covered Ancestry DNA test! 
Meet Amaya Mootry 
Amaya is part of the Class of 2021 majoring in Sociology. She is our Senior Weekend Co-Coordinator and aims to get more Black students to go to Cal! A fun fact about her is that she is addicted to sugar! She likes to dance and loves animals. Amaya aspires to work in marketing! 
Meet Anehita Okojie
Anehita is a second-year student studying Political Science and minoring in Global Studies with a concentration on Africa. She wants to become an attorney. She is our Community Wellness Coordinator and her goal is to give students a space where they feel a sense of community and belonging. Anehita enjoys sitting on the Glade and watching the sunset and trying new restaurants in Berkeley! Also, she has four siblings! 
Meet Andin Ngwa
Andin is part of the class of 2023 majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology as well as French. In the future, she wants to work in research in Autism Spectrum Disorders. She is our Outreach Co-Coordinator. She hopes to make information about college more accessible to underrepresented Black K-12 students in order to make their application process as smooth as possible. Additionally, Andin looks forward to reaching a larger audience of Black students to increase the number of Black applicants and acceptances, given the virtual nature of the world right now. Funny enough, Andin is a shopaholic with no money! She is also a part of the NSA Dance Team and URAP Research Project in tooth regeneration! 
#BlackatCal Resource Guide

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Black Community Resources, Programs, and Support Services for BHM
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The Black Recruitment and Retention Center is a student-initiated, AND entirely a student ran organization that was founded in 1983. 

The purpose of the BRRC is to supplement, expand, and create efforts on campus and within the community toward the recruitment and retention of Black students. We are one of 7 RRCs in the bridges’ Multicultural Resource Centers, a coalition of 8 organizations.

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