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A Note From The Team
Quarantings with BRRC
BRRC Board Infosession
A Tiktok Creative Workshop
Yield Efforts With New Admits
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A Note from the Team
Hello, Community! We hope this message finds you all well, and that you've been able to find time to rest and recalibrate in the midst of all this. Thank you for giving us the time to also transition and recuperate. Given the nature of the current pandemic and the cancellation of all of our previously announced events, we are strategizing about our recruitment, yield, retention, and wellness efforts for the rest of the semester—with different and unique programming, that we hope you’re able to join us. Our love and passion for this community are what motivates us to continue our work, and we are thankful for all your support in this effort. Please stay safe and if you have any questions about our adjusted programming, please reach out to us!
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Quarantings with BRRC
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BRRC 20-21 Executive Team
Application Infosession
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What's Poppin': A Tiktok
Creative Workshop
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Yield Efforts With New Admits
With the cancellation of Senior Weekend and Transfer Weekend, two overnight large scale events for hundreds of admitted students of color, and given the impact these events have on the SIR rates within the Black community, BRRC (and bridges), are working to restrategize our outreach efforts and support for students we would have hosted during SW & TW. 

We are still working to finalize what our collaborative efforts will look like. As discussions regarding this are still ongoing, we will share with you all the finalized information once we have it. 

In regards to what we're internally working on to be able to outreach to and support students, these are the updates that BRRC has: 
  1. We're hoping to have one-on-on phone banking communication with admitted Black students. This way we would also be able to reach Black students with limited tech/digital resources. If desired, we would like to also pair them with current UCB students that could be of resource to them.
  2. We would like to host 2 Q&A Panel sessions 
  3. A BlackatCal History & Survival and Resource Guide (infographics, google drive resource folder, master contact sheet, etc) Zoom Workshop 
  4. Potentially one more session? Financial aid, Afro Floor Tour, etc.
We are also trying to see if we could possibly work to support waitlisted Black students with their appeal process. 

If you are interested in supporting us in any capacity in any of these efforts, please do let us know here

If you have had the opportunity to outreach to a student, please complete this form.

Please Note: 
  1. Official Prep Meeting: 4/14 5 pm | Zoom Link:
  2. Cal Recruitment Week for New Admits (both Transfers and HS seniors) is from 4/18 to 4/24
Other Updates
Due to the recent abrupt changes to our prior schedule, the scholarship committee is currently behind, and have no choice but to postpone the reading and deliberation process, for the time being, to prep for the Transfer and Senior yield planning and events, elections, and other programs we have going on within the month of April. Scholarship recipients are scheduled to be announced on May 8th. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and crave your indulgence in these unprecedented times. 

An update regarding our internship course will be posted in the internship groupchat. 
COVID-19 Community Resources
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The Black Recruitment and Retention Center is a student-initiated, AND entirely a student ran organization that was founded in 1983. 

The purpose of the BRRC is to supplement, expand, and create efforts on campus and within the community toward the recruitment and retention of Black students. We are one of 7 RRCs in the bridges’ Multicultural Resource Centers, a coalition of 8 organizations.

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