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Empowering Digital Citizenship through

Media Literacy & Critical Thinking

Issue 3

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Empower Learning resources

The Empower project learning resources are ready on the project's website:
  • The Good Practice Catalogue has been designed to promote peer learning by identifying and showcasing innovative, creative and participative approaches to developing media literacy and critical thinking in vocational education and training. Download the Good Practice Catalogue 
  • The Digital Citizenship toolkit includes 6 modules in the format of a powerpoint. This toolkit tackles the following issues: Digital Footprint & reputation; Self-image & identity; Online privacy, security & safety; Recognising, misinformation,  radicalisation, & fake news; and Digital drama, cyber-bullying & conflict resolution. Download the Powerpoints
  • The Digital Pedagogy course four modules address to teachers. Access Learning portal
Partners activities

Final conference

BELGIUM: EfVET hosted the Final Conference

The EMPOWER: Empowering Digital Citizenship Through Media Literacy and Critical Thinking final conference has gathered around 30 people from different stakeholders and target audience based in Brussels and abroad.

The event was launched by Åsa Kajsdotter, (Folkuniversitetet Stiftelsen Vid Lunds Universitet, Sweden) project coordinator. She introduced the three main project outputs: Good Practice Catalogue for Media Literacy and Critical Thinking in VET, the Digital Citizenship education toolkit and the Teacher’s Guide to Digital Pedagogy, which are available at EMPOWER website.

Gorka Gonzalez, CEBANC and Catherine Neil, Canice Consulting Limited introduced the practical side of the project. Gorka Gonzalez, (Administration teacher at CEBANC) explained how went the pilot testing of the main resources, and how the students get to adequately understand how their media presence can have an impact on daily life, and how to become good digital citizenship is about the online and offline world. Catherine Neil showed the participants how to use the main learning resources:

The panel of experts counted with the Sabrina Vorbau (European Schoolnet) and Alexandra Kozyra (EAEA).

Sabrina Vorbau, specialized in online safe for youngest, explained how the digital world is affected the online safety among kids but also how important is to train parents and teachers to be aware of the new trends. Vorbau and the Digital Citizenship team are involved in different projects and initiatives, such as the Safer Internet Day, Insafe or the SELMA project which are raising awareness about the potential risk of the online world and providing tools to prevent them.

Alexandra Kozyra introduced the project Life skills for Europe which aims to improve basic skills provision in Europe including capabilities for life and work. Surprisingly, a high percentage of adult today are lacking basic skills.

All in all, EMPOWER event was the perfect opening not only to introduce the last resources of the project but also to reflect on our own presence on the online world and the skills that we need to be aware of them.


Multiplier events


The final dissemination event organized by Folkuniversitetet in June was a great success,

Åsa Kajsdotter, the project coordinator, presented EMPOWER: Empowering Digital Citizenship Through Media Literacy and Critical Thinking.

The presentation included the Good Practice Catalogue developed during the project, the education toolkit and the Teacher’s Guide to Digital Pedagogy. Participants where invited stakeholders, VET institutes and teachers from Folkuniversitetet and neighbouring schools, invited organisations and teachers from other European countries.

The project is now heading towards the end, and the final dissemination is ongoing throughout the summer.

The theme of the day was New Technologies and Accessibility – Digital Citizenship. Marijo Irastorza, Xabi Diaz and Gorka González, who participated in the development of the project, opened the day. They presented the European Project Erasmus + and the contents of the Empower Project, Digital Literacy; they explained its aims, the resources available, the website, and the results of the pilot projects conducted to date with students (IO2).

Following this, there was a series of speakers who developed the theme of the day, Digital Literacy. Marijo Moreno explained the importance of accessibility to the Internet and social media, Guillaume Fontagné talked about digital commerce in tourism Zuriñe De Anzola about the importance of adapting digital platforms for people with some sort of disability.

To finish off the first half of the day our alliances Fomento, Tknika and Elkargi explained the importance of the social media in today’s economy and the support available for all those wishing to embark on a business venture.

After the talks, there were a number of round table discussions. The participants included Secot, Creactivalia, Innovatx and Xabi Ortiz (chef and writer), who all offered their views on the use of social media from the professional and personal experience.

Secot did a magnificent presentation called TIMES OF CHANGE VERSUS CHANGE OF TIMES, which illustrated the change from the analogical society to the digital one.
The Sales Pitch contest finished off the day. Its theme was Social Media and Entrepreneurship. El rapidito, from the hospitality department, was the winning entry. Whilst the judges deliberated, attendees had the opportunity to talk to Xabi Ortiz who commented on the importance of the social media in the sale and dissemination of print and digital books. At the same time, the Innovatx company presented its products for online sale.

On July 5th, 2019, at the headquarters of the Association "Orizont Cultural T". Sixty-four adults from the schools, high schools, associations, organizations and members of the Orizont Cultural T Association participated at this event. 

The president of the Orizont Cultural T Association introduced the project and the three project outputs.  Silvia Cartu, member of the Orizont Cultural T Association presented the resource Good Practice Catalogue.  She considered that the catalogue enriched everyone’s understanding and helped the partners to design more effective materials and open education resources.  Roxana Timplaru, member of the "Orizont Cultural T" Association presented the resource Digital Pedagogy Course, which is excellent in vocational education which focuses on learning by doing and applying knowledge in a real setting. 

Sandu Gadar, the president of one association speak about social media and the Internet that play a significant role for teenagers. He presented various situations encountered in real life as well as in online and that’s why is very important to develop a proper identity on the Internet, learn and adopt the rules of netiquette. 

All the participants considered that the project "Empowering Digital Citizenship through Media Literacy & Critical Thinking" bring in the first line very useful outputs. 

Epoch – a new kind of summer camp for teenagers

Here at Momentum, we are big advocates for raising awareness around social media and helping young people to make responsible choices about what they do online. We are involved in the Empower Me project which aims to do just that through online learning resources.

We recently found out about Epoch, which is a new kind of summer camp aimed at teenagers. The word Epoch is defined “as an important period of time in an era” … and there is no more important time than the formative teenage years.

Epoch is a week-long residential experience taking place in July, based in Sligo, Ireland, for teenagers between 13 and 15 that encourages learning in a holistic manner and instils that a healthy body equates to a healthy mind.  The concept has been developed of three key pillars namely; Nutrition, Activity and Personal Development.

The Epoch experience will be a digital detox encouraging little or no technology and a workshop will be delivered to create awareness and consequences of misuse of social media platforms. All participants will be given the coping skills to deal with the pressures of life today. It’s hoped this will help teenagers develop their confidence and maturity – and perhaps even give them the opportunity to make lifelong friends.

If you want to find out more about the Epoch course you can check out their website.

To find out more about the Empowering Digital Citizenship project that Momentum is involved with you can visit the website. This project will teach young adults about the risks of online communication and provide tools and strategies on how to safeguard themselves.


Empower Team

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