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Autumn 2021




  • Wild Church: theme was interconnection. Scripture was Deuteronomy 6:4 and Matthew 25:40. A special treat: new chick hatched out during Wild Church!    
  • BERRIES! The garden gifted us with a bummer crop of raspberries and blueberries


  • This summer marked our 5th year anniversary of intentional commitment to creation care as a church community! We've now had an official MCCN creation care liaison since August 2016.
  • Wild Church: themed around meditative prayer. Scripture was Matthew 14:22-23. As an added bonus, Nick cooked Dana muffins and Heather brewed garden tea for Wild Church attendees.                                                 
  • Rain or Shine we meet outside for Sunday morning worship on the church lawn in creation, as creation, with creation.
  • Other Outdoor Worship:
    • August 1st Church at Camp held @ Bethany Birches Camp
    • August 15th @ Groton State Park's Ricker Pond

  • Season of Creation! On the Christian calendar this is an annual celebration of prayer and action for our common home which runs September 1-October 4th. the theme this year is A home for all? Renewing the Oikos of God.
  • Wild Church: themed around "Oikos" (home) with an invitation to participate in an Earth Examen during the wandering portion. Scripture was Psalm 84 with Psalm 24 ("The Earth is the Lord's and all that is in it!" as a response. We were treated to a Great Blue Heron flying over us during Wild Church. This was our first joint service with Bethany Mennonite officially invited to join our Wild Church gatherings.        
  • Sunday September 19th was our annual Creation Care Sunday worship service focusing on Genesis 2-3, the theme of God as a gardener-- situating humanity in a garden as a picture of God's original intention for our home. Abraham's tent was a worship visual symbolizing shelter- radical hospitality to all God's creation as well as simplicity of living lightly on the Earth. As an offering we planted a sedum to provide the resident bees extended oikos (home) into the autumn months within our church gardens.  
  • Wild Church: second Sundays, 4pm, Meadow View Farm (home of the Wolfe pack)
  • Stuff Swap: If you have items to give-away or are looking for something in particular, we can be resources for each other. Let Steve know your desired or donated item(s) and he will post in his weekly email in hopes to find a match!
  • Share the Harvest table: Every Wild Church will have a table set up for giving and gleaning extra plants, produce, food stuff, or other items that you wish to share.
  • Plastic bag donations! Nancy Pejouhy has been collecting our plastic bags and other plastic film in collaboration with the Bethel schools as part of the community recycling challenge sponsored by Trex. 500 pounds of plastic film or bags collected= 1 Trek bench! We've helped created 2 benches already and it is on to #3... and this one is earmarked for our church gardens. so far we have collected almost 300 pounds in our first 2 months of collecting! even after our bench collection is done we will continue to collect plastic for the benefit of another nonprofit. Drop off clean plastic bags of all shapes/sizes at the church. Here is guidance on what to donate  
Other News:
  • Voices Together This is the new hymnal we hope to be getting soon! Take a look at Voices Together with a creation care lens. It includes lots of hymns related to creation, the beauty of enough, and the imperative to create and seek peace!
  • Climate Action Plans  MCCN offers up a resource from the Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions. Blueprints for Climate Action- creation care actions plans to empower congregations. We can take the quiz, keeping in mind the congregation, then get an action plan appropriate to where we are at. Scores range from 0-20. (If you take the quiz, please send what score you came up with to Heather for compiling.) MORE INPUT IS NEEDED. Submit your results today!
  • Guardians of the Trees a new book/memoir coming out Sept. 28th by Dr. Kinari Webb, founder of Health and Harmony a ministry which we support as a church. Kinari used to attend Taftsville. She has several virtual book launch events planned over the next month. Consider supporting her by attending an event and/or purchasing a book. We'll look into getting a copy for our church library. 
MCCN Shared Practices
Every six months, MCCN selects worthy projects we are aware of and encourages widespread participation. We hope your church will engage with at least one of these and make it a special focus during the Season of Creation in September.

Intercessory Prayer for the Climate
Join people from multiple continents in praying for the wisdom and the political will to reduce carbon emissions. This push is in preparation for COP 26 (the United Nation's 2021 Climate Change Conference) , scheduled for November 1 to 12 in Glasgow, Scotland. Climate Intercessors and Pray and Fast for the Climate offer two different ways to pray and a wealth of resources. The former organizes online periods of prayer across time zones. The latter calls for prayer and fasting on the first of every month. Thanks to Juliana Morillo of Bogata, Colombia, who introduced us to Climate Intercessors.

Address the Barriers that Keep you from Biking

You may have good intentions to use pedal power whenever you can, but it's easy to backslide. What can you do to get back in the saddle? Some people may need to learn basic bike repair; others may need to find the best way to transport groceries or other objects on their bikes. Others may need to advocate for bike lanes in their city or would benefit from the social support of a contest or incentive program. See biking resources 
Interested in trying out an eBike for free? Local Motion is coming to a location near you soon with eBike lending library! Make your reservation today for 1hr of demoing 1 or 2 different eBikes at Hartland, Woodstock, or New London locations.


  • WILD CHURCH Second Sundays 4pm Meadow View Farm, home of the Wolfe pack
  • FAST FOR THE CLIMATE MCCN's shared practice for the rest of 2021 is to pray for the United Nations Climate Talks, (COP26) in early November. Two ways to join others around the globe are described here. One is a monthly fast. The next dates for fasting are October 1 and November 1. If fasting in the traditional sense (abstaining from food) is not possible, perhaps you want to consider fasting in a different way (remember back to our Lenten Fast for the Earth). You could not drive those days, not generate trash, refrain from purchasing anything, fast from technology or any number of fasts that would decrease consumption and ease the burden on Earth.
Greek for "home" or "household"

Meet a TCMF Permaculture Garden plant: Monarda
In the mint family, this native bee balm was loved by local Taftsville bees this summer! This photo from an early August evening shows bumble bees bedding down for the night underneath the Monarda leaves. The gardens at church have become oikos/home for many. We are in some small way fulfilling the call to steward His garden and enact reconciliation. Fun fact: Bee balm is a natural source of the antiseptic compound thymol, the primary active ingredient in some modern commercial mouthwash formulas
Quarterly Update

This Quarter
Generated: 4,343 kWh
Used: 1,337 kWh
Donated: 3,006 kWh
Estimated Value to BBC: $700
Estimated Value to TCMF: $252
Total Value for Quarter: $952
Grand Total
Generated: 49,883 kWh
Used: 21,468 kWh (20,021 kWh from Solar, 1,447 kWh from the grid)
Donated: 29,862 kWh
Estimated Value to BBC: $8,173
Estimated Value to TCMF: $4,045
Total Value: $12,218
MEMBER SPOTLIGHT - Bob Rosenberger
photo taken by Bob of an area he cleared for the view

Q: What is something you love about creation?

A:  I like spending time in the forest, fields along small streams, walking over mountain trails, seeing various animals in their habitat.

Q: What is something you do to care for creation?

A:   I clear trails, make new ones, open areas for views thru the trees, keep trails mowed and brush cut.

Give Gratitude! What are you thankful for? Pick a person, a place, and a thing. Say a special prayer for each of one those. Think about a way you can show love to your special person, place and thing. God created each one of them and loves them too 
GO QUESTING this fall! (for all ages!)
Interested in discovering a new place? Questing is a place-based education model of creating and exchanging treasure hunts in order to collect and share your community’s distinct natural and cultural heritage — your special places and stories. Follow the clues to the treasure box. Inside the treasure box, you will discover more information about the site, a rubber stamp, stamp pad, a sign-in field journal, and a pencil. Sign your name in the book, adding a few notes or a sketch from your walk, and collect an impression of the stamp as a memento of your journey. Then, carefully re-hide the box exactly where you found it. There are many VALLEY QUESTS you can CHECK OUT HERE! There is a special Guided Quest happening on October 23rd from 10-noon at Marsh-Billings National Park in Woodstock.

Check out this graphic from MCCN. Contemplate, where do you see opportunity, sense energy for us to focus as a church? There is a second page online that follows this graphic with more details if you want to read more. 
Let the new
Green Team know your ideas!
NEW! the TCMF Green Team

Laura Beidler
Steve McCloskey
Heather Wolfe

This is a voluntary team for those interested in helping to guide our church's involvement in creation care. We will plan to meet quarterly and connect informally between meetings on an as needed basis. There were 2 signup slots on the church slate of volunteers but that can expand if there is more interest!

In the final week of August, I went swimming in a nearby lake on a hot day; it was not entirely planned, but I had a free window of time open up. While I expected the water to be refreshing, it felt a little too cold at first. I had to adjust. But soon I was on the water, floating, doing back floats, etc. 
I was reminded of the different ways water can be seen: it can be scary and unknown. But the very thing that you can drown in also be the thing that keeps you floating. You can relax, and drift on top of the unknown.
In our lives right now, almost all of us are facing the unknown. Each of us faces unexpected challenges.

I invite us, in light of these unknowns, to find the peace of mind to overcome fear and to float on top of the water (maybe even walk on the water?). 
I have found moments of reassurance that I am not alone in the water:

“When you pass through the waters,
    I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
    they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
    you will not be burned;
    the flames will not set you ablaze.”
-Isaiah 43:2


Wild Church Network

Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions

Mennonite Creation Care Network



Have ideas, stories, resources you'd like to share related to creation care?

Contact Heather Wolfe,
Taftsville Chapel's creation care liaison

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