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October 2020
In This Issue:
On The Calendar

October 16 - The Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis (CCP) continues its monthly Fridays @ CCP program by presenting Donnel Stern, who will be speaking on “Field Theory and the Dream Sense.”  Stern writes about topics related to clinical processes: witnessing, unformulated experience, dissociation, and enactment.  His latest book is The Infinity of the Unsaid: Unformulated Experience, Language, and the Nonverbal.  Stern, a faculty member at the William Alanson White Institute, has a private practice in New York City where he sees adolescents and adults in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, does clinical consultation, and leads study groups. Click here for more information about the Fridays @ CCP program and to register. 

October 27 - In a Chicago Psychoanalytic Society talk entitled “Lessons Learned from a Patient Who Wanted Psychoanalytic Treatment Without Regular Hours,” Aisha Abbasi will present detailed clinical material from the early part of an analysis and share what she and her patient learned about the patient’s unusual request to have an analysis with analytic frequency, but without regular analytic hours. Abbasi is the author of The Rupture of Serenity: External Intrusions and Psychoanalytic Technique. Click here to attend this Zoom conference.

November 2 - The Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis will begin its 2020-21 Psychoanalytic Explorations program with a 12-hour virtual small group seminar led by Peter Reiner entitled “Enhanced Couple Therapy: Integrating the Psychodynamic.” This clinically-based course will provide a review of the concepts and techniques of couples therapy, and will introduce relevant theoretical and clinical contributions from psychoanalysis.  Videotapes of consultation interviews will illustrate a broad array of clinical work with couples, ranging from short-term, present-oriented approaches to long-term, in-depth, historically-oriented couples therapy.  Reiner is a faculty member and Vice President of CCP as well as a faculty member at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.  Reiner’s publications include “Training Psychodynamic Family Therapists” in the Encyclopedia of Couple and Family Therapy and “Systemic Psychodynamic Supervision” in The Complete Systemic Supervisor:  Context, Philosophy, and Pragmatics. Click here for more information about the program and to register.

November 7 - The Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis will continue its Psychoanalytic Explorations offerings with a 12-hour virtual small group seminar led by Diane Selinger entitled “Child Psychotherapy: A Relational and Developmental Perspective.”  This clinically-based course will provide an integrative approach to psychoanalytically-informed child therapy. Participants will explore processes of affect regulation and sensory integration as well as the foundational aspects of language development.  These topics will be integrated with discussions of the therapist’s internal experience and the meanings of child’s play.  Participants will develop their abilities to conceptualize and facilitate representational and symbolic play.  Two main issues will be discussed throughout the course: how play facilitates communication and growth and how to optimize relationships with parents and include them in treatment.  Selinger is a visiting faculty member at CCP.  She is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst in private practice who also serves as a mental health consultant to schools and clinics in the Chicago area.

The Written Word

Society member Art Nielsen had four papers about couples therapy published recently. The first paper, “Couple Therapy Integrated: A Commentary on Couple Impasses,” which appeared in the Clinical Social Work Journal, is based on a presentation by Nielsen and three other senior couples therapists at a Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI) meeting.  The next two papers, “Psychodynamic Couple Therapy” and “Projective Identification in Couple Therapy,” appear in the online Encyclopedia of Couple and Family Therapy.  The last paper, “Four Metaphors Useful in Couple Therapy,” published in Family Therapy magazine, illustrates how four metaphors can explain and normalize some common maladaptive couple interactions.  Nielsen is one of the directors of the Chicago Institute's new psychoanalytic couples therapy program.
In Case You Missed It

The Executive Committee of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Society announced recently that it has expanded its membership categories.  The new categories permit graduates of any psychoanalytic institute to join the Society as full members.  All candidates of any psychoanalytic institute are also eligible for candidate membership.  Click here to review benefits of membership. 
Michele Gaspar lectured virtually at the American Veterinary Medical Association's annual meeting and at the Four Corners Veterinary Symposium in August.  Her lectures considered working with anger, shame, disappointment, grief, and loss from a psychoanalytic perspective.  Gaspar is a licensed veterinarian and an analytic candidate at the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis.  In addition to her private psychotherapy practice, she writes and lectures to veterinary clinicians and support staff, utilizing a psychoanalytic framework to help those providers navigate challenging and emotionally-charged client interactions.  In addition to her speaking and writing, Gaspar is a member of the Veterinary Information Network's Vets4Vets program, through which she offers one-on-one consultations with veterinarians and veterinary students with professional and personal challenges.
Jorge Schneider gave one of the key papers at the annual Conference of Spanish Speaking Psychoanalysts in Madrid.  In line with this year’s conference theme, “Interpretation,” Schneider’s paper, entitled “Clinical Situations in Which the Interpretation is Not Indicated,” described situations where the transference is an idealizing one or involves projective-identifications.  The paper will be published in a book by Editorial PSIMATICA.  Schneider is the former dean of the Chicago Institute and past president of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Society.

In the Community

Mark Smaller reported that APsaA’s Department of Public Advocacy, which he chairs, collaborated on the passage of a recent California bill, signed by Governor Gavin Newsom, guaranteeing parity in mental health services and requiring insurers to cover mental health treatment.  The law requires insurers to cover out-of-network treatment so that patients are not subject to anything beyond in-network cost-sharing if medically necessary mental health or substance use services are not available in-network within geographical and timeliness standards set by law or regulation.  Smaller, who is the past president of APsaA, said he believes the bill could be used as a model for federal policy that will protect patients and facilitate access to treatment, one of APsaA's advocacy priorities.  He called it a "first step" in ensuring that states follow guidelines and policies of the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which sets Medicare and Medicaid policies and is closely followed by private insurers.  APsaA worked with the Kennedy Forum to advocate for passage of the measure.

Practice News

The Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy has added two new associates, Spencer Biel and Glynis Kristal-Ragsdale, to its collective practice.  Biel earned his doctorate at George Washington University and completed a four-year fellowship in advanced psychoanalytic studies at the Austen Riggs Center, where he remained on staff for eight years.  Kristal-Ragsdale has a background in community mental health and extensive experience working with families who are dealing with conflict and loss. Lakeview's new post graduate fellow is Bill Singerman, who has a background both in clinical counseling and psychotherapy, is currently offering a peer process group for teachers experiencing stress and fatigue as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic.  Click here to contact the Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy.
Wellington Counseling Group in Northbrook announced the addition of two new psychoanalytically-oriented clinicians to its staff.  Aldona Marchese is a Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute-trained child and adolescent psychotherapist.  She specializes in the treatment of children, adolescents, and emerging adults and also provides consultations and support to parents and families.  Ashley Plotnick works with adults and teens from a relational model.  She holds degrees in human sexuality education and social work, and is a trained spiritual director through the Morei Derekh program for Jewish Spiritual Direction.  Marchese and Plotnick both have immediate openings, are seeing clients virtually.  For more information, please email

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