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May 2021
In This Issue:
On The Calendar

May 14 - The Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis (CCP) will present a talk by Marilyn Charles entitled "The Haunting of Hill House: Psyche, Soma, and Destiny," as part of the Center's Fridays@CCP series. Through the lenses of theory, literature, and screen portrayals of a haunted house, Charles will explore the realm of the uncanny and ways in which we are haunted by truths we fail to face. Charles is a staff psychologist and psychoanalyst at the Austen Riggs Center. She’s authored numerous articles, book chapters, and books, including Working with Trauma: Lessons from Bion and Lacan. Click here to register.

May 22 - The Illinois Chapter of the American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work (AAPCSW) will present a talk by William Meyer, "Long-Term Therapy in the Rear-View Mirror: 'Evidence' From My 40-year Career."  This presentation, by letting the patients' words speak directly to the audience, will demonstrate how long-term therapy affected the lives of four deeply troubled individuals.  Meyer is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Obstetrics/Gynecology at Duke University Medical Center. He practices and teaches psychotherapy and is on the faculty at the Psychoanalytic Center of the Carolinas, The University of North Carolina, and Smith College.  This is a free event, open to all.  Click here to register.

June 4 - Depth Counseling will be hosting a live supervision online seminar entitled  “The Individuated 'Dividual' or What is Culture Good For?”   Sean Dowdy, a member of Depth clinical staff and an anthropologist in the University of Chicago Society of Fellows, will use anthropological ideas originating in studies of personhood in South Asia.  The case will explore the emotional world of a first-generation Indian American as he struggles with the transition to adulthood and cultural expectations of personhood that differ from the normative American conceptions of individuality. Usha Tummala-Narra, an authority  on immigration, trauma, and race in psychoanalysis, and director of training in the Doctoral Program in Counseling Psychology at Boston College, will provide live supervision. The discussion will be moderated by Merari Fernandez Castro, a clinician in private practice in Chicago and an Institute for Clinical Social Work doctoral student focused on immigration.  Dowdy is also a candidate at the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute and  student at the Institute for Clinical Social Work. The seminar is part of the Society of Fellows’ Weissbourd Dialogues and is also being sponsored by Yellowbrick.  Register here.

June 11 - The Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis will present a talk by Alan Bass entitled "An Overview of Freud's Cases," as part of the Center's Fridays@CCP series. In this lecture, Bass will discuss each of Freud's cases, with emphasis on both what he perceives as new in the case and what he perceives as problematic.  Bass is a practicing analyst in New York City, a  training analyst, and a faculty member at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research.  He is the author of Fetishism, Psychoanalysis and Philosophy: The Iridescent Thing.  He is also the translator of four books by Jacques Derrida, and the editor of the journal The Undecidable Unconscious. Click here to register.

The Written Word

Gretchen Schmutz published an article “Our Unconscious Relationship with Psychoanalytic Theory” in the March issue of The Psychoanalytic Quarterly.  Schmutz’s  essay explores the unconscious impact of psychoanalytic theory using John Dewey's concept of experience.  She examines the relationship between how we learn theory and  theory as unconscious potential.  Schmutz is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst practicing in Chicago treating children, adolescents, and adults.  She is interested in modes of unconscious communication, free association, trauma, and psychosomatics.

Charles Strozier and Robert Jay Lifton published an article, “The Psychological Pandemic: Can We Confront Our Anxiety?” in the March Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist.  The article grows out of Strozier’s conversations about the varied manifestations of death anxiety associated with Covid-19 in the lives of his patients.  Through dream analysis, Strozier claims that death anxiety had significant political consequences in the Trump administration.  He said the piece emerged as part of Strozier’s ongoing conversation with psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton, who has dealt with death anxiety in publications discussing a broad range of groups from Vietnam vets, to Nazi doctors, to the apocalyptic cult, Aum Shinrikyo.  

Flora Lazar’s article “The Doctor Debate: Still Talking about Titles” will be published this month in The American Psychoanalyst.  The article, which traces the history of degree-based exclusion in psychoanalytic education and the American Psychoanalytic Association’s (APsaA) apology to clinicians historically excluded from APsaA-affiliated institutes, discusses the clinical value and potential emotional meaning of degrees to patients.  Lazar is a clinical supervisor and Director of Public Engagement and Outreach at Depth Counseling.  She is the outgoing editor, with Caroline Steelberg, of The Chicago Psychoanalytic Society News, which she founded.  For a copy of the article on degrees, please email Flora Lazar.

In Case You Missed It

Peter Reiner gave a presentation in March at the 8th Annual Workers’ Compensation Institute: Practicing in a Post-COVID Era.  The conference was sponsored by the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education.  His lecture, “Effective Practice During COVID: Self-care, Containment, and Connection,” focused on forming and nurturing relationships when working virtually.  Reiner underscored communicating genuineness to legal clients and employees, establishing and maintaining a safe containing environment, and maintaining a regimen of self-care to enhance attorneys’ ability to be “present” in virtual meetings.  He also provided resources for lawyers seeking support in addressing substance, alcohol, or mental health concerns.  Reiner is a faculty member and Vice President of The Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis, as well as a faculty member at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

Jesse Viner, the founder and head of Yellowbrick, presented “Less is not More:  An Interpersonal Neurobiological Approach to Anorexia Nervosa” at Denver’s Eating Recovery Center in February.  His presentation addressed the need to engage the role of attachment and the significance of denying the  need for others in treating anorexia nervosa.  Viner also presented a national webinar “Enactment, Dissociation and Psychotherapy” in February to the staff at The Menninger Clinic.  This presentation, co-sponsored by The Dorm and Yellowbrick, offered clinical examples and a theoretical framework for the use of enactment experiences in the treatment of individuals whose mental functioning is impaired by dissociation.  

In the Community

Lucy Freund has been nominated to be the President of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Society for a two-year term starting July 2021.  During her presidency Freund hopes to increase the diversity of the Society’s membership by increasing outreach to the mental health community and continuing to offer educational programming with speakers presenting contemporary ideas of relevance to psychoanalysis.   She is a member of the faculty at the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis as well as at the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute, and has taught many case conference classes at both sites.  Freund has also taught courses in self psychology and is an active member of the Midwest Self Psychology Study Group.

Flora Lazar and Caroline Steelberg recently transitioned out of their positions as Editor and Associate Editor, respectively, of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Society Newsletter. With the completion of the May issue, Lazar celebrates her third year as the CPS newsletter’s founder and editor.  Lazar reported that she started the newsletter to help combat the isolation many in profession feel and to improve contact within the Chicago psychoanalytic and psychotherapy community.  She said she also started the newsletter to encourage people to share more about themselves than they customarily do and to neutralize the taboo against self- promotion and its “equating sharing with self -promotion.”  Steelberg joined the newsletter in October of 2019 out of her commitment to provide a forum to communicate and share what our community is doing locally, nationally, and globally in the service of mental health.  Lazar is a clinical supervisor and the Director of Public Engagement and Outreach at Depth Counseling.  Steelberg maintains a private practice in Chicago where she works with individual adults, and couples.  

Two long-time members of the Chicago psychoanalytic community died this winter.  Robert Gordon, who died earlier this year, served in many capacities, as President of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Society, Dean of the Chicago Institute and ultimately Director. His tenure as Director was disrupted by illness.  Earlier this winter, Marvin Zonis, a University of Chicago political economist who applied psychoanalytic theory to a wide range of topics, died after a brief illness.  He was widely-known for his commentary on political developments in the Middle East. 

Practice News

Amanda Kerschner, an interior designer who has a strong interest in the intersection of psychoanalysis with physical and emotional space, is currently taking on projects of all types.  She is particularly interested in working with psychoanalysts on their office spaces.  Kerschner was a participant in the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute’s fellowship program in 2017-2018 and is interested in designing to meet the “true self.”   If interested, please contact her at 847-722-2054 or

Peter Reiner anticipates openings this summer in his ongoing virtual couples therapy consultation group.  This international group meets monthly and was formed by participants in Reiner’s courses on psychodynamic couples therapy.  Reiner’s publications focus on the clinical training and supervision of systemic psychodynamic couples and family therapists.  For more information, please email Reiner at

Office Space Available - An office in downtown Chicago with an unobstructed view of Lake Michigan and Millenium Park is available for full-time or part-time rental, furnished or unfurnished. There are two offices in the suite and a shared waiting room.  The office is in the Garland Building at 111 North Wabash Avenue. For more information, please email Caroline Steelberg

Lolly Lederer Connolly is interested in sharing and/or subletting office space in the Wilmette/Winnetka/Northfield area.  Contact Lederer Connolly at 847-612-5348.





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