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Landing political agendas on education and employment in concrete actions of hemispheric cooperation and integral development
November 2019
  Newsletter # 04
RIAL cooperation missions leave installed capacity in urgent labor issues in the region
Between September and November, three bilateral cooperation missions of the Inter-American Network for Labor Administration (RIAL) were carried out with the objective to strengthen the Ministries of Labor human and institutional capacities. Each one of them were tailored according to the needs and strengths of the ministries the region. In response to one of the highest priority issues for the region, a Colombian delegation traveled to Quito to provide technical assistance on migrant population; as a result, Ecuador is expected to develop its program of assistance to returned workers.
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Chile continues to focus on strengthening capacities in natural disasters, environment and climate change in Caribbean countries
The OAS and the Chilean Agency for International Development Cooperation (AGCID) signed a cooperation agreement on October 1st to expand the offer of scholarships for trainings and certifications addressed to public officials of government agencies, public management and/or academics from the Caribbean region.
Cooperation exchanges and seed grants in STEM teacher professional development awarded to Argentina, Colombia and other Member States
In November, ITEN cooperation exchanges took place between the Ministry of Education of Santa Fe, Argentina and the Secretariat of Education of Medellin, Colombia, with the goal to learn about how to create a STEM+H ecosystem and re-conceptualize teacher education in STEM. Learn more about these exchanges! 
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Transforming the teaching and learning experiences of teachers and primary students of rural areas of Belize
As part of the activities of the Educational Portal of the Americas and within the framework of the OAS-ProFuturo program, from October 8 to 18, took place the delivery of technological equipment and digital content to 11 schools in Belize as well as the work with the different dependencies of the Ministry of Education for the incorporation of this technology in the primary curriculum.
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Three academic institutions join the OAS Consortium of Universities to offer scholarship opportunities to citizens of the Americas
The Heller School of Social Policy of Brandeis University and Florida National University in the United States and CEMA University in Argentina joined the OAS University Consortium last September and October to co-sponsor up to 10 scholarships per academic year under the OAS Scholarship and Training Program in order to provide opportunities for access to quality education to the citizens of the Americas.
Expanding opportunities of academic training for candidates of the Inter-American Defense College
The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States, and the Inter-American Defense Board in support of the Inter-American Defense College today presented a cooperation agreement that will allow candidates of programs at the College to have access to the different options of scholarships and financial aid offered by the Department of Human Development, Education and Employment. 
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Promoting the work and programs of the Department in international events
In order to increase the dissemination of the programs, initiatives and projects of the Department, the Director and specialists of the Department participated during the month of October at the following events:
OAS-Labor: Meeting of the Working Groups and 1st Preparatory of the XXI IACML
December 3-5, 2019
Quito, Ecuador
In Education: 
Inter-American Committee on Education (CIE)
In Labor:
Inter-American Network for Labor Administration (RIAL)
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