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President's Note

June Dinner - Recap

In addition to being the final meeting of the League year, June Dinner is the Annual Meeting of the Junior League of Long Island. It is when the League recognizes members, community partners, and achievements from throughout the League year
The following members were recognized with service pins for years of service:

Retroactive 5 years: Melissa Beyer, Cristine Bruno, Janet Closs, Loretta Hahn, and Walky Rodriguez

5 years: Geralynne Hughes and Carol Rodriguez-St. Jacques

10 years: Nicole Conrad, Elizabeth Fraschilla, and Graciela Hall

25 years: Shana Rocheleau
The Community Award, instituted in 1988, is presented to organizations or individuals from the community that have made outstanding contributions to the program and philosophy of the Junior League of Long Island.
Instituted in 2003, the Golden Hanger Award is presented to the member with the largest total donations to the Thrift Shop, which is the Junior League of Long Island’s largest fundraiser.
The Golden Hanger Award:

1st Place: Cindy Dwyer

2nd Place: Lisa Johnson   3rd Place: Juliet Tenaglia   4th Place: Remi Farnan
Each year since it's inception in 1963, at the Annual Meeting in June, the Sustainers of the Junior League of Long Island recognize an outstanding Active Member by presenting her with the Daisy Award. The recipient of the Daisy must not have held the position of either President or Vice President of the Junior League, but is a volunteer who has made significant contributions to the League throughout her years as an Active Member.
This has been an exceptional year, we have been hit with so many challenges, but have also overcome so many of them. It only seemed fitting to incorporate and present 2 very special awards. We currently did not have an award in place that could adequately represent and express the true appreciation felt for these recipients.
Outstanding Service Award: Graciela Hall and Zina Kennedy

Men of the League Award: Simba Addae and John Hall
Certificates of Appreciation were awarded by President Carol Rodriguez-St. Jacques to the following members:
Melissa Beyer, Loretta Hahn, Meredith Nies, Morgan Rooney, Lauren Singer McBride, and Joan Yonke
The First Year Active Award, instituted in 1988, is given in special recognition of League members demonstrating outstanding leadership in their first active year with the League. This year’s first year active recipient has made it a point to volunteer at the Thrift Shop consistently in her provisional year and first active year. She has attended various league projects and is always willing to lend a helping hand with a smiling face and a can do attitude.
On December 7, 1994, the sustainers honored our first President Ibby Byrnes. At that time, the Actives announced the creation of a special award in her honor. This award is to be presented to any member active, sustainer or provisional who shows exceptional dedication to supporting the Thrift Shop as the League's major fund-raiser and in promoting it in the community. Sadly, Ibby has passed on, but her legacy is alive and well and being carried on by members like this year’s Ibby Byrnes award recipient.
This year’s award recipient is probably going to come at no surprise. This woman started the league year with bang! Taking on 4 different positions and working on her Capstone at the same time. Immersing herself completely into her new role as Treasurer, while continuing her role as House Chair and Restoration Committee Chair. She created endless spreadsheets, agendas, emails and follow up to do’s. She chiseled door knobs, assisted in bleeding of radiators, and most importantly was the driving force in getting our Thrift Shop back up and running. While our volunteers were the branches of the tree, assisting in growth and movement, Remi Farnan you were the Trunk. Strong, mostly steady, and completely unwavering! Your resolute nature got us to the finish line, and I am in awe of your work ethic and steadfast nature. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!
Joan Yonke, Membership Development Co-Chair, announce and introduced our newest Active Members!

Hillary Garcia, Erica Grasso, Jessica Peters, Stephanie Raduazo, and Jess Torraca

Finance - Dues - Expense Reimbursements

2021/2022 Reimbursements are completed. If you have any questions please reach out to!

Expense Reimbursement Forms can be found on Digital Cheetah under
Finance Resources

Thrift Shop Updates

Thrift Shop Volunteer Hours!

Active Members are required to fulfill a minimum of 5 hours volunteering in our Thrift Shop!

There are many great opportunities now that we are reopened to get those hours completed! 

Help: Price Items, Monitor the Fitting Rooms, Learn and (Wo)man the Register,
Accept Donations, Sort Donations, and So Much More!!
Register For a Shift on Our New Thrift Shop Volunteer Calendar!

NYSPAC Updates

Through the lobbying efforts of NYSPAC
The New York State Senate unanimously passed
The Adult Survivors Act which has now been
signed into Law!

Communications Updates

If so please submit them to for them to be featured in this year's Shorelines!

Community Partner Updates

The Junior League of Long Island
was Belmont Child Care Association's
2022 Honoree at their Spring Fling!

Additionally we received a Citation from Legislator Laura Schaefer at the event!

Belmont Child Care Association is a long time community partner of ours as well as the recipient of our 2021-2022 Project Playground award. We look forward to the continued partnership and are excited to help build a playground at the Anna House! ⁠
Our President, Carol Rodriguez St. Jacques as well as our Nominating Placement Director, Cindy Dwyer; and our Projects and Research Director, Christina Mangels attended the Spring Fling to accept the awards.⁠
You Can Watch a Portion of the Event Here

Member Updates

Promoted or changed jobs? Recently married? Started a family? Fulfilled a lifelong dream?
If you have some exciting news you would like to share with your fellow members email and to keep us in the loop and be featured in our eNewsletter and maybe more!

Virtual Book Club

Join us for Virtual Book Club on Monday, July 25th at 7 pm.

This month, we will be reading
Daring Greatly
by, Brene Brown

Please contact Tracy Pfaff at for
Zoom instructions.


JLLI Thank You to Our Members

Please join us in thanking our members for all of their hard work during this past month!

Thank you so much Deirdre Barr, Melissa Beyer, Cristine Bruno, Feiona Churaman, Janet Closs, Ashley Cohen, Vicki Creteur, Emilie Doleshel, Cindy Dwyer, Susan Ellis, Remi Farnan, Donna Fiore, Erica Grasso, Jennifer Grasso, Cheri Grausso, Becky Guilano, Kerry Haddock, Loretta Hahn, Graciela Hall, Stephanie Kearns, Zina Kennedy, Tina LiRosi, Deidra Maleno, Lauren McBride, Elizabeth McCune, Michelle Mitchell, Meredith Nies, Jessica Peters, Laura Petras, Tracy Pfaff Smith, Shana Rocheleau, Carol Rodriguez St. Jacques, Walky Rodriguez, Morgan Rooney, Holly Spidle, Michele Stollsteimer, Juliet Tenaglia, Jessica Torraca, Erica Vidal, Sandra Wilson, Joan Yonke, and Lorraine Zinga!

You are all helping to make an Impact on Long Island!
A further Thank You to our Outgoing Board of Directors for all of your efforts in making this League year a success!
Wishing all of our members born in June a very happy birthday!

ACTIVES: Ashley Cohen, Sandra Wilson, Vicki Creteur, Lisa Johnson (Bisagni), and Danette Brunelli (Ceriano)

SUSTAINERS: Carole A. Schmidt-Spadaro, Heather McDougall, Eileen K. Henning, Kathi Quinn, Margaret Stacey, Lynne Giordan Whipple, Lesley Stackler, Christina Pharr, Elizabeth Collard, Dorothy Hoban (Schloerb), Cheryl Marie Pufahl, and Suzanne Bosse

If you have a birthday in June and your name is not listed, please let us know by
CALL:  516-484-0485

The Junior League of Long Island
Fund Development
1395 Old Northern Boulevard
Roslyn, NY 11576
Many employers offer a matching gift program to eligible employees. Even retired employees are many times eligible! If you or your spouse work for a matching gift company, your gift to JLLI may be doubled or tripled simply by completing a form that would be available from your employer. 
Junior League of Long Island
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