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Welcome to the world of science at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Helsinki. In this newsletter, we share current findings from our research and interesting stories about our scientists and partners. We also present examples of pathways from scientific research to innovation, applications and new products.

Research at our Faculty is driven by our scientists’ curiosity to understand nature and biodiversity, people’s well-being and business related to renewable natural resources, and major phenomena affecting these, such as climate change. Our work is inspired by science-based solutions for making our future a bright and sustainable one.

We hope that in this newsletter you will find interesting food for thought and interesting people to network with. It will be published every six months. Please let us know what you think about it!

I wish you a wonderful summer, and look forward to your feedback!

Ritva Toivonen

Dean, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Helsinki

Twitter @ritvatoivonen, ritva.toivonen(at)   

In a dec­ade, all plant vir­uses will be easy and quick to identify

Earlier, identifying viruses found in plants took some effort. First, attempts were made to deduce the identity of the virus on the basis of visible symptoms, after which the existence of the virus was proven by identifying an antibody associated with that particular pathogen.  Read more.

Wastewa­ter re­veals the levels of an­ti­bi­otic res­ist­ance in a re­gion

A comparison of seven European countries shows that the amount of antibiotic resistance genes in wastewater reflects the prevalence of clinical antibiotic resistance in the region. However, modern wastewater treatment plants seem to be able to eliminate antibiotic resistance efficiently. Read more.

Reetta Kivelä: There will be no in­nov­a­tions without science #Re­search­mat­ters

Innovations never come out of nothing. A technology or solution related to an innovation may come about by accident, it might be there right in front of your eyes, but it never comes out of nothing. Innovations require strata of knowledge and a history of experience. Innovations require big pictures and an understanding of the world. These factors have their origins in science. Read more.

A white coat and a bet­ter world

Zhong-qing Jiang, who dreamed of working as a physician in China ended up as a food scientist and inventor of pulled oats in Finland. Read more.

Vir­tual design may fa­cil­it­ate power­train elec­tri­fic­a­tion for ag­ri­cul­tural ma­chinery

So far, electric powertrains are rarely used for agricultural machinery due to higher costs and technical challenges, even though the electric systems increasingly used in smaller machinery are also suitable for more powerful machines. Virtual design and modelling provide opportunities for advancing new technologies without the need to manufacture expensive prototypes from the get-go. Read more.


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