PTA Connects - November 10, 2022
Get the update on the first statewide student testing results (there haven't been any since 2019) and the recovery efforts needed to support students. Then read the blog post to learn more about education bills from the just-completed legislative session. As we go into the busy winter months, ensure member engagement by taking advantage of hybrid PTA meetings! Please continue to share mental health resources with your school community and learn about CalHope, a no-cost program available to all California schools. Celebrate the passage of Propositions 28 and 31 on the November 8th Ballot with us, and then apply for a Spotlight Award so your PTA can be celebrated too! Sign up for our mailing list and plan ahead and save the date for monthly statewide calls, open to all members, and don't miss the special event with the National PTA President and the U.S. Secretary of Education on Family Engagement.

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California Department of Education Releases Student Test Data. We explain what test scores mean for your student and local schools. 

This is the first year of CAASPP testing results since 2019, when mandatory testing was suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic. State tests are an objective way of showing how well students met the expectations of their grade level. But, they are only one of many measures and aren’t meant to tell the whole story of a student’s performance. 

Read our blog post for a few ways you can learn more about the CAASPP results in your area and what they mean for your local schools.

Learn More: Statewide Test Data

Hybrid Meetings: A Tool for the Busiest Time of the Year

PTAs learned a few things during the pandemic. Teleconferencing and video-conference meetings are now utilized by PTAs frequently.  Three years ago the term “hybrid meeting” was pretty much unknown and now it’s become more commonplace. PTA bylaws now allow telephone or video-conference meetings (as long as all members can hear each other). 

Read the full blog post from our Leadership Services Commission to learn more about voting, steps before, during, and after the meeting, and interpretation tips. 

Learn More: Hybrid PTA Meetings


An elementary PTA in the San Francisco Bay Area schedules its association meetings right after school lets out on Wednesdays. The outdoor in-person location is at the school’s lunch tables where parents and caregivers can easily observe the children on the playground. Members can and do also attend virtually. Timely advance notices are sent out repeatedly using social media platforms. A funny video clip from the president is anticipated and typically included in the final media push. It all works for this PTA!

California Kids Win with Passage of Prop 28 & Prop 30

Based on projections, it appears that voters on November 8 passed two measures that the California PTA strongly supported. Proposition 28 guarantees funding for Arts Education Funding and Proposition 31 bans the sale of flavored tobacco products. California's kids are the winners!

California State PTA Positions on Education Bills

During the 2021-2022 legislative year, California Education Advocates researched many bills affecting K-12 public school education based on our authorities, which consist of our legislative planks, resolutions, and position statements. California State PTA supported nine education bills that were signed into law this year.  These laws range from classroom air quality and school drinking water to support for diverse student populations and students with special needs.

Read the blog post to learn what legislation was signed into law, what the Governor didn’t sign, and what efforts we will continue to advocate for in future legislative sessions.

Learn More: 2022 Education Bills

Apply Now So your PTA's Good Work Can Be In the Spotlight!

California State PTA wants to put your great programs and advocacy into the Spotlight! We hope you’ll tell us about the great things you’re doing, from advocacy and family engagement to student involvement and leadership development. Your PTA/PTSA can be recognized for the work you have already planned to carry out this year. It is our mission in PTA to positively impact the lives of all children and families - it is a team effort. Learn more about this award and apply or visit the leaders’ website.

Apply Now for a Spotlight Award!

Support For Mental Health: The CalHOPE Schools Initiative 

California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) provides no-cost resources to schools and educational agencies across California to promote mental health and wellness. Leaders from local PTA units, councils, and districts can work with their communities and educators to bring the resources from the CalHOPE Schools Initiatives to families. Read our Family Engagement Friday posts on our blog to learn more (Part One: Support for Children and Part Two: Support for Adults - to be published 11/11/22)

Read the Posts on our Blog

Let's Keep Talking About Mental Health! Share Mental Health Hotline Info this Holiday Season.

When people call, text, or chat 988, they will connect to trained counselors that are part of the existing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline network. Share the number. Encourage open conversations about mental health. Read our Health & Community Concerns Commissions blog post for more info on the hotline, or visit our website for resources for children, teens, and adults. 


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Don't miss another event! Visit the calendar on our website now and save the date for upcoming training, networking, and special guest presentations. Fall/Winter Events include
  • Special Event: Join National PTA President Anna King and U.S. Secretary of Education Dr. Miguel Cardona for a virtual Townhall Nov 17, 4 pm (PT) to hear the latest guidance and best practices for strong partnerships that will make a real impact for all students, families, and schools. Register now:
  • Leadership monthly member zoom - get your PTA questions answered by our Leadership Services Commission! Note: there is no call in November; see you on December 15th at 6pm!
  • Legislative Team monthly member zoom - PTA advocacy updates. Topics vary by month. Next Call: November 15th at 7pm!
  • Communications monthly member zoom - office hours, social media updates, and communications tools support/help. Note: there is no call in November; see you on December 8th at 7pm!
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