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3rd and 4th of May a new street theatre event will take place in Amsterdam

SIN presents: Step Right Up street shows for emerging talent

In contrast to our neighboring countries, street theater occupies only a tiny place in the Dutch cultural landscape. And that's a shame. Street theater is a beautiful and age-old art form. It’s a consciously chosen form of action and reaction, challenge and reply in which improvisation and timing are of the utmost importance. At its best it is a form of theatre that intentionally derails itself without causing an accident. A more beautiful and direct form of theatre does not exsist. For young theatre makers from the circus, mime and drama schools, street theater is a great learning school and a place to experiment freely. With this new stage called Step Right Up, the organizers from the Street-theatre Institute Nether lands (SIN) offer play time and a try-out space for young talent.

The street shows take place on the lawn near the NDSM ferry between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. The performances last about 30 minutes and are suitable for all ages. At the end of the performance the artist will go around with the hat. Join us for the shows and excitement and have a drink in our little pavement pub.

When: 3rd en 4th of May, 1pm to 6pm
Where: Lawn near the NDSM ferry
What: Street theatre, pavement pub & street food 
For who: family shows for all ages 
Cost: free of charge, artist will go around with the hat after each performance


The artists:

3rd and 4th of May: The show Groundless by theater company Troubamour (Marrit Bausch and Ursel Braaksma) is still in its try-out phase. Groundless is a physical street theater performance about boundaries, boundlessness and the need for limitations. The main question: what is left of oneself when all boundaries are gone?

3rd of May: The show B.V. Nature (Nature Ltd) is a new show by Mobil & Casier. For some of us city folk nature is something far away. That is not a problem! B.V. Nature comes with the solution in the form of a painful slapstick performance. Nice and practical and with little chance of extinction. We’d like to call it; nature without dirty hands.

3rd of May: The new walk about Benny Alleen (I’m Not Alone) from Guido Wevers from theatre company Babok. This show is about the difference between how we present ourselves and who we really are. How we are seen and how we feel. What happens if you no longer keep up the appearance?

Troubamour performing Groundless
Mobiel & Casier performing B.V. Natuur
Guido Wevers as Bennie Alleen 
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The SIN (Street-theater Institute Netherlands) and Step Right Up

To introduce young performers to street theater, the SIN offers coaching classes and an outdoor street theatre stage called Step Right Up. The SIN is a playground for interdisciplinary theater makers with artistic courage in the field of visual theater with a dose of humor. It has a theater and cinema, workshop, rehearsal space, gallery, kitchen, café and library. Prior to the outdoor street shows the performers rehearse their shows in the SIN theatre, under the direction of performer and coach Pieter Post.


On the 18th and 19th of May the second Step Right Up event will take place. More information about the program, times and location can be found on our website: