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New Webinar
Ecommerce in the COVID World
Converting from Brick and Mortar
to Ecommerce

WordPress Plugins, Payment Relationships,
Small Parcel Program,  Virtual Interaction with Brands

Monday, June 15, 6:30 pm

Limited to 100 Seats
Photo by micheile-henderson on Unsplash


6:30 - 7:00 pm
Networking with Breakout Room

7:00 - 8:15 pm

Steve McKeon
E-Commerce and your Website
  • Review of WordPress e-commerce options/plugins
  • Adding a WordPress e-commerce store to an existing website
  • WordPress integrations/plugins to help a WordPress e-commerce store
  • It will lead into credit cards processing for Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris
E-Commerce Payments
  • Why a payments relationship matters 
  • Customer facing e-commerce policies
  • Minimizing processing costs online

Phil Kramer
E-commerce:  Small parcel program End-to-End relationship
  • Third Party Providers 
  • Healthy Supply Chain Pillars 
  • Ecommerce/Small Parcel 
  • Why Free Shipping is a MUST

Ethan Berg
The Future of Commerce
  • The current state of retail
  • Emerging technology for industry
  • The retail experience of the future
  • What you can do today

8:15 - 8:45 pm
June 2020
6:30 pm
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Steve McKeon
MacGuyver Media, LLC

Steve P. McKeon (mac) serves as the team leader with 20+ years of experience in information technology (IT) and the software industry. His knowledge of software development, reverse engineering and ethical hacking supports MacGuyver Media's many projects from WordPress websites to custom ERP systems. His love for Blockchain allows him to integrate groundbreaking technology into many different projects.

Jeff Harris
Create Group Capital

Jeff Harris is the Director of Northeast Operations with Create Group Capital.  He is a Merchant Services industry veteran with more than 15 years experience in the online payments space. Jeff enjoys working with businesses of all types to provide transparency and insight into the payments component of their business. 

With hundreds of businesses in his portfolio, Jeff and Create Payments will broker the best option for online payments based on each business' unique needs.  This offers his clients scalability along with various pricing strategies, enabling him to more effectively serve his clients.
Phil Kramer
President & Founder
Victory Supply Chain Services

Phil Kramer has transportation and logistics in his blood. As a 3rd generation leader in supply chain-related businesses, Phil follows in the steps of others who have taken great pride in helping their customers improve their business performance. As you might expect, Phil has held every position, from the bottom up in the warehousing, distribution and transportation fields.

He is now recognized as one of the leaders in his field and regularly consults on strategic logistic and supply chain initiatives.

Phil managed multiple companies including Cardinal Health and e-Consortium before co-founding and acting as President for Victory Supply Chain Services (VSCS).

Phil’s in-depth knowledge of supply chain across many verticals has paved the way for the success and diversity of engagement that VSCS has enjoyed over the years. Understanding the customers innerworkings and talking their language is one of Phil’s key skills. Helping them create holistic and comprehensive supply-chain strategies and then putting those plans to execution is what puts a smile on his face.

Ethan Berg
Founder & CEO
Agora Experience, LLC

Ethan is the Founder of Agora, an AR/VR Experiential Commerce Platform based in Philadelphia, PA. 

Agora is revolutionizing the way we shop by reintroducing physical experience and social interaction into retail. Agora has developed an AR/VR online marketplace that gives retailers the opportunity to immerse their consumers in virtual storefronts. These storefronts are capable of bringing a brand to life by communicating a brand’s personality and promoting their products in an engaging 3D environment. 

Ethan just graduated from Temple University last month (May 2020) and has experience working with multiple cutting edge technology and internet companies during his time in school.

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