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10 Commandments For A Successful Retail Store 

It’s easy for many retailers to get distracted with all the changes going on in technology, social media, and shopper behavior.

That can lead to going down a rabbit hole trying to do everything instead of the right thing.

The following are best practice guideposts to help you always focus on what is most important

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Is The Bumper Crop of Pa. Farmers Markets Putting the Squeeze on Profits?

Pennsylvania is listed by the Farmers Market Coalition as one of the top 10 states in the country with the most farmers markets. The state has more than 300. And many markets these days are stretching their seasons, and some even move indoors for the winter.

At the Millheim market, most of the farmers go to two or three markets per week. Callahan said he sells 75 to 80 percent of what he produces at the markets.

“So we depend on people who come to markets for the bulk of our business,” Callahan said.

Pittsburgh Creates an Interactive Map of Farmers Markets

Several factors have led to Pittsburgh being incredibly well-positioned to maximize the impact of its farmers markets. Pittsburgh’s locating in the middle of an abundant agricultural region, combined with strong city and regional pride, and a robust network of food access nonprofits and organizations has allowed famers markets in the city to thrive for decades.

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    "Lunch & Learn" Webinar June 25

How to Leverage your POS Data to Increase Sales and Gross Margins

Let's dig into your POS data and discover some hidden insights that could help you increase your sales per square foot and grow your gross margins. We'll look at product popularity (and unpopularity!), and examine how product popularity affects each department's gross margin and your market's overall weighted average gross margin. Along the way we'll pose questions to consider to help you make better, data-driven decisions about product mix, merchandising, and pricing.

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Lunch & Learn Webinar Recording from May 15 " Retail Metrics for Farmers and Markets "

Darlene Wolnik from Farmers Market Coalition
To a fault, the retail sector observes and counts everything, using that data to re-form their sales space regularly and in some cases, using the results to redesign their entire business model. Nothing about the design of a retail space should be sacred.

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