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Dear Campus Community,
While we must keep our university going and support and serve our students, some of whom live on campus, we need to support each other during this time of enormous disruption and challenge. With the news of the K-12 schools' closing, we know that many of you are scrambling this morning to adjust and make new arrangements.
We’ve received news that Commissioner Christian supports our need to use greater flexibility in work-from-home or so-called 'telework' arrangements, where feasible, for relatively non-essential services in this time of reduced campus-based activity and traffic.
Core services remain essential to campus life regardless of the number of students on campus. Part of the reason to implement work-from-home arrangements for relatively non-essential positions is to lessen the traffic and exposure to health risks for our essential service providers whose responsibilities cannot be exercised off campus.
Staff in residence halls, dining services, university police departments, student health clinics, etc. — we realize that these duties cannot be performed off campus. We encourage supervisors in these areas to do everything possible for staff needs in the days ahead.

Essential personnel have already been identified and notified. If you have not been notified, you can start the process to work from home. Work with your direct supervisor to complete a telework agreement found on the Human Resources page. After the agreement has been completed and signed, supervisors must scan and email the agreements to
Our dedicated IT department has created a “Working Remotely” Tool Kit which provides all the resources you need to work from home successfully. Please familiarize yourself with these resources while you’re still in the office, as IT can more effectively assist you with any issues that arise now, than if you are already at home. However, they will be available in any instance to support you.

If you need to borrow a laptop to for teleworking purposes, please make this request by emailing As there are only a limited number of laptops, please consider moving your work desktop computer home. Additionally, if you have a personal computer/device at home, you are able to remotely log into your work computer and use it as if you were sitting in front of it. See the remote desktop section for instructions.
We deeply appreciate the work you do for our university community and we deeply care about the health of you and your families. While it is vital for us to maintain core services on campus, we trust that you—along with your supervisors will figure out how to do so even as our current situation has made it clear that this is no longer business as usual.

Office of the Chancellor
McMullen Hall, Room 207