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Dear Campus Community,

Policies guiding all employees are established by the Montana University System (MUS) and approved by the Board of Regents.

In light of recent events, MUS announced a new Paid COVID-19 Leave for up to 14 calendar days for specific situations.

Situations may include:
1) an employee whose work cannot be performed via telework, but who cannot be on campus due to personal or family/household high-risk health concerns; and

2) employees who are placed in quarantine and whose work cannot be performed from home via telework. The 14 calendar days of leave/coverage is equivalent to two weeks of pay, or 80 hours of leave for a 40-hour/week employee. After the 14 calendar days have passed, if additional time is needed, then the employee will use their own leave accruals.

There will also be Paid COVID-19 Leave available for employees who receive a diagnosis. This will include up to 30 calendar days of coverage for recovery and rest. This would, again, cover the regular work week of the affected employee for up to 30 calendar days.

It is imperative that employees are staying in contact with their departments and supervisors during this time of social distancing, telework, and quarantines so they receive timely and appropriate guidance for this leave-use as well as other updates and changes.

Timesheet codes are being created for COVID-19 Leave. If you have questions about applying this leave when you are filling out or approving timesheets, please contact the payroll office at

If supervisors or employees have questions or situations where more guidance is needed, please contact Jody ( or Justin ( in Human Resources.