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Bright Horizons at Lehigh is Now Open!

We are thrilled to announce that we officially opened our doors to families on August 10th After weeks of preparation, the center was cleaned, organized, and ready to welcome our families back with elbow high fives and air hugs.  While policies and procedures may look a little different, our commitment to providing quality childcare and a loving home away from home for each child has not changed.  
The children have been introduced to Olly Pop, our Health and Safety Super Hero to learn how to be safe in a variety of situations, how to properly wash hands, blow noses, and sneeze, and how to help one another throughout the day.  We recognized the need to help our children fully understand the new norm with activities stemming around social play, mathematics, art, writing, and just one on one time. We are reading social stories about why teachers are wearing masks, what feelings are, and how to work through those feelings.  We are having honest, developmentally appropriate conversations with the children in our care and we are ensuring the needs of each child are being met daily. This extends to each infant, toddler, two year old, preschooler, and kindergarten prep child we are caring for and we cannot be happier that we are back in action with our favorite little people. 
Our staff returned to Bright Horizons at Lehigh with big smiles, new ideas, and a passion to educate your little ones and provide this in the safest environment possible!
For more information or to schedule a visit please go to our website. Space is limited, so if you would like enrollment information or have questions our director of Bright Horizons at Lehigh would be happy to speak with you:

Amy DiNardo, Director of Bright Horizons at Lehigh   ~  Ph. 610.758.5437

We are pleased to launch the Fall 2020 F&A Mentoring Program!

Our mentoring program is clearly aligned with one of Lehigh’s primary strategic plan goals: investing in faculty and staff. This initiative operates in concert with Lehigh’s core values of collaboration, commitment to excellence, and leadership.  The purpose of the program is to foster the professional development of our staff members and to share critical information and skills. Requirements: 

          1. The mentor and mentee must be mutually committed to a beneficial mentoring relationship
          2. They must commit to a trusting relationship and confidentiality between participants
          3. Mentors will not be the direct supervisor of the mentee

The program is open to all exempt and non-exempt staff members in our stem. If you are interested in participating, please complete the mentor/mentee form by October 9, 2020:

Yes, I would like to be a mentor/mentee

The information in the form will be used to "pair" mentors and mentees. 

In late October, a member of the F&A mentoring group will contact participants who will have the opportunity to approve their respective pairings. Please obtain approval from your supervisor to participate in the mentoring program after your pairing is confirmed. 

Participants will sign a confidentiality agreement and will be contacted to join a Mentoring Luncheon/Orientation (program launch).

If you have any questions, please contact of the following mentor program group members:

Jane Altemose, Tarah Cicero, Linda Lefever, Katy Kresge or Ann Marie Mulhearn

Two Time Cancer Survivor Receives Courage Award from the American Cancer Society!

Mary Kay Baker, director of Lehigh University Conference Services and a two-time Cancer Survivor, has been honored by the American Cancer Society. Her courage and strength in the fight against cancer is an inspiration to all, but the road was not easy. 

"I thought I was a healthy person, I did some running, exercised, I didn't eat great but I thought I ate well and I just remember thinking, 'Why is this happening to me?'" said Baker.

Those thoughts were running through her mind in 2007, when she was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, leading to surgery and six tough months of chemotherapy.Those were the thoughts run
"It was funny, they called me Murphy as in Murphy's Law. Anything that could go wrong with side effects of chemo I got it," said Baker.
She beat the disease, but just a few years later in 2010, she found herself having a conversation with a doctor that felt all too familiar. "I remember them telling me 'I can't believe I have to tell you this, it's just not right but looks like you have a second cancer, it's uterine cancer," said Baker.

But this wasn't Mary Kay's first rodeo, and she proved it, beating cancer a second time. It's a journey she says she couldn't have gotten through without her strong support system, starting with her daughter Lauren.

"We were close to begin with but this probably just added to the relationship in terms of I could just see in her eyes the fear and part of me was like 'I can't leave her,'" said Baker.

Since then, she's watched Lauren marry her best friend and have a baby of her own, things that at one point, she wasn't sure she'd get to see.

"All parents want is their children to be happy, when they're happy, you're happy. The joy I saw on her wedding day was like 'Yes she's happy and life is good' and I'm so grateful I got to see that," said Baker.

Mary Kay says her mother and Lehigh co-workers were also instrumental in helping her fight, as well as her partner of 17 years, Joe, who is also a cancer survivor.

"He was kind of the one who said, no weeping, no whining. You have to do this. You just have to do this, and be strong and you have to get through it," said Baker.

And that's what she did, now 61 and feeling healthier than ever. Her message to others? "You're stronger than you think you are."

"I had to tell my daughter that multiple times, I had to tell myself that multiple times but you just have to keep saying, when you think you can't, you can and when you think you're done you just keep going," said Baker.
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