Update on the situation and current performance
March 20, 2020

It's no longer business as usual. This is true for all of us who operate a business, regardless of its size or industry.

Although the situation is by no means taken lightly, we would like to reassure you: the crisis we are facing is not the result of a shortage of products, but rather a congestion of the supply chain. An overload in volume at every step of our logistics process has consequences that may be illustrated as follows:

The "before COVID-19": orders delivered within 24 hrs.

The "during COVID-19": orders delivered within 72 hours (approx.)

Order tracking

The detailed order traceability that is normally available is unfortunately partially and temporarily compromised, given the circumstances outlined above, for all of us, including our Customer Service team. Furthermore, in order to maximize the efficiency of our carriers, we have asked them to dedicate their efforts entirely to delivery; as such, they have temporarily stopped issuing delivery time estimates.

Partial orders


In order to prioritize the delivery of drugs, it is now possible for an order to be shipped in multiple deliveries. Our Customer Service team is currently receiving a high volume of calls. To obtain information on which items are included in your next delivery, we encourage you to use the web tools at your disposal.


When should you call our Customer Service team?

  • If you are not familiar with online order tracking, our team will be pleased to guide you.

  • If, in the eServices / shipment details section of our site, the shipping status of your products has been "not shipped" for more than 72 hours.

  • If you need to request a "priority" return, resulting from an error on our behalf (breakage or shipment of the wrong product).

We sincerely thank you for your understanding during these challenging times in our industry.
Kind regards,

- The CDMV Team

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