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Yahrtzeit Recollections

The 20th yahrtzeit of Rav Avigdor Miller is fast approaching and we would like to compile a Toras Avigdor booklet of recollections and anecdotes about the Rav from those who knew him l’kavod the yahrtzeit. If you came in contact with the Rav and feel you have what to share, please email us with your story so that we can organize the stories and share them with the tzibbur.

Rav Avigdor Miller on Handouts for Yeshivos Are Bad For The Jews

How do we answer people who say that Reagan and his conservative policies hurt the poor and is bad for yeshivos?

And the answer is, it’s sheker v’kazav. You have to realize Reagan has been helping people in the very best way.  Of course, he has been prevented by like people like Solarz and other liberals in Congress who have made his path very difficult. But now, during the second term, when he knows he’s not up for re-election anyhow, now he can really be independent and do even more.

Reagan has lowered taxes.  Now, of course whatever taxes have gone up is a result of his opponents.  He has tried his best to lower taxes.  Now, less taxes means that you pay less for a pound of potatoes.  Don’t deceive yourself.  And even though the politician comes here, a local politician will come here and say, “Look, we are getting certain grants from the governments and the yeshivos can use the grants and so on and Reagan wants to cut off the grants,” don’t be fooled by liberal politicians. Don’t think the grants are going to give you something for nothing.  You are getting something right now, but you are paying out much more in other ways; because the yeshivos get only a sliver, a fragment, of the grants.  Do you know what the others are getting?!

Once the principle of giving something for nothing is used, the others know how to get more.  The yeshiva people after all are only a tiny fraction of the government’s expenditures.  The programs that he helps the yeshivos are almost nothing.  But the money that goes for others, I don’t want to say for whom, but it’s wasting money in the billions! And eventually it comes out of the yeshiva man’s pocket.

Here the yeshiva man gets, let’s say, a grant from the government.  So he goes to the store and he pays much more.  He has to spend much more for the produce that he could have gotten for much less had the taxes been lowered.  Cars cost more when taxes are raised and therefore transportation costs more.  So there’s no such thing as saving money by getting handouts from the governments.

So these local politicians are dealing with the foolish population and they offer them handouts because the handouts get votes for them.  But the handouts come from your own money!  It’s as silly as it could be!  And it’s a lie that Republicans are helping the rich people; because when the rich people have to raise prices of cars, prices of steel because they’re not getting enough profits, you’re going to pay for it.  Don’t deceive yourself.  Everybody will have to pay.  And therefore, nobody gains when the government is wasteful in money. And they’re wasting billions!  Billions upon billions are being thrown out.  

Not only for nothing.  Money is being wasted to help criminals escape judgment.  The Legal Aid Society is 100% waste of money.  In the olden days, a poor criminal knew he couldn’t start up with the law.  Otherwise, he’d be in jail.  He’d be sentenced.  Today he has expensive lawyers paid for by the government – lawyers who help murderers get away with nothing but probation.

There are huge sums being given by the government to communist countries.  Of course, people like Solarz and others like them are friends of communist countries.  And these loans, you’ll never get back.  You’ll never get back! American banks are drowning because of that and now they want the government to bail them out.  And so, all these kindhearted things that the liberals are doing with our money are coming out of our pocket and at the end of it all it means that we are losing out.

TAPE # 520 (August 1984)

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