February 10, 2022

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Two-Province Launch of Laudato Si' Platform
By the Laudato Si' Vision Fulfillment Team
"I greet you all who are gathered by Zoom platform for this historic and collaborative effort. I am pleased to know of this joint venture as members of the one Passionist Family in the United States. You are being proactive to personally and communally commit yourselves in making Laudato Si’ a reality, and in this way, you are taking up your responsibility in the call to integral ecology - a call inspired by the Holy Spirit and taken up by Pope Francis as a “sign of the times” to respond to and
act in favour of the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor." 

-Fr. Joachim Rego, CP, Superior General, December 2, 2021

Read the full letter here


In 2021, the Passionist Congregation made a public commitment to live into the seven goals in the Laudato Si' Action Platform (LSAP)

On December 2, 2021, the Laudato Si' Vision Fulfillment Team, in partnership with the Passionist Solidarity Network, led Holy Cross and St. Paul of the Cross Provinces in launching our local commitment to LSAP, via Zoom. Eighty people registered for the gathering, which was attended by a wide spectrum of the Passionist Family, both vowed and lay, from both Provinces. At the gathering, our Provincials affirmed our commitment to the Laudato Si' Action Platform. We learned the basics of Laudato Si' and the goals of the Action Platform, as well as exploring how strongly rooted the work of Laudato Si's integral ecology is in our Passionist charism. In committing to the Laudato Si' Action Platform and its goals, we are answering the call of Pope Francis and our Passionist Superior General, Fr. Joachim Rego, to explore ways to deepen our involvement in this 7-year journey of the Universal Church.
On December 2nd, we also celebrated where our Passionist charism has already led us into the LSAP goals in our Provinces. If you missed the Launch event, here is a link to the portion where seven people in the Passionist Family share their inspiring stories of living into one of the LSAP Goals. Moderated by Ellen Rhatigan of Thomas Berry Place, this video features short (3-5 minute) testimonials from: 
  • Anthony Mullins, Thomas Berry Place, Jamaica, NY
  • Julie Tanner, Christian Brothers Investment Services, New York, NY
  • Kyle Kramer, Passionist Earth & Spirit Center, Louisville, KY
  • Sandra Arnould, St. Paul of the Cross Passionist Retreat and Conference Center, Detroit, MI
  • Fr. Hugo Esparza-Pérez, CP, Port au Prince, Haiti
  • Marta Salgado-Niño, Mater Dolorosa Passionist Retreat Center, Sierra Madre, CA
  • Fr. Don Senior, CP, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, IL
Here are a couple of reflection questions that may be helpful after watching the video: 
  • After listening to the seven speakers, what inspired you? What challenged you? 
  • Anthony Mullins (Cry of the Poor) and Fr. Hugo Esparza-Pérez (Community Engagement and Participatory Action) mentioned relationships as crucial to implementing the Laudato Si’ Action Platform goals. With whom is Laudato Si’ calling you into a deeper relationship? 
Invitation to Online Conversation on Brochure #1 of Passion of the Earth, Wisdom of the Cross
WHAT: “PASSION OF THE EARTH, WISDOM OF THE CROSS" is our international Passionist program to live out our commitment to the Laudato Si’ Action Platform goals. This is a one-hour conversation based on the first brochure in the six-brochure series prepared for the Passionist Family. The first brochure focuses on the gift of WATER. 

WHY: To deepen our care for God’s Creation, to embrace Gospel justice and to renew our Passionist charism.

WHEN: Monday, February 28, 2022, at 2:30 PM Pacific, 4:30 PM Central, and 5:30 PM Eastern.

WHERE: On Zoom. Register here in advance for this meeting.  

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. To see the program materials for this session, click here.  We ask that participants read brochure #1 before the Online Conversation.

WHO: All members of the Passionist Family in St. Paul of the Cross and Holy Cross Provinces. The session will be facilitated by Marta Salgado-Nino and Patty Gillis, members of the Laudato Si' Vision Fulfillment Team.
Proclaiming Our Passionist Story (POPS)


"Storytelling is a natural outcome of speech, and to a certain extent, everyone is a storyteller, whether they know it or not."

-Tell It By Heart:  Women and the Healing Power of Story by Erica Helm Meade

This week, the Passionist Story Committee launched the fifth video in the Proclaiming Our Passionist Story (POPS) series

The series of videos captures and shares the Passionist story from a historical and contemporary perspective. You can view previous POPS videos here: 

Coming to America: Risk and Grace
For Your Reflection: What does a Church That Values Missionary Discipleship Look Like? 

Adadpted from the Catholic Leadership Roundtable

Participants at the Leadership Roundtable’s Catholic Partnership Summit in February 2020 were asked, "What does a thriving Church look like?" in a variety of contexts. We invite you, through an ongoing series of reflections, to consider the answer to this question. For today, consider:

               "What does a Church that values missionary discipleship look like?"              

  • "Pope Francis has said, the Church is not a country club of saints, we are a field hospital for sinners. We are all pilgrims together. Pope Francis invites us to go to the peripheries, to invite people in.”
  • “Have a spirit of welcome at every parish, asking people’s names, inviting people to Mass. This is a Church that looks out rather than in.”
  • “A Church that recognizes the lived experiences, the sense of the faithful. It is a Church that facilitates a dialogue with our rich tradition, and that dialogue leads to action.”
  • “A thriving Church is where prayer is the source from which ministry and ministry planning flow.”

What does a Church that values diversity and inclusion look like to you?

Click here to let us know what you think. We may feature your response in a future Vision Fulfillment Newsletter

The just person lives by faith.  The lover does not seek any happiness other than to please God.  The lover desires to suffer and do great things for his God, but when he does it, everything seems little.  Even the amount he has suffered seems little.  You call your sufferings the sufferings of hell, but they are still only the sufferings of a baby.
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