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Academy Family,

As we welcomed our 12th grandchild into the world this summer, I began reflecting on the journey my daughter was beginning as the parent of a newborn. I wrote this note to my daughter from the perspective of a teacher. I wanted to share today with you as well.
I am a teacher. I so appreciate the kind things parents do for me. The sweet notes, the small gifts, and the friendly waves in carline are wonderful and help me get through my day. While I appreciate those gifts, the greatest gifts parents give me is the presence of their child in my classroom every day. Your child is home with you for the first important developmental years of their lives. If you are a new parent you can show your appreciation to your child’s future teachers even now. Teach your child to say please and thank you. Teach your child to be kind to other children. Teach your child to respect authority. Teach your child to be obedient and follow the rules. Teach your child that what is cute at home is not always cute in a classroom. Teach your child how to succeed in school. Your child’s basic personality and character traits are set well before I will ever meet them.

I appreciate that you will trust me enough to send your child to my classroom someday. I promise you that I will teach them math, science, language arts, and history. We will have fun art projects. We will sing and make music. We will play on the playground and exercise in PE. I will do all the things that schools are supposed to do. More importantly, I will also reinforce all the things I have asked you to do at home. I will love your child and I will model the very best of myself for them. I will not only teach them information, but I will seek to give them inspiration to be the best they can be in every area of life.

When your child comes to my classroom someday, I am sure they will be well equipped and have their backpack full of school supplies. They will be clean, well dressed, well fed, and they will have a healthy lunch. You love your children so much and you will spend hours getting ready for that big first day of school, and all the days after that. There will be tears that day. They will have all the things you have given them to be ready for school.

If you have a newborn child, your days of preparation for that first day of school won’t start in four years. They start today. When I meet your child for the first time, I will see much more than their backpack, nice clothes, and shining faces. I will see all the things you have supplied for them for four years. If they have seen kindness, they will be kind. If they have seen unkindness they will be unkind. If they have seen calmness they will be calm. If they have seen anxiety, they will be anxious. If they have seen submission to authority, they will be obedient. If they have seen disrespect for authority, they will be disrespectful. You can see the picture from these few examples.

You see, mom and dad, I really don’t welcome your child into my classroom on their first day. I welcome you. Your child will show me who you are. Yes, you will make mistakes, you will not be perfect. But you can do it. In four years, I will not assume responsibility for and begin the education of your child. Instead, I will come alongside you to help you with what you have been doing for four years. If you are the parent of a newborn, your child’s first day of school is not in four years. It’s today.

Servant of the Week
This week’s servant of the week is WHNT News 19’s meteorologist, Jason Simpson
Mr. Reeder says, “Jason Simpson is my go-to guy regarding weather decisions at The Academy.  We both have a vested interest in the safety of our students with my grandchildren and his children being students here. Jason responds quickly to my calls and texts with up-to-date, accurate, and realistic information about weather. We have saved countless days of instruction because of my trust in Jason Simpson. We have had fun conversations about how my mother taught me to read clouds when I was a child. Jason has visited many classrooms to teach our students the modern way to forecast weather. He is a true servant.”

Do you see Christlike service at work in our community? Please email us to nominate students, teachers, staff and volunteers for “servant of the week.” The purpose is to show God at work for His glory.
Community Service Opportunity

NICU Supply Drive
The National Honor Society is hosting a NICU supply drive for both upper and grammar school to support Huntsville Hospital from through this Friday, September 10. The NICU has been a tremendous blessing to third grade teacher, Mrs. Singleton (mother of baby Hudson pictured here), as well as many families at the Academy. We want to support them! Bins are outside Mrs. Barnes’ room and in the Grammar School lobby. Grammar School students can also bring donations to their homerooms. Supplies include: 
individually wrapped snacks, restaurant cards, gas cards, clear bags, preemie and newborn clothes, baby hats, baby blankets and baby socks. 

Do you have a need for student volunteers? Please email us. 
Grandparents Day
One of our very favorite traditions at the Academy is honoring our grandparents with a Grandparents Day program. Grammar School students put on a heartwarming performance of songs, scripture and lots of love for their favorite people on Friday morning. We recognized the grandparents that traveled the greatest distance, and the winners this year came from California and Arizona. That is some grandparent love! Thank you to all grandparents for your support. The program was a precious testament to God’s faithfulness through the generations. To see a recording of it, please click here.
COVID-19 Updates
Looking to Hire, Please Pass the Word
Our school is looking for more after school employees to keep our school clean. We are interested in hiring full-time or part-time employees to begin at 4 p.m. Do you know anyone who would be interested? Please email Michele Tate.
Important Dates
  • Thursday, September 9 – NJHS Induction Ceremony      
  • Monday, September 13 – Senior Tux and Drape Pictures
  • Tuesday, September 14 – 5th-11th grade pictures
  • Wednesday, September 15 – TK-4th grade pictures
  • Monday, September 20 – Golf Tournament
  • Friday, September 24 – Homecoming Football Game
  • Saturday, September 25 – Homecoming Dance
  • Tuesday, September 28 – Blue Day for Isaiah 41:10 foundation
Late Start Wednesday – September 8
  • Jazz Band Band Room
  • Praise Band – Chapel
  • Study Hall – Room 163
  • Professional Development for Faculty & Staff – Media Center
Save the Date! PTF Tate Farms Night
Tuesday, October 19, 5pm-8pm.
More details to come!
Two big common household questions:
 How much screen time is okay for my kid(s)?
Are some types of screen time better than others?

Common Sense Media is a great resource for families navigating technology. They give reviews and feedback on movies/TV, books, apps & games. This online resource also has valuable information on what parents need to know, and in depth research where you can find full reports and articles. Read more about these questions and links to more resources from Common Sense Media.
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