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Isokinetic training vs core training for chronic lower back pain
Judy Botha
The aim of this article is to compare isokinetic training and core stabilization training regarding their effect on lower back pain in football players. Learn more.
Resistance Training and Youth Development
Ronel du Plessis
This review looks at the benefits of resistance training on youth development. Further this review looks at the effectiveness of resistance training on muscular fitness, skill performance and injury prevention on youth development. Learn more.
Plyometric and strengthening exercises as injury prevention
Ronel du Plessis
This review looks at the importance of injury prevention programmes (IPPs) for athletes suffering from anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL). Further this review looks at the importance of implementing such programmes to assure the optimal effectiveness of these programmes to limit and to decrease re-injury or recurring injuries such as ACL injuries in athletes. Learn more.
Encouraging clinicians to adopt exercise as medicine in order to help patients move through cancer
Kevin Oliver
This study reviews the current adoption of exercise in cancer treatment strategies and ways in which it can be further implemented. Learn more.
Blood flow restriction therapy. A rehabilitation tool
Francois Marais
This article explains how blood flow restriction therapy works and how it can be used in rehabilitation and the process of returning to sport. Learn more.
The Importance of Periodization and Neurocognitive ability in Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Rehabilitation
Francois Marais
This article explains how Periodization should be considered not only for athletic performance but also for rehabilitation of anterior cruciate ligament injury. Furthermore the study explains how the effects of ACL injuries extends to the Central Nervous System and not only the traumatic injured site. Learn more.


Ethics and the Law
Public health ethics and Obesity
Mrs. M. Rossouw
This philosophical literature on paternalism argues that government measures to limit potential public harms arising from the consumption of unhealthy diets does not violate individual liberty. Learn more.


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