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New Occupational Therapy Courses
Mental Health
Mental fatigue (MF) following mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) using cognitive tests and brain imaging methods
Aayesha Mahomed
The aim of this article is to review and investigate mental fatigue in relation to cognitive tests and brain imaging methods with suggestions for future research in the area. Learn more.
Community rehabilitation
Rural accessible community-based rehabilitation in Southern Africa
Corissa Singh
The review looks at community-based rehabilitation and training of community-based rehabilitation workers in rehabilitation services. Learn more.
Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy Caregiver Coaching
Corissa Singh
The aim of this article is to review the different types coaching models for implementation of intensive motor training for hemiplegic cerebral palsy. Learn more.
Adult Rehabilitation
The Effects of Virtual Reality-Based Motor Control Training in Patients with Chronic Stroke
Jorika Swanepoel
This study investigates the effects of virtual reality-based motor control training on inflammation, oxidative stress, neuroplasticity and upper limb motor function in patients with stroke – these results are then compared to the effects of conventional occupational therapy. Learn more.
MusicGlove® protocol for children with cerebral palsy
Ledene Hanekom
The aim of this article is to determine if a virtual, home-based MusicGlove® protocol is a feasible intervention strategy to improve upper limb function, quality of life, and internal motivation in children diagnosed with hemiparetic cerebral palsy. Learn more.
Mental Health
The association between sensory reactivity and mental health in autistic children
Tanya van Schoor
The aim of this article is to report on findings to explore the relationship between sensory reactivity and mental health in young children with autism. Learn more.
Poor quality of sleep in autism spectrum disorders and the link to tactile processing
Lindsay Scaife
The aim of this article is to analyse whether over- or under-responsivity to touch is linked to the prevalence of insomnia and sleep disorders in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), and the impact this has on behavioural difficulties. Learn more.
Adult rehabilitation
Occupational therapy (OT) consensus-based assessment and intervention recommendations for people with functional neurological disorder (FND)
Mary Tapfuma
This article aims to provide occupational therapists with consensus-based assessment and intervention recommendations for people with FND. Learn more.
The role of an Occupational Therapist while working with CP children who use assistive devices
Joanna Dean
The aim of this article is to identify and interpret the preconditions and instructions for the implementation of effective Occupational Therapy intervention during the use of orthopaedic assistive devices. Learn more.
Adult rehabilitation
Investigating the effect of adding a work module to a vocational rehabilitation programme for patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain
Bronwyn Reed
The aim of this article is to observe how work participation differs between two groups of patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain when a work module is added to the vocational rehabilitation program of only one group. Learn more.
Adult rehabilitation
A comparison of motor relearning occupational based with neurodevelopmental treatment approaches when treating patients who have experienced traumatic brain injuries
Tenile Williams
This study aimed to examine the treatment approaches when working with traumatic brain injury and the performance improvement of these approaches. Learn more.
Assessment of in-hand manipulation by occupational therapists in paediatric practises in South Africa
Tenile Williams
This article investigates how Occupational Therapists in South Africa are assessing the in - hand manipulation of children, as well as what is effective and not effective to determine their hand functioning. Learn more.


Ethics and the Law
Public health ethics and Obesity
Mrs. M. Rossouw
This philosophical literature on paternalism argues that government measures to limit potential public harms arising from the consumption of unhealthy diets does not violate individual liberty. Learn more.


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