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Site Access Guidance Under COVID Requirements
The current access rules and procedures can be confusing, so I want to provide further details to resident beamline staff as you all play an important part in successfully getting users on-site.  The following summarizes and provides further details on the November 22 notification that was sent to users.
Argonne remains in a limited state of operations. User access can only be granted when the following conditions are met:
  • User is listed on an APS-approved ESAF as on-site user.
  • Only two on-site users per experiment (unless granted an exception).
  • COVID-19 vaccination proof has been submitted to Argonne in advance or made available upon arrival to Argonne.  Rules for unvaccinated users are below. 
  • Accommodations for off-hours access have been made prior to 4:00 pm on a given workday.  The User Program Office and the AIC staff are not available during non-working hours (see After Hours Access below).
  • Each time a user listed as on-site on an APS-approved ESAF comes to Argonne they will need to obtain new site access credentials by going to the AIC or via prearranged access through the User Program Office.   
  • Users are asked to upload proof of vaccination (or exemption letter) to this Box Plus folder at least two business days in advance of arrival at Argonne.  If they do not do this in advance, documents will need to be collected at the AIC during normal business hours.  Users should bring their documents including vaccination proof with them each time they come to Argonne, just in case. 
Note: Unvaccinated users with employer or home institution exemption letter, but whose exemption document does not state that they are in a COVID-19 screening program that tests at least weekly, must arrive during normal working hours with proof of negative test.
  • Any access credential granted for onsite users will be issued based on ESAF dates and at most will only be issued for 2-days prior and 2-days after the set-up dates listed on the ESAF.  
  • Users who arrive before 8:30 am on a business day will be issued a gate pass and not a user badge.  The Badging Office within the AIC doesn’t open until 8:30 am due to staffing so no prox cards can be issued until after 8:30 am.
  • Gate passes will provide site access only.  
    • Gate passes will be issued when a picture is not available to print a user badge, badging office is not open, when a user has supplied an exemption letter (rather than proof of vaccination) from their home institution, or if a person is coming for reasons outside of an ESAF (e.g., equipment repair).  
    • The duration of the gate pass depends on the circumstances. 
  • User badges are  now credentials used for site access only—they do not provide door access as they have in the past. 
    • The duration of the badge will be commensurate with dates on an approved ESAF.  
  • Prox cards will provide door access to APS buildings, the APS stockroom, stockroom purchases, and any additional labs as assigned by the beamline.  
    • Prox cards issued by the AIC will be encoded for APS building and stockroom access ONLY.  If additional access is required, the beamline can assign or the user can send an email to  This can only be done during normal working, non-holiday hours.  
    • Users should keep their prox cards.  Prox cards are encoded to match the dates on the user badge as described above and will need to be reactivated each subsequent visit. 
    • REMEMBER:  Prox cards are still available from the floor coordinators, in the event that something goes wrong.  All prox cards issued by the floor coordinators must be returned to the lock boxes located at each LOM entry.   Prox cards issued by Floor Coordinators cannot be used to make purchases in the stockroom. 
  • Anyone who has the potential of arriving after hours on weekdays, on weekends, on holidays, or during laboratory shutdowns must notify the APS User Program Office in advance by entering a gate pass request in My APS Portal or by sending an email to before 4:00 pm on a given workday.  This will allow for credentials to be available at the guard booth when the user arrives.
  • The User Program Office and the AIC staff are not available during non-working hours.
  • Users who arrive at Argonne after hours without notifying the APS User Office in advance of arrival WILL BE DENIED ACCESS
  • Gate passes requested for users by APS employees after normal hours will not be issued, and site access WILL BE DENIED
Issue 2021-3: Site Access Guidance Under COVID Restriction
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