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Dear F&A Staff,

Spring has finally arrived!  I hope you will enjoy this edition of the F&A Newsletter which includes updates on our Climate Action Strategy, comments from the F&A Diversity Working Group, an F&A staff member who received a distinguished award and an update on the LEAN initiative at Lehigh.    

I would like to take this moment to address the recent and rising anti-Asian hate incidents reported across the country, I wanted to affirm our stem’s commitment to being an antiracist organization. These acts of violence and hatred are atrocious and we strongly denounce these actions and stand against all forms of social injustice. We remain committed to an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and safe for all members of our Lehigh campus community.  We will continue to condemn bias and bigotry in all forms and continue to show one another the kindness, respect, and civility that defines our F&A community.

Patricia A. Johnson
Vice President for Finance & Administration | Phone: 610.758.3178 | Fax 610.758.6528


Climate Action Strategy Update - March 2021

We are now 8 months into the development of Lehigh’s Climate Action Strategy! Over the last month, Lehigh has made the following progress:

  • Continued with the ‘Pathway to Zero’ Internal Review Process: Additional internal review meetings took place with senior leadership on the draft, proposed ‘Pathway to Zero’ model and any clarifications and edits were incorporated. 
  • Finished Developing the Financial Model: In March, we finished developing the financial model including Business As Usual costs, new capital costs, operational costs/savings, and life cycle costs/savings for the draft proposed ‘Pathway to Zero.’
  • Developed Draft Lehigh Climate Action Strategy Report: Created the first draft of the Climate Action Strategy report with a deeper explanation of the emissions reduction strategies and the ‘Pathway to Zero’ model.  
  • Completed the Draft Alternative Fuel Study Memo: In late March, a draft Alternative Fuel Study Memo on Lehigh’s direct transportation (the bus fleet) was completed and a draft final report is currently being developed and  will be reviewed by various stakeholders on campus.
  • Working on Experiential Learning Opportunities and Collaboration: Working on the implementation strategy for the hands-on experiential learning opportunities for post-plan implementation.
  • Hosted Working Group and Advisory Group Meetings: The next round of working group and advisory group meetings were held the week of March 15.
Up Next:
  • Finish the internal review of the recommended ‘Pathway to Zero’ model.  Make any additional revisions and/or clarifications.
  • Finish the Climate Action Strategy report.
  • Review draft strategy with relevant board committees.
  • Make any revisions to the model and report and schedule a specific CPO call for review prior to the May board meeting.
  • Work with faculty on implementation of the experiential learning opportunities for post-plan implementation.

Learn. Ask. Engage.
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F&A Diversity Working Group
The F&A Diversity Working Group sent out a survey to all F&A staff to try to get a deeper understanding of the current culture within F&A. Our goal was to learn what training, discussions, workshops, etc. staff would want to see at future F&A meetings centered around diversity, inclusion, equity, and antiracism.  The survey is an opportunity for all F&A voices to be heard.
Pat Johnson and the F&A Diversity Working Group affirm our stem’s commitment to being an antiracist organization.  We commit to diversity, equity, and inclusion and definitively state our obligation to raise our voices against injustice, and provide support to and advocacy on behalf of those at Lehigh who are subject to it.  We must fully invest in the learning, understanding, and active engagement to not only recognize our personal power and privilege, but also address systemic racism and acts of injustice that exist within our stem and broader campus community. 

 We stand against racism and discrimination, and with all who endeavor to make our campus community more just, humane, inclusive, diverse, and welcoming.

If you have completed the survey, thank you.  If you have not, please do so as soon as possible by clicking on the survey button below.
Jack Thornton Distinguished Service Award
Mary Kay Baker was recently recognized for her distinguished service, devotion, and dedication to the collegiate conferencing profession and ACCED-I as she received the prestigious Jack Thorton Distinguished Service Award at the recent ACCED-I annual (virtual) conference. 

Congratulations to Mark Kay on receiving this award and for her passion and commitment to the collegiate conferencing profession! She has been a leader, mentor and inspiration to many.

LEAN at Lehigh
Implementing Lean methodologies can have significant and measurable value when used to improve academic and administrative operations at Lehigh. The primary goal of Lean is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste.  Such improvements are effective at the department level or throughout the entire institution. 
The groundwork has already been established for the implementation of a Lean program within F&A. The F&A program, coupled with expansion of training programs and change management, will enable expansion of Lean comprehension throughout Lehigh.
Benefits of Lean include, but are not limited to:
  1. Enhanced employee training
  2. Cost savings
  3. Increased customer satisfaction
  4. Employee job satisfaction
  5. Throughput efficiency
  6. Promoting sustainability  
Current Lean projects include:
  1. eInvoicing: a review of the vendor invoice submission process; consolidating and automating Lehigh’s numerous invoice submission processes through the Unimarket system, reducing our invoice payment cycle time and realizing cost savings through new payment terms
  2. Payroll Cycles: a review of the payroll cycles to eliminate several cycles resulting in operational efficiencies in payroll processing; automating to eliminate errors and reduction of re-work
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