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Consuelo Lodge No.325
125th Year

Trestleboard - May 2020
From the East
by Wor. Tracy Reynolds

Adventures in the East

     I've rewritten this article three times as I try and predict when we will be able to conduct meetings, how we will calendar events and what is the most effective way to communicate. I understand how important communication is. I also understand that over communicating can create confusion in the Temple. I have whittled this article down to outline three major efforts for your consideration.
First Effort:
     We have an event scheduled for September 12th. We don't know if we will be open as a Lodge to meet physically for this event but, considering it's importance, we will plan as if  we will be meeting until we hear otherwise.
     This event is the 2020 rededication and 125th year celebration of Consuelo 325's existence and the beginning of it's contributions to our Community, our Brethren  and our concordant bodies.
     The event may open the doors at 8am for breakfast, possibly an omelette bar, donuts, coffee and juice. The rededication ceremony would occur at 10am to give Grand Lodge officers time to arrive and get a lay of the land. All possible setup will be done the night before.
     At the conclusion of the ceremony we will go into the cafeteria and have lunch and fellowship. Sandwhiches and chips with juice and water for drinks.
     That evening a Consuelo contingency would go to the Mason Of the Year event to see one of our brothers receive Consuelo's Mason of the Year award and support this event.
Second Effort:

     The Treasure Chest to the Future. It is, in concept, a type of time capsule. Worshipful Ross Douglas has committed to building the chest for us. It will contain letters from all Concordant Bodies that decide to participate. It will also contain pictures and other items of historical value. This would be sealed at the 125th celebration event, if it happens.
Third Effort:

     The Treasure hunt. The concept is that there are words that contain letters of words in a Masonic phrase that every Mason has heard and seen . The clues give hints as to where the letters may be found and what letters they are. Figure out each puzzle, to find the letters and then assemble the letters in correct order Yep, word jumbles. Then assemble the words in the correct order. Then submit a correct answer to the Senior Warden's email account.
     The first date and time stamp with correct submission in full, wins. In the event the puzzle is not solved, the Brother with the most correct answers, wins. In the event of a tie of submissions, date and time stamps of the most submitted correct answers will determine the winner. The first date and time stamp, on an email, will indicate the first eligible submission of the correct answer. The emails must be submitted after 12am November 9th, 2020. Please submit to: Good Luck!
     The pay off, in the event that a Brother figures out the puzzle, is an appropriate piece of Masonic memorabilia.
     The winner, if there is one, will be announced at the December stated meeting. Consuelo elected and appointed officers are not eligible.
Important clue: Every 2 months, starting with January's clue, you should end up with 2 complete words. The sum total of the words in November should add up to words that make up a Masonic phrase that every Mason will be familiar with.
Good Luck and Have fun!

     Clues so far:
- Clue: Within these words resides the first clue.  A place of darkness lit by the first light of knowledge. Experiencing a peace, at first not known, then sparked.  As each first piece disregards what follows, obstinance is rejected and a pattern is revealed. Perhaps 1 should exclude the speaker,space,icon and only show the focus: 4:6; 2:5; 1:2; 3:7; 2:5;2:9; 3:7
Hint: Only first occurring letters. If You are hung up on one, try the next.
- Clue: Within these words resides the second clue. Perhaps 2 will obligate the unitiated to a life long adventure to follow a path that starts with himself. Though the path starts there, it leads to profound implications the focus of which will lead to only 3 pieces: 1:6; 1:1; 1:12;
- Hint: Remember what You have learned. It starts with I.
- Clue: Within these words resides the path to the third clue.  14:8; 3:9; 2:1; 3:7
- Hint: It will require focus used at the beginning.
April: Attention this clue was rewritten. Please disregard the clue in the previous Trestleboard.
- Clue: Within these words resides the fourth clue. North, South, East and West are what we use to navigate our physical space. Within the constraints of these written words, the answer is revealed.  Space is not considered. 1:13; 1:13; 1:13
- Hint: Find one, and you've found them all, at least for now.
- Clue: The fifth clue is hidden in plain site within the document located at this web page:
- Hint: The numbers 3 and 5 are important to find the containers of the letters in question. Then the numbers 6 and 3 will reveal all but only two are wanted.
   Please assist us as we move forward in this time of unpredictable outcome. It has been an adventure so far and I expect it will continue. We will be stretched in ways we have not yet contemplated.
This is true adventure!
From the West
By Bro. Jesse Middleton

The Search for Truth

     Recently in my studies of the three pillars of Freemasonry, brotherly love, relief, and truth, truth has begun to take on a bit a new perspective for me. It is the purpose of a Mason to seek truth. Through educating himself via meaningful conversation, books, and contemplation, the Mason is implored to continue to better himself everyday through exposing himself to new experiences and information. In a bee hive, the drone that sits idle is no help to himself or the community surrounding him. In the hive of the society, it is the worker that goes out to do what is best for the progression of the hive that is rewarded. His reward should not be expected to be immediate gratification or fame, but should take joy in knowing the hive is soon to be in a better standing than it was a time earlier.
     Truth can also be a deceptive element. Truth is not necessarily fact, and that is something that should be considered by all who desire to find truth. Truth is derived from one’s personal experience, and the knowledge and emotions that they hold, up unto the point where they contrive that truth. Hence the reason, when engaged with another, it is often difficult to get them to see your point of view and get them to change their mind about what they believe to be true. It is best at this point, to try and understand why it is they believe the truths that they hold with such conviction. Consider what experiences they have lived that has given them reason to believe their truth? What emotions have they felt that have supported their truth? When you begin to discover these hidden gems of enlightenment, you begin to understand humanity and its actions. These truths allow you to see beyond the everyday hum-drum of humanity and allow you to delve deeper into everyday experiences. This is where you as a Mason can begin to do your work in making the world a better place.
     The truth will never be found in another person’s opinion. Truth is something that you have to work towards yourself. It is up to you to take in the information presented, contemplate the case given and compare it the experiences you have gathered along your path. Like the late President Ronald Reagan once stated, “Trust but verify.” If everything where taken at face value, Nicolaus Copernicus would never have argued that the Sun, and not the earth, was the center of the universe. For it was reality, that prior to the 1500’s, a majority of people understood it to be a fact that the center of the universe was the earth. As people progress, facts change, and so also do some truths. Today, the mainstream media has taken hold of the word truth and made it a buzz word. People in society are constantly bombarded with such attention seeking headlines as, “ The Bold Truth About….,” “The Truth About….Exposed,” “The REAL Truth about…,” all of which are nothing more than money grabbing opinions, scientifically designed to use one’s emotions to subvert their ability to think for themselves. Today’s Mason must not fall for these age old tricks of extremism and divide and conquer tactics. It is the job of the Mason to quietly distinguish the facts for himself. He is to take that information and contemplate on his own, based on his life’s experience and decide for himself if what is being stated seems to line up with what he has experienced and what he is seeing in his world.
     When seeking the truth, the silent observer is the most industrious. The silent observer is able to take his truths and apply them to do good for society. Where sometime’s words maybe poorly communicated and emotions triggered by the perceived attack’s on one’s beliefs, there is no denying when the good a man is doing, as when his actions are seen to be improving society and the quality of life for all. Along the way, there will be opposition by those who become panicked when their truths start to crumble and they are forced to face new truths. Listen to what they are saying, and after some time, you will begin to be able to pick out what it is they are scared of. Do not engage these people in debate but, acknowledge silently that we all have a reaction to changes. I once read a quote that went something similar to, “If you stop to correct every dog that bark’s at you, as you walk down the road, you will never make it to the end of the road.”  The same goes for Masonic work. Let your actions and outcomes speak for you. May your truths guide you in your work.
     Lastly, never stop seeking the truth. The truth is never complete. As one door closes, another opens. It is my opinion that the three greatest universal truths that I have begun to understand thus far, no matter which religion or philosophy you adhere to, revolve around three things; Love thy neighbor as thy self, be a servant of God, and let honesty to yourself and to all who you come in contact with be your strength. For those who seek, know.
Masonic Lodge Officers

Wor. Tracy Reynolds
Senior Warden

Jesse D. Middleton
Junior Warden

Jeffrey D. Powell

George L. Tegart, PM

Douglas E. Ford, PM

Dean E. Natwick, PM

Senior Deacon

Jon G. Rick
Junior Deacon

Jason A. Roach

Patrick G. Scoggins

Senior Steward

Roger D. Parker
Junior Steward

Christopher W. Clark
Announcements and Reminders

Digital Masonic Education from Grand Lodge

Stated meetings may still be postponed, but Grand Lodge is providing opportunities for Masons to come together for fellowship and to learn. A new Masonic Speakers Series is bringing experts and other dignitaries to California Masons for a series of live virtual lectures that are free and available to all. And new training webinars are available now for Masonic lodge officers. Simply register online to reserve your spot.

Order of the Eastern Star Chapter #154

You are cordially invited to our online fundraiser, we hope that you can find something that you, your loved ones or friends can use.

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Masonic Education Flyer from Lodge No.672

Event will take place on May 21 at 7PM, online via Zoom meeting. Presentation will be on Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man: Its History & Esoteric Implications.
To register for this event, click this link:

May Events
To be announced. Pending direction from Grand Lodge of California and government authorities (Local, State, and Federal).
Spotlight: Bro. First Name, Last Name (EA, FC, MM, PM)
Hello Brethren,
Have you ever wondered about the person you're shaking hands with or sitting next to in the lodge or wondering who the new initiates are. I encourage our Brethren to share their story and tighten the bond of brotherhood. Please use this platform as a way of connecting personally with each other, and mainly to highlight information about you, rather than Freemasonry.
  • Tell the lodge about yourself (family, hobbies, interest, etc...),
  • What specialties or competencies do you possess (wood work, hacker, artist, etc...) 
  • What do you do for a living (occupation) and/or where have you worked,
  • When did you become aware of Freemasonry and why did you join.
To be featured please submitted your short autobiography (500 words or less) the Master of the lodge.
Submitted Content: 
Hello Brethren,
If you would like to submit content into our Trestleboard, such as book reviews, images, stories, articles, poems or any other self-produced items,  please notify the Master. Upon submission, your request will be reviewed, and when approved your craft will be shared. 

Bro. First Name, Last Name (EA, FC, MM, PM)
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Editorial Note:
In the coming months there will be noticeable changes to the Trestleboard. If you like the changes please let me know or if any adjustment are needed, please notify the Master.
Bro. Julian Madril,
Consuelo Lodge No.325
Masons of California
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