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February 2020

From the East
by Wor. Tracy Reynolds

     Consuelo’s Officers were installed on January 4th. I could write at least 12 months of articles on the many things that happened that day and another 12 thanking everyone that spent much of their most valuable assets to be there with us that day. Consuelo’s Officers truly appreciate you being there. It was an incredibly profound experience in so many ways. On behalf of Consuelo Masonic Lodge #325, Thank You!
     On January 18th the crew pictured below went on a cleaning binge at Consuelo. Armed with a list provided by EMHA President Preston Hill, they left the premises much better than they found them. Many hands made light work. Thanks for making us look good!
     On January 19th, Consuelo had the privilege of marching in the Martin Luther King Parade in San Diego with our Prince Hall Brothers. Though marching in the parade was an incredible honor, it was almost matched by the fellowship we had with our Brothers.

     On January 22nd, Eastern Star met for a “Fun Night” and had some fantastic food prepared by Worthy Matron Esperanza Shaddeh. Worthy Patron Wissam had some great stories to tell and June Peever was funny as ever. I would highly recommend considering Eastern Star membership to all Masonic couples as well as Brothers that like to have fun.
     On January 23rd, Job’s Daughters had their installation. It was a great event, as they always are. These young ladies have the voices of angels. Please consider attending Youth Group events every chance you get.
     On January 27th, Consuelo had its first one-on-one OSI with District Inspector Worshipful Mark Nielsen. We covered the finer aspects of a First Degree. It is hard for one not to suspect that Worshipful Nielsen had intended to make this an event that all Masons could attend. Many Entered Apprentices and Fellowcrafts turned out for this event and asked some really good questions. Worshipful Nielsen presented some fascinating historical facts and connected many historical events via a time line. It was an incredible learning opportunity for all of us.
     On January 29th, Consuelo had its first 5th Wednesday Potluck. It was very well attended. There were Legos and a contraption building game that the kids loved. Thanks Sister Julianna and Brother Patrick Scoggins for providing the Legos! There was dancing and karaoke; Thanks to Brother Emilio and Brother Roger, as well as drawings for prizes. And a lot of food! We discovered Max Middleton could sing the Star-Spangled Banner really well and that Roger Parker could sing when he belted out Sweet Caroline. We also discovered that a bunch of the young ladies in attendance not only liked to sing but are really good at it. Every once in a while, we were treated to a song by Emilio. He is a man of many voices, I heard a rough edge rock voice, a smooth crooner voice and an operettic voice. He could dance, and I’m not just talking about the Macarena! I wish I had a better picture, but we were having so much fun that…well…the one below is the best I have.
     It was a great time because everyone pitched in and made it so. Many hands made light work. The next 5th Wednesday potluck is on April 29th and the theme is create your own Superhero. I already know what I’m going to create.
     On February 1st, Consuelo Brothers went to Fallbrook for Rainbow Girls installation and represented Agate Chapter DeMolay and Consuelo. It was a lot of fun hanging out in the front row with Brother Dan Castor and his sons, as well as Daniel Proffit and the young men of DeMolay. The Lodge room was packed as the young ladies worked through their event. Congratulations to Jeanine Reyes who was installed as Worthy Advisor!
     Though we were scheduled to have our official visit on February 12th, it was postponed because our line was decimated by the nasty bug that is going around and work schedules. Worshipful Nielsen agreed to let us postpone so that we could do it right with a healthy and full line of Consuelo Officers. The date is to be determined.
From the West
By Bro. Jesse Middleton

     Of all Masonic virtues, none has as great an impact as charity. Many of our Masonic degrees introduce and enlighten us on the subject of charity. It is in inculcated within the aspiring Mason from his initiation into the lodge, all the way through their Masonic and spiritual journey, to show charity among his Brethren and the world in which he lives.
     Charity is the voluntary giving of help, with no expectation of anything in return. It is done out of pure love for one’s brother or fellow man. Now, I will be the first to say this is no easy task. In society today, there is more focus on consuming than there is on charity. However, we all took an oath to assist our brothers and others around us. Remember, we’ve all been placed in a position where we had nothing and were destitute. Consider what you learned from that experience, and what was laid upon your shoulders when you willingly chose, of your own free will and accord, to become a Freemason.
     Albert Pike was quoted as saying, “What we have done for ourselves dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal”. Indeed, Charity is the starting point of any true Mason. It is from the lesson of Charity that we begin to erect our spiritual building, and moral character. Pike understood the many lessons learned from charity and spending the time to get to know others around us, and soothe the distressed.  In his Grand Oration “Freemasonry in Action,” George H. Harvey said, “Charity is the preeminent virtue, the possession of which in its fullest signification marks the perfect Mason. Charity in its highest and noblest sense includes all other virtues, and in its exercise all right thought and action are employed. But the thought of charity is too much associated with almsgiving, financial aid, and assistance”. Harvey also went on to say that the truest meaning of charity is “affection and love”. It’s the compassion for your fellow man that allows you to give up the most precious resource you have, time.
     As a society we need to stop falling for the false impression that our purpose in life is to accumulate riches and goods. We need to be generous with the possessions we have been blessed with. We need to keep in mind the poor, needy, and orphans which we have an obligation to take care of.  The poorest among us are characteristically better at charity. Those who have less to offer in the form of money or goods are more apt to show charity by giving their time, effort, and energy. They also seem to give a hand not only to those close to him, but to help any person who needs his support. They do it in their own way, despite their own needs and circumstances. Yet many of us look for reasons and excuses not to extend some form of comfort to our fellow man. As Mother Teresa said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”.
From the South
By Bro. Jeff Powell

     When a man joins Freemasonry and becomes a brother, there are many opportunities available to him to allow him to remain active in the fraternity. For instance, there are several committees they can participate in, or they assist with Child ID.
     When a brother becomes a Master Mason, there are even more opportunities available. They can assist with youth groups, or become an officer of the lodge. They can also choose to join a concordant body, such as, the Scottish Rite, York Rite, or the Shrine. The possibilities are numerous. From conversations with many brothers during various activities and gatherings, it’s very interesting to listen to stories about the various different journeys each of us have chosen to take.  In these conversations, it becomes evident that Masonry means many different things to different brothers, and at different times.
     To me, staying focused on the journey is what keeps Masonry enjoyable. When I first joined the lodge, I didn’t get involved in too much. Until I was raised, my first priority was to get my proficiencies done. I would attend every coffee and donut session that I could, in order to work with someone on the proficiency. During these donut sessions, I realized that not only was I learning, but I really enjoyed being in the company of brothers.
     Once becoming a Master Mason, and after returning my third-degree proficiency, there was an opportunity available to become the Tiler. If you were to ask me then if I could make a long-term commitment and progress through the line, my answer would be “no”. I believed that I was much too new, and lacking in the self-confidence necessary to be a leader in the lodge. I remember being very impressed with the officers we had at the time, and wasn’t quite sure I could do what they were doing. By focusing on the journey and not the destination, I knew that I could do what it took to be the Tiler for at least a year.
     After serving as Tiler, and moving on to the Jr. Steward position the following year, it became apparent that each station served, gives the preparation and growth required to serve in the next station. Suddenly, progressing through the line wasn’t as intimidating anymore. Now, as Jr. Warden, I have had the opportunity to serve for a year at five positions, each one with its own experiences, challenges, growth, and rewards.
     With the personal growth that is achieved by progressing through the line, it amazes me when we have an open, unfilled spot in the line. To me this represents an opportunity for a brother to experience, learn, and grow. I highly recommend becoming a lodge officer if you have the opportunity.
               UPCOMING ACTIVITIES             
  • February 17th - 2nd Degree Training, 6:30PM. If time permits, we will cover the introduction of our District Inspector. Dress attire: Business casual. All Master Masons and FellowCrafts are invited to attend!
  • February 19th - Daylight Coffee Club, 8:30AM-10:00AM.
  • February 19th - DeMolay - Agate Chapter, 7:00PM-9:00PM. 
    All Master Masons are invited to attend!
  • February 22th - Novus Veteris Installation of Officers, 9:00AM-11:00AM. Location: Oceanside Masonic Center, 511 Eucalptus St. Oceanside, CA 92504.
  • February 24th - All District Officer School of Instruction, 1st Degree Conferral, 6:00PM.
    We will be seeing the transition of Mr. Daniel Curry to Brother Daniel Currie. Though it will be hosted by Fallbrook, the cast list will be made by Brother Junior Warden, Jeff Powell. The Lecture will be standard form and will be presented by District Inspector Worshipful Mark Nielsen and Consuelo Officers Coach Worshipful Doug Ford. This is an incredible opportunity for meeting Brothers from other Lodges in our District. There will be a donation for dinner but it is always good chow.
  • February 25th - Tyre Ch. No. 130, 7:00PM-8:30PM.
    All Royal Arch Masons are invited to attend!
  • February 26th - Daylight Coffee Club, 8:30AM-10:00AM
  • February 26th - Job's Daughters - Bethel No.154, 7:00PM-9:00PM.
    All Master Masons are invited to attend!
  • February 27th - Rainbow - Golden Arch Assembly #239, 7:00PM-8:30PM.
    All Master Masons are invited to attend!
  • February 29th - French Degree Conferral in French, 7:30AM-11:30AM. Location Silvergate Three Star Masonic, university going west, 3795 Utah St, San Diego, CA 92104. RSVP is required.
  • February 29th - Coffee and Donuts, 8:30AM-10:00AM.
              Third Degree Anniversary            
Years   Name
7   Henry Evans
9   Alan Bliss
12   Robert Schwend
13   Donald Elofson
14   Bryan Hendrix
18   Michael Sherman
23   William Hicks
26   Fred Nasseri
27   Clyde Askren
27   Richard Cook
43   Verl Lobb
47   Archie Hollenbeck
56   Randal Barlow
58   Edward Mackerley
62   William Karbosky
                   February Birthdays!!                  
Birth Date   Name
01   Patrick Scoggins
03   Jesse Morris
04   Gilberto Quintanilla
06   Carl Bergman
07   Jason Roach
08   William Sinclair
09   Ali Farzad
09   Gary Long
11   Paul Smith
12   Daniel Engelbrecht
17   David Price
18   Joshua Caldwell
19   Jerry Rose
23   Jimmy Parkhill
23   Jon Rick
27   John Kennedy
27   Jacob Skarie-Housman
28   Edward Mackerley
28   John Proffitt
Martin Luther King Jr. Parade
Masonic Family and Friends Potluck
Wednesday's Coffee and Donuts
Secretary and Treasurer Retreat
Editorial Note:
In the coming months there will be noticeable changes to the Trestleboard. If you like the changes or know if any adjustment are needed, please notify the Master.
Consuelo Lodge No.325

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