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July 2019 Trestleboard

The Good… The Bad… and the Ugly
Greetings from the East –
As usual, I am so very happy with the continued participation of Consuelo Lodge as we work together and we play together in the different activities that happen through the month.

The Good…
In the beginning of June, Consuelo had it's annual visit to Covina Masonic Homes and put on the 2nd Degree for our newly passed Fellowcraft Bro. Jason Beyer!  Bro. Jesse Middleton was at the helm for the day and did a fine job!

With just having done the 2nd degree, I decided to make the following Monday, a dark evening, and I called upon my brothers to step up and help me raid Vista Lodge #687 for they were in possession of the Traveling Gavel and Consuelo Lodge has not seen it in a while, perhaps since the beginning of Wor. Turk’s year.
As the Master of Consuelo, I was humbled and pleased to see 12-13 brothers come out to Vista Lodge in force and make a statement saying they are here to support Consuelo and their Master’s call for help.
To the brothers who came out, THANK YOU!!  It does mean a lot to a Master when the support is there.

Continuing with the Good, the 911th District Picnic was held on a beautiful day with the brothers and families of, I think, just about every lodge in the district, and it was a lot of fun.  The brothers and their families had fun with good music, good food, and a Cornhole tournament.

Then word got around that Consuelo retrieved the Traveling Gavel from Vista Lodge, and some brothers from Oceanside-San Dieguito Lodge decided to steal from us what Consuelo rightfully plundered.

The Bad…
Less than a week after Consuelo acquired the Traveling Gavel, and two days after the 911 District Picnic, brothers from Oceanside-San Dieguito #381 showed up to Consuelo’s Stated Meeting to steal from us the Gavel.

As the Master, during the meeting I did have some commentary under my breath about “those brothers”, but if anyone knows me, it’s said and done in jest and a true sense of brotherhood.

The purpose of the Traveling Gavel is to get us Masons off our butts and visit other lodges, and in that sense it has succeeded.

The loss of the Traveling gavel may fall under the “Bad” category, but that evening was truly special. That evening I announced the names of 2 brothers who will be honored for their work with the lodge.
I announced that Bro. Vance Johnson was selected as Consuelo’s Mason of the Year for 2019.
I also announced that Bro. James Forster II was selected as Consuelo’s Hiram Award recipient for 2019.

I am honored and pleased to see these dedicated Masons be recognized for their hard work for Consuelo.
I look forward to attending their ceremonies.
Again congratulations Jim & Vance.

And Finally… the Ugly…
The challenge I’ve been dealing with for the past number of months is the open position of Steward.
One of our brothers wanted to find the time to be an officer, but couldn’t balance everything within his 24-inch gauge and he stepped down.
Now, I’m asking one of our brother Master Masons to step up and be part of the officer line and help with the degrees, the preparation of food, the attending of the OSIs (Officers School of Instructions), and the practices before the degrees.
If you want to step up to this position, then you are volunteering to accept the commitments that are required to be an officer. But there are perks to the position and the chance to build stronger friendships.
Thank you my brothers for being a part of a fantastic lodge!!
Doug Ford

From the West
by Bro. Tracy Reynolds
This year is flying by! Soon it will be 2020, the 125th year anniversary of our Lodge! There is still much to be done and we are making headway toward a great year of celebration! I hope you will join us when you can and think of us when you can't. It will be here soon, very soon!
From time immemorial, we, as Speculative Masons used the twenty-four-inch gauge to divide and measure our time, it being divided into twenty-four equal parts, is emblematic of the twenty-four hours in a day. We understand the importance of the measurement of time. But what is time? We cannot hold it. We cannot collect it and save it for a rainy day. Once it has past, we cannot do it over, at least at the time of this writing.  
So, what is time? While most people think of time as a constant, physicist Albert Einstein proposed that time is an illusion; it is relative, and it can vary for different observers depending on your speed through space.
To Einstein, time was the "fourth dimension" described in his theory of Special Relativity. Space is described as a three-dimensional arena, which provides a traveler with coordinates such as length, width and height which represents location. Time provides another coordinate, direction although conventionally, it only moves forward.
More recent theories propose that time is "real". One such theory states that the future does not exist until written by the reality that falls into each second that follows the one we are in. In this scenario, the future is not pre-determined and is influenced by choices that are made during each second before the next one. In this scenario, freewill is the "steering wheel" that we may use to fulfill our destinies by the choices we make.
Regardless of what time is, mankind has learned that it can be measured. Our ability to measure time is so accurate that it has been noticed that the rotation of the earth is slowing down.
The measure of time has not always been this accurate. Recording the position of the Sun and moon, seasonal happenings and celestial events lead to man's realization that there were events that recurred. The duration of sunlight during days, did fluctuate in a synchronized way.
From the observation of the length of days and the night season, we use many terms that when we think about them, we might find that their use is incorrect, but we still use them. For Example, the Sun rising or setting to describe the diurnal rotation of the earth on its own access.
I find it amazing that organized calendars are a fairly recent way of measuring our days, weeks and months but that measuring days, months and years was being done way before, by many cultures in our past. It makes sense that the idea that years were being counted backwards to the year 0 as an indicator that a Life changing occurrence would take place, required a type of calendar to make that count down.
Whatever time is, one thing is certain, as of this writing, once it is spent, it cannot be unspent. Pray and choose wisely that the choices We make will make Mankind better for the long run. Masons Rock!

From the South:
It wasn’t the Men, It was the Principles
By Bro Jesse Middleton

On July 4th, 1776 our great country was born from the trials and tribulations of 13 colonies governed by the crown of King George III of the United Kingdom. The king’s diary for that day reads, “Nothing important happened today.” Maybe because he didn’t know that a strong willed group of citizenry had penned one of the greatest works of literature, the Declaration of Independence. The first to sign the declaration of freedom was Bro. John Hancock, of St. Andrews Lodge in Boston, Massachusetts. Eight other confirmed Brothers would sign the Declaration of Independence, thereby creating a new nation lead by many respectable Brothers such as John Hancock, General George Washington of the Lodge at Fredericksburg, Virginia, and Benjamin Franklin from St. John’s Lodge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Later, of the thirty-nine men that signed the Constitution, thirteen would be Masons.

 Washington, Hancock, Franklin, and many others had more in common than being part of the oldest fraternity. These men would lead the way to lay the cornerstone for the United States of America. A country that would be supported by the three pillars of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A country where many would flock in hopes of fulfilling dreams of fortune and glory.  In some ways, this country became its own experiment in freedom and fraternity. Fast forwarding, and looking at President Washington’s appointees, and other representatives the states, many cabinet and policy making meetings at the time certainly could have been mistaken for a lodge meeting. But what’s most fascinating to me is not the men that laid the groundwork, but their principles.

 Many books have been written of Washington, Jefferson (there is documentation that he visited many lodges however there is no record of initiation, passing, or raising), Franklin, Hamilton, and many others on their character and philosophy. These men were of the utmost character and openly practiced temperance, fortitude, prudence, and justice. They were not perfect men by any means, they had their quarrels with each other and many heated debates on which direction the country should go, who should lead it, and what rights people would have. But, these men were a group who could best work, and best agree. They agreed that all men had been created equal, and that everyone had been endowed with unalienable rights bestowed upon them by their creator. They created a government whose power only came from the consent of the governed, not by some contrived divine authority used by the monarchy.

When one begins to study the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Masonic Constitutions there becomes many repeating ideas and regulations.  I challenge you all to find a copy of James Anderson’s – “The Constitutions of the Free-Masons,” and read it. If you cannot find one, let me know I have a few. Then, read the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution. Anderson’s book was comprised of doctrines called the “Gothic Constitutions.” Anderson’s book was first printed in 1723, more than fifty years prior to the creation of the United States, and would you know it was reprinted again for the first time in the colonies by Bro. Benjamin Franklin. So our Brothers and founding fathers were all well versed in these principles that were set forth prior to the Reformation in Europe. Now, I’m not setting out to say Freemasonry created the United States, but to give further light on our principles and lessons that we are obliged to follow. Brother Washington, Franklin, and others knew they needed to set forth an outline that would establish a country that is fair and equal for all, not just one class or level of citizenry. By reading their entries in their own journals, one can see they knew that the decisions they made on those days would affect the people of the country for centuries to come.

As Brothers of this fraternity we call Freemasonry, we will not always agree. We all have different opinions on what is best, and how to achieve what is best. Our fraternity is now one of the most diverse groups of men, anywhere. We all have different experiences, and due to those experiences we all have differing perspectives on what direction this country should go in, who should run it, and what rights people should have. But what is most important, like our Brothers of days gone by, we must remember and hold on to the principles which allows us to best work, and best agree. Today, more than ever we need to continue to practice temperance, fortitude, prudence, and justice. 

This Thursday, July 4th, 2019, when you’re out barbecuing with friends, family, and Brothers, when you look up into the night sky and see the array of colors from the tradition of fireworks, take a moment to consider our principles and tenets. Try to imagine the founding fathers meeting to prepare the Declaration of Independence, the Continental Congress, and the Constitutional Convention. Picture their heated debates, imagine the emotion and energy they put into squaring away a plan for a new country.  It was no easy task, I’m sure many egos were hurt and grudges were held, but they all knew they were doing it more so, to create a brighter future for the generations to come.

The stated meeting dinner will be presented by
the Agate Chapter - Order of DeMolay.
It will be pulled pork on the menu for the evening.

If you are interested in attending, please contact
the Senior Warden
by emailing:
Upcoming Activities
  • July 8 - Dinner & Stated Meeting. Dinner between 6:15 & 6:25 PM. Make reservations now! Stated Meeting at 7:30 PM. Dress code:  Hawaiian Shirt!
  • July 15 - 1st Degree for Mr. Roger Ramirez. Gavel drops at 6:30.
  • July 22 - OSI - Officer School of Instruction.
  • July 29 - Practice for a degree - which degree will be determined later.
Third Degree Anniversary
Years   Name
4   Michael Johnson
6   Jacob Spaid
7   Dennis Clark
7   Matthew Whitten
9   Kevin Coughlin
10   Roger Parker
16   Jeffery Figler
21   Rafael Guayasamin
33   Scott Moris
35   John Proffitt
36   Paul Smith
46   John Proffitt
50   George Norris
52   Dean Mason
55   Walter Pruitt
56   Rolf Smith
62   Robert Mitchell
66   E. Meerchaum
July Birthdays!!
Birthday   Name
07/01   Craig Harris
07/07   John Proffitt
07/08   Clyde Askren
07/10   Wayne Hallett
07/11   Justin Frazier
07/11   David Revels
07/12   Timothy Thalmayer
07/13   Scott Moris
07/16   Tracy Reynolds
07/18   Michael Sedio
07/21   Robert Smith
07/23   George Acuna
07/23   William Hicks
07/23   Joseph Rotta
07/27   John Owens
07/27   Michael Sherman
07/28   Adrian Bonar
07/29   Nelson Norgell
07/30   Edward Mackerley

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