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Voice Chops Tuesday

29th January 2019

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Rebuilding the first digital voice scrambler


Feed yourself, chatbot!

  • The Facebook research team propose "the self-feeding chatbot, a dialogue agent with the ability to extract new examples from the conversations it participates in after deployment"
  • The Alexa research team showing how NLU model training times can be cut from 1 week to 4 hours. Instead of creating features to represent the words of a sentence (like the embeddings we saw last week), the researchers used tree structures to represent the syntactic relationships between them.
  • has just released a new version of their free deep learning course to help you start implementing these groundbreaking techniques. Lesson 4 is an NLP project on sentiment analysis in movie reviews. For more voice-related courses, check out my recommendations.

Lasers in your lugholes

  • It's now possible to beam voice and music directly into a person's ear using lasers. Audio can now be transmitted to an individual across distances of 2.5 metres in total privacy, opening up a huge range of potential applications.
  • In other laser-related news, the US military is making ghostly voices appear out of thin air. Sounds nefarious and terrifying.

[REPLAY] Perception of Smiles in the Voice – Pablo Arias, IRCAM – Voice Tech Podcast ep.007

  • This episode is a listener favourite. If you've not heard it yet, you're missing out.
  • Pablo Arias is a final-year PhD student in perception and cognitive science at the audio research lab, IRCAM, in Paris.
  • We discuss Pablo’s work on how people perceive smiling and non-smiling voices.

OK Google, talk to Meme Buddy

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