First United Methodist Church - Heber Springs
Weekly Newsletter
Volume 52, No. 36
September 15 - September 21, 2019


I find it so interesting in our scripture for Sunday (Luke 15:1-10) how the tax collectors and sinners came to Jesus to listen to him while the religious people of the day rejected him for the most part.  Those who were shunned by society had no hope and Jesus gave them hope!  The upper class had all they wanted and needed.  They had no need for a Savior.  Yet, when sinners came to Jesus, the wealthy talked about him and said he actually welcomed sinners and he even ate with them.  Friends, where is our focus?  We know the most important place for people to be is in God’s house.  We know that when we welcome people regardless of who they are or what they have done that we are following in the steps of Christ.  Jesus turned no one away.  Jesus always welcomed people, equipped them and sent them out to share the gospel.  Jesus told all who would be followers to sit down and consider the cost.  We know there will be family, friends and acquaintances that will choose to have nothing to do with us when we associate with people they would rather disregard, but I ask you: who are you trying to please, man or God? 
See you at the welcoming place,

September 15th

Luke 15:1-10

"One at a Time"
Click here to read Luke 15:1-10
Stonebridge Assisted Living: Winsel Lacy,
George Maxwell, Jill Kennedy
Southridge Rehab: Jolene Thompson

 St. Vincent Hot Springs ICU: Elmer Burrall
St. Vincent LR: Larry Anderson

Sympathy is extended to Sherry Shearer and Pam Huffty  on the death of their father Lamar Cannon.
Prayer Concerns:  Shane Adams, John Paul Allred (Kathryn Gifford’s nephew),  Doug Anderson (Jeff Lewis’ uncle), Joan Anderson (Jean Bolhuis’ sister), Robert Arbogast (friend of John Goddard),  Jim Arrington (Lee-Ann Joy’s father), Ellen Bankston, Pearl Barnett, Sue Barnett, Daniel Bell, Joan Bell, Debbie Blackburn, Lloyd Blanton, Cody Blaylock (Lois Good’s grandson), Karen Brinley, Gus Britton (grandson of Mike & Judy Britton), Alene Brock, Hayden & Geraldine Burns (Lindsey Sartin’s grandparents), Kathy Burnes, Douglas Dwight Carper,  Fred Carpenter, Jennifer Carter (friend of Ian Sheard), Children/families involved in The CALL, Allie Chastain (family friend of Sarah Bond), Ingrid Cleek, Jerry Cockrell, Jeff Cohn (Christina McGaughey’s brother-in-law), Barbara Copeland, Chris Corzine, Conner Crook (Ingrid Cleek’s  great-grandson), Janet Creasy, Bob Daniels, Arlene Daves (Sarah Bond’s mother-in-law), Lucille Davis, Daughters of The Other Side, Olive Derrick (granddaughter of Howard & Alyce Chapin), Elizabeth Dick, Charles Dougan (Pat Howell’s brother-in-law), Charlene Earnst (Lee-Ann Joy’s aunt), Gwen Edwards (Lynn Haugen’s sister),  Bob & Joan Efird,  Brady Ervin,  Jeff Everett, James, Bill  & Lisa  Faircloth (grandsons & daughter  of Bill & Karen Brinley), Maria Farmer, Berna Fee (Lynn Haugen’s aunt), France Garner, Josh & Brittany Germany (son & daughter-in-law of Jeff & Margo Germany), Wes Gifford, Sue Gregory (Norman Arnold’s cousin), Edward Hall (Anna Harlan’s brother), Denton Hartwick (friend of Rob Owens), Anna Hergert, Cole Hooten (Cindy Davis’ nephew), Pete & Pat Howell, Barry Johnson (Heather Orr’s father), John Jones (Mary Warren’s brother), Liam Joy, Kim Kelley (friend of the Joy family), Vicky King (friend of Ian Sheard), Mike Linn, Charlene Linsky, Juli Losee, Lawrence MacFarlane (Lynn Haugen’s uncle), Dan Marek, Rebecca Mathison, Vivian Maynes (Lynn Haugen’s mother), Harry McClintock, Carmen McElhaney (Paul Gifford’s sister), Maverick McGee (grandson of Boyd & Shannon Anderson), Gail McKenzie, Gail Melton (Kimberly Staggs’ sister), David Milligan (Lynne Cathey’s brother), Margaret Milne, Janice Montgomery (Carol Togni’s aunt), Bo & Gayla Moore, Moriah Moore, Chris Nichols (Ashley Miller’s mother), The Other Side, Jim Owens (Rob Owens’ brother), Audrey Patterson (Linda Tredway’s aunt), Mildred Payton (mother of Cindy Davis), Beth Reed (friend of Lindsey Sartin), Terry Reeve (Barbara Burnside’s sister), Stan Reynolds, Dustin Roberson (Kathryn Gifford’s great-nephew), Bill Roberts, Sr. (Linda Guy’s father), Bill Robinson (Ginger Hicks’ uncle), Sarah Robinson, Teddi Russell (Vicki Farmer’s sister), Jane Shearer,  Stacey Smith (Barbara McClintock’s daughter), Gary & Juanita Southerland (friends of Rob Owens), Billy Joe Swaffar (friend of Bill Phillips), Joy Tabor (friend of Larry & Jolene Thompson), Gwen Thorn, Eddie & David Thorn (Gwen Thorn’s son & grandson),  Jerry Todd (friend of Jim Ramsey), Ruth Tredway (Bob Tredway’s mother), Wilma Tomblyn (Lynn Haugen’s aunt), Karen Tynes, U.S. Armed Forces, Matthew Verser, Lynda Walker (Valerie Griesse & Julie Hamlin’s mother), Jo Wells, Chris Whaley, Dusty Whaley, Cherie Williams, LT. Trace Williams (son of Bobby & Jessica Williams), Roberta Williford (Juli Losee’s grandmother), Randy Wilson, Grady Wood (father of Juli Losee), Deborah Woods, Chloe York (Mike & Sarah Bond’s granddaughter), Ben Young
Please help us keep our prayer concerns
list up-to-date.

If you would like to add a name to our prayer list, fill out a prayer card or email us.  Please make sure you have their permission.  Also let us know if you'd like to have your name removed from the list.


In preparation for

September 22nd services,

please read the following scriptures:

Jeremiah 8:18-9:1

Psalm 79:1-9

1 Timothy 6:6-19

Luke 16:1-13

Click here for Scripture readings for Sept. 22nd

Wednesdays -  activities and Fellowship Meal every week
September 17 - The CALL meeting
September 22 - Church Council
September 23 - UMW Harvest Potluck
September 26 - UMM meeting
September 26 - Breakin’ Bread and AR Family Health fundraiser
October 6 - World Communion Sunday

November 3 – All Saints Observance
November 10 – In His Steps Commitment Sunday
November 17 – Stand Sunday (The CALL)
December 15 – Children’s Christmas Program (9:35) and Chancel Choir Cantata (8:25 & 10:55)

See the Beacon and bulletin for more details.

Lighthouse needs  mentors for this school year. Lighthouse is a mentoring program that meets on Wednesdays from 3:00-6:00 PM during the school year. Children are referred by our school counselors. Mentors spend time reading, playing games, doing crafts and being good listeners.

 Please contact Kasey Goddard at (501) 691-3382 to serve.



All ladies of the church are invited to attend the UMW Harvest Potluck on Monday, September 23rd at 12:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall. Bring your favorite dish and enjoy fellowship with a supportive community of women.
Join Xtra Years of Zest for their trip to Branson December 9-11. Enjoy shopping at the Landing, Tanger Outlet and Bass Pro. See the shows: The Miracle of Christmas, Shoji Tabuchi and Christmas Wonderland. Eat dinner at Haygoods, breakfast at Fergusons and lunch at College of the Ozarks.  Contact Lois Good at 928-607-9194. This trip needs 10 or more people to participate. Bring a friend and enjoy this fun trip to Branson!


Our county has seen an influx of children come into foster care over the past year. Up to this point, our awareness materials state that Cleburne County averages 33 children in foster care at any given time. That number has steadily increased the past 12 months, and we are averaging 52 kids. We have seen our number go as high as 60, but we are holding steady in the 50's. We have recently ordered new materials to reflect the change.    It is sobering to order new materials because we have so many more children in care. That is definitely not a reason our ministry would want to be printing, but it is where our county is right now. It is important for us all to be aware. We need to know because this means we will continue to need more foster families, more financial resources, and more volunteers. We have come a long way as a county in recruiting and equipping foster families to take care of children in need and bringing along folks to support them, but there is still need. Please pray about how the Lord may be calling you to get involved. 
Amanda Bush
Cleburne County Coordinator


Golf cart shuttle service will continue throughout our building project to help get folks as close to our entrances as possible. Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who are serving their church family in this much-needed way!
Our Wednesday Fellowship Meals are served every Wednesday from 5:00-6:00 PM in the Family Life Center.  Meals are $4 for adults, $2 for children.  No family pays more than $12.
Plan now to make this mealtime with your church family a part of every week.  You won’t find a better meal at a better price anywhere, and you can’t beat the friendly people you’ll meet!

FirstYouth is collecting gently used or new coats for kids of all ages. You may drop these off at the church office.


Wish to give electronically? It’s easy! You may give online at or download our app by texting heberspringsapp to 77977. You can set up one-time gifts or recurring gifts with the touch of a button. If you need assistance contact the church office.
Please join us to support the Arkansas Family Health Foundation and Breakin’ Bread. This event will take place September 26 from 6:00-9:00 PM at the Heber Spring Community Center, 201 Bobbie Jean Ln.
Fish/chicken dinner plates with all the fixins' will be served with each ticket at the fundraiser.  Sponsorships are also available.
For more information, contact: Tracy Holleman, Community Development Coordinator @ or 501-322-1712.

The 15th annual Panther Scramble golf tournament will be held on October 12th at the  Red Apple Country Club, Eden Isle, Heber Springs.
This is a four-person scramble with a 9:00 AM shotgun start. The entry fee is $400.00 per team. Lunch will be served after play is finished. Corporate hole sponsorships are available for $100.00. For additional information call Trey Miller at 501-362-3131.
All proceeds benefit  the Heber Springs Athletic Programs.

For security purposes, during the week please enter and exit through the main office doors located under the breezeway. All other doors will be locked. You may call the church office with questions or if you need assistance. (This does not apply on Sunday mornings.)

“Come to me, all you who are struggling hard and carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28, Common English Bible

Life can sometimes get super busy. We might have a lot of homework to do or a special project at work that requires extra time. We might get overwhelmed with rehearsals before the play opens or we might not want to end our time playing with friends.
But the truth is, rest is important. God designed human beings with a need for down time. It’s not just a good idea, it is necessary to help make us ready when it is time to work or play again. And, Jesus tells us that if we come to him, he will give us rest.

Get them talking
Are you good at resting, or is it difficult for you? What makes it hard to rest?
Have you ever been so busy that you have not rested well? How did that make things harder?
What is your favorite part about bedtime? What is your least favorite part?
What do you think Jesus means when he says, “I will give you rest”? 

Dear God, teach us the importance of rest and how to enjoy times when we are not busy. Amen.

Find time each week (30 minutes? an hour?) for the whole family to rest together. No work. No screens. Just rest, talk and be together.
(United Methodist Communications)

Hello Church Family,
We like to reference “Family” because that is what we are, through the good times and the more difficult ones. We have a generation of kids to raise in this church, and we want them to know the Lord in a personal way. Like family, right? We truly believe that if we live our lives in a way that honors God’s Holy word, live and act like Jesus with sincerity of heart, and believe in his promises, we will see our kids surpass us in their faith journey! That is our hope for our children and for yours! We want to see them walk in freedom, trusting that their God is for them! 
In this week’s lesson, we are discussing ‘“Sadness”. We honestly don’t even want to bring up the subject because it makes us sad and isn’t fun, but we have to! Our kids need to know that sadness is a real emotion and that God can help them when they get down. He will lift their heads in times of trouble, and He is our hope!
Our first week back with FirstKids Wednesday was amazing! It was so good to see new and familiar faces. Invite a friend or two to share in on the fun! Can’t wait to see you this Wednesday night at 6:00 PM! 

Our need for a male helper for the 5th grade has been met but we can still use a Nursery Coordinator! 

Ashley and Rebecca

FirstKids is looking for a paid nursery worker for Sunday mornings from 8:45 AM-12:30 PM. We have many other opportunities to serve with the children throughout the week.  If interested contact the church office at 501-362-2696.


December 27-29 - Branson Xtreme

Godpleasers is a non-denominational youth choir for students in 7th-12th grade. Practice will start on October 6

Please check Godpleasers Facebook and Remind list for any communications or call/text Netta Thomas at 501-514-5636.  
Practice Schedule (changes will be posted on the Godpleasers Facebook): 

Sunday School: 10:45 AM -12:00 PM gather in The Loft (youth rooms) at the top of the elevator. Middle School will meet in the Game Room and High School will meet in the Worship Room. All the the following follows the school calendar.

Impact Groups: Varies by age and gender. 

Godpleasers Youth Choir: Sunday evenings from 6:00-7:00 PM  Starts in October and ends in June.

Wednesday Afternoon: Hang out time in The Loft after school until First Youth Wednesday starts. 

First Youth Wednesday: Wednesday evenings from 6:00-7:00 PM in The Loft. Middle School will start off in the Game Room. High School will start off in the Worship Room.


Sunday, September 15
  8:25 Worship & Song, Sanctuary  
  9:35 Contemporary Worship, Family Life Center*
  9:45 Sunday School*
10:55 Traditional Worship,
10:55 Sunday School*
  2:00 GriefShare, FH
  2:00 Youth Disciple, 203
  2:00 Disciple 1, 104*
  4:00 Disciple 2, 207*

Monday, September 16
  8:00 Gentle Fitness, FLC
  8:30 Staff Meeting, 201
  6:00 Cub Scouts, FH
  7:00 Boy Scouts, FH
  7:00 Narcotics Anonymous, 208

Tuesday, September 17
  7:00 Men’s Prayer Breakfast, FH
  9:00 Women’s Bible Study, 202*
  9:30 Explorers Bible Study*
11:00 Newsletter Deadline
11:00 Crochet Ministry, 104
  1:00 Prayer Shawl, 213
  5:00 Trustees, 104
  6:00 Finance, 104

Wednesday, September 18
  8:00 Gentle Fitness, FLC
  3:30 Lighthouse, FH
  4:45 Fellowship Meal, FLC
  5:00 Intercessory Prayer, 210
  6:00 FirstKids & FirstYouth*
  6:00 Chancel Choir, 204*
  6:00 Disciple 4, 104*
  7:00 Worship Team, FLC

Thursday, September 19
  7:00 Narcotics Anonymous, 208

Friday, September 20
  8:00 Gentle Fitness, FLC

*Nursery provided

First United Methodist Church
1099 W. PineSt.
Heber Springs, AR 72543

Rev. Tommy Toombs - Sr. Pastor
Rev. Timothy Rushing– Assoc.  Pastor
Arden Schlicker - Minister of Visitation
Barbara Little - Pianist
Carolyn Burrall - Administrator/Traditional Music Director
Brandy Farmer - IHS & Membership Coordinator
Tommy Toombs, Jr. – Custodian
Mike Wagner - Office Assistant
Alesha Presley - Youth Director
Traci Hesse - Office Publications
Ashley Herring - Dir. of Children’s Ministries
Lucas Tubbs - Media Technology
Rebecca Holmes -  Children’s Ministry Assistant
Donna Redding - Assistant Youth Director


September 15
Brandon Clemons

September 16
Fred Carpenter
Savannah Gibbs
John Goddard
Melissa Graham
Barbara McClintock

September 17
NaTasha Franks
James Johnson
George Maxwell

September 18
Leah Beauchamp
Lavern Penn

September 19
Hayden Copeland
Mike Prince

September 20
Lee Childers
Mary Neal
Gideon Tate

Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service & Witness


By Our Presence

September 8, 2019
Worship Attendance
8:25 – 64   9:35 – 241   10:55 – 106                            411      
Sunday School Attendance                                  
Children – 50    Youth – 25     Adult – 90                  165     
Breakin’ Bread Attendance – N/A
September 8, 2019
Operating Budget      $ 18,515.00
Beyond These Walls  $   4,035.00
By Our Service
Liturgist             8:25                   9:35                    10:55    
Sept. 15       Karen Bowie        Laura Candau          Janette Fall
Sept. 22       Carolyn Burrall     Ali Sugg         Carolyn Burrall
Sept. 15
  8:25 – Rodney Bise, Jean Bolhuis
  9:35 – Pete & Mason Harris, Henry & Barbara Engler
10:55 – Dicey Rhodes, Dona Bell, Howard & Alyce Chapin
Sept. 22
  8:25 – Paul & Karen Bowie
  9:35 – Jerry & Libby Jackson, Keith & Ronda McHan
10:55 – Mike & Melissa Graham, Freddie Lou Quist,
            Jeannine Taylor

Sept. 15
  8:25 – Vicki Farmer, Alma Smith
  9:35 – Dickey & Pam Beckham, Vicki Farmer,
            Louis & Larissa Rolleigh, Pete Lathrop
10:55 – Rob Robinette, Melissa Graham
Sept. 22
  8:25 – Jack Fowler, Robert Hesse
  9:35 – Mike Wagner, Kevin & Netta Thomas,
            Arden & Chris Schlicker, Stephen Choate
10:55 – Joe & Donna Daven

Common Grounds
Sept. 15 – Willing Hearts
Sept. 22 – Stephen Choate, Dan & Jenni Prince, Joe & Ali Sugg,             
                 Brandon & Karissa Clemons

Sunday Bus Driver
Sept. 15 – Dave Ferry 201-259-8613
Sept. 22 – Ralph Burton 973-445-0010

Nursery Workers
Sept. 15
  9:30 – Gail Farmer, Shannon Clark, Karan Pierce
10:45 – Ralph Burton, Lee Childers
Sept. 22
  9:30 – Jammie Jarvis, Rachel Jett, Alesha Presley
10:45 – Tanya Eddington, Lynn Allbright

Wiggle Worship
Sept. 15 – Dan & Jenni Prince, Olivia Norton, Natalie Buffalo
Sept. 22 – Lisa Olmstead, Hannah Lehfeldt, Briar Robinette,
                 Lynnlee Presley

Nursing Home Visitation Team
Sept. 15 – Martiel Drinkard, Judy Long, Arden Schlicker
Sept. 22 – Barbara Copeland, Jeff Lewis

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