Thank you for 20,000 KN95 Masks Donation from Board Member

Amidst the pall cast by COVID-19, there are still steadfast acts of love and support that lights up the shadows. We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude for the recent donation of 20,000 KN95 masks to HKAH-SR from our Board Member and longtime supporter of the hospital. Unsurprisingly, a great amount of time was spent to source the KN95 at the height of the global shortage. Yet, these unwavering efforts paid off - the much needed masks comes as an incredibly welcome relief during the ongoing COVID crisis. This act of generosity is one of the many in the fight against the pandemic. With such gifts and support, we vow to continue providing compassionate care to patients while ensuring the safety of our staff. Once again, we will like to thank our Board member for the show of support and care.

疫症無情,但人間有愛。我們衷心感謝董事局成員捐贈2萬個KN95口罩予本院及一直以來對本院的支持。在新型冠狀病毒肺炎疫情下,全球口罩需求殷切,能於百忙中抽空於全球積極搜羅,以實際行動支持前缐醫護人員的抗疫工作,這份無私的捐獻,實在無言感激。 我們會善用這批防疫物資,繼續為病人提供高質素、富愛心的優質醫療服務,同時確保全體員工的安全。

New Patient Mobile App for Enhanced Experience
全新推出手機應用程式 完善服務體驗

We are excited to announce that our first patient mobile app “HKAH” will be available on App stores (Apple and Google Play Store) in June! With the aim of enhancing patient experience, the app allows new and existing patients to book out-patient appointments and self check-in, with further features to be continuously added.
Quick Appointment Making 
Users can quickly preview a doctor’s availability and book an appointment, with immediate feedback on whether it was successful. By allowing in-app rescheduling or cancellations, this reduces the need for phone calls or emails.
Easy Search through Specialties
Depending on their needs, users can search via specialties, such as Cardiology, Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology etc. 
Self Check-in with QR Code
Now, patients will only need to arrive 15 minutes before the appointed time, and register via scanning a QR code at our self-service kiosk machine near the Information Counter, saving significant time.

Real-time Queue Status
As the queue status is automatically refreshed every 30 seconds, it enhances clarity and certainty of waiting time.
Access Latest Health Information and News
The in-app “Health and Lifestyle” section gives users instant access to first-hand information, including medical articles, exclusive interviews with doctors and patients, as well as the latest time-limited offers. Regular healthy lifestyle messages will also be released regularly.
直接預約門診 省時快捷




Adventist Medical Center - Taikoo Place Opening Soon

The brand new Adventist Medical Center - Taikoo Place will be in service by early July. A multitude of medical services is offered, such as general and specialist services, day surgeries, diagnosis, radiography, health assessment and physical therapy. Located on the 19/F at Oxford House, Taikoo Place with over 11,000 sq. ft of space, it provides an easily accessible, one-stop medical service center for nearby workers and local residents alike. For details please check our website here.
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Updates on Measures Taken by the HKAH against COVID-19
香港港安對2019 冠狀病毒病感染控制的相關措施及更新

As a professional medical institute, we value the health and safety of our patients, staff, and wider community. We have implemented strict control measures, such as temperature monitoring, practicing good hand hygiene, and required wearing of medical masks. We have and will continue to closely follow directions from the Centre for Health Protection (CHP).

Protection for Visiting Patients: 
At our triage, should a patient be found to fit the CHP's criteria, the patient will pass through a designated passageway to an isolated pressurized room for examination. The CHP will be immediately notified to transport the patient to a public hospital, as they are better equipped for further treatment. 

Protection for Medical Staff: 
All medical staff have daily checks on their temperature and health conditions. Measures are taken to ensure they are wearing proper protective equipment, including medical masks. Staff are frequently updated, and have access to various health talks to ensure their own well-being.

High-grade Infection Control Measures: 
We have closely followed CHP guidelines, such as activating the monitoring and reporting mechanisms. Our cleaning and disinfectant procedures have been heightened to ensure our premises remain as clean as possible.
Overall, we will continue to face this pandemic along with the Hong Kong public. For information on compassionate COVD-19 offers, please visit our hospital website.

作為專業的醫療服務機構,本院重視病人及員工的健康和安全,並採取嚴謹的感染控制措施,先為抵達診所的病人、客戶、訪客及員工作體溫檢測和健康狀況篩查,用酒精搓手及需要戴上外科口罩。本院亦密切留意衞生署衞生防護中心對2019 冠狀病毒病的最新資訊,嚴格執行各項感染控制措施。




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Sweet Surprise for our Dedicated Medical Staff

Although COVID-19 has slowed its rampage recently, our staff are still adhering to strict infection control measures in order to continue providing safe and compassionate care. Under the pressure of these extraordinary circumstances, this sweet surprise and show of support from The Nest Bakery cheered up the staff of the whole hospital. In fact, our colleagues responded so enthusiastically that the exquisite cakes were swept away within 15 minutes! 

This “Cakes for heroes, baked by heroes'' treat was made possible by donations, Deliveroo’s sponsorship, and Nesbitt Centre’s bakers, a social enterprise creating jobs for people with learning disabilities. Overall, this morale booster will motivate us to continue  providing quality medical service to help fight the virus together! 

疫情雖稍有放緩跡象,但本院全體員工未有鬆懈,繼續做好防疫措施,為病人提供優質的服務。在緊張氛圍之下我們收到由The Nest Bakery送來的精美蛋糕,為全院上下員工打打氣,反應亦非常熱烈,不消15分鐘就被員工掃光光!

事次活動“Cakes for heroes, baked by heroes''別具意義,分別由户户送及思拔中心所贊助。

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