Official Opening of Adventist Medical Center-Taikoo Place

On 2nd July 2020, Adventist Medical Center - Taikoo Place was officially opened! The conveniently located center significantly reduces commute and waiting time for patients and office workers based in the East. On top of outpatient clinics and health assessment services, it has a day procedure center, which offers the below benefits.
  • Convenient Same Day Arrangements for Specialist Examination & Treatment  
    Many low risk endoscopy exams or small-scale surgeries can be conducted here. This option maximizes scheduling flexibility and reduces unnecessary time spent in the center. Combined with an optimized treatment process, patients can save time and money compared to traditional hospitalization.

  • High Levels of Patient Safety
    Both the operating and endoscopy rooms are on par with hospital standards. Following our “Clean and Dirty Diversions” principle to prevent cross-contamination, patients, medical staff and equipment all follow a one-way flow. Moreover, the operating rooms are pressurized, with a high-efficiency Hepa filter that fits international standards.

  • Tailored Services to Meet Diverse Needs
    The operating rooms have multiple private resting rooms with beds, allowing patients to rest before and after their procedures. Spacious and with a high degree of privacy, it creates a feeling of home.

Many services are already available, further details could be found in the website below:


☎️ 2309 5099



  • 即日安排專科檢查及治療 

  • 顧及病人安全

  • 貼身服務滿足不同需要



☎️ 2309 5099

Thank you for DET30 Masks Donation from Lu’s Foundation

Even under COVID-19’s long shadow, the surprise donation of 1,250 pairs DET30 cotton masks from Lu’s Foundation (呂氏基金會) have lit a beacon of hope at HKAH-SR. These high quality masks, usually stocked in MUJI, are widely sought after, including by several governments - a recent order of 20 million masks was requested by the Singapore government! Hence, this batch of masks was sourced directly from the manufacturer, who was able to quickly deliver it from one of their multiple factors, this time from the one in Vietnam. 

Revitalized by such a show of support, we vow to extend the same energy to ensure the continuous safety of our staff while providing compassionate care to our patients. Once again, thank you to the Lu’s Foundation for their resourcefulness, generosity, and unwavering commitment to the furtherance of our cause.


Successful Joint Commission International (JCI)-Accredited Hospital

Excellent patient experience lies at the forefront of HKAH-SR's efforts towards continuous improvement of medical services, and adherence to the highest international standards. Through our staffs' combined efforts, we have successfully become a JCI-accredited hospital this September.

The JCI is the worldwide authority on hospital quality and service, and the gold seal is the highest merit that can be awarded post-survey for medical services and hospital management.

Due to COVID, the JCI survey was conducted via Zoom from 7 September  - 10 September 2020. The 3 judges evaluated our infection control, infrastructure, patient and staff safety, quality control, medical equipment etc. The receipt of the gold seal reaffirms our medical standards are on par with international standards.

This credential will motivate our management and medical staff to continue to closely collaborate and monitor trends in the medical industry for further review and improvement. We remain committed to enhancing the patient experience and extending the healing ministry of Christ.





Appreciation to our healthcare volunteers

To fight against COVID-19 with the wider community, 36 of our medical staff volunteered to gather samples for the Universal Community Testing Program from 31 August - 8 September 2020.

The team included 2 doctors, 25 nurses, and 9 health care assistants. To ensure the program's smooth operation, they received training from the hospital to familiarize themselves with the requirements and procedures of sample collection.

Stationed at Hong Kong City Hall, they collected the combined nasal and throat swabs from citizens that signed up for the program.

Thank you to our devoted staff for going above and beyond!





HKAH Mobile APP is now available

The HKAH mobile app is now available for download. With one-stop registration and reservation services; it offers a more comprehensive experience for patients looking to book normal or specialist clinics.

✔️ Quick and direct booking of clinics

✔️  QR code for registration

✔️ Queuing times clearly shown

✔️ Latest updates of our health information

✔️ First to watch our videos


✔️ 直接預約門診 省時快捷

✔️ 掃瞄二維碼診症登記

✔️ 輪候時間一目了然

✔️ 緊貼本院最新健康資訊

✔️ 獨家影片搶先睇

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Hong Kong Adventist Brain Center Enters Service

The Hong Kong Adventist Brain Center provides a one-stop, multidisciplinary brain tumor diagnosis and treatment service center. Patients will meet a neurosurgeon and clinical oncologist for their first appointment, who will then decide on the most suitable treatment method according to their needs.

Center Features

  • One-stop multidisciplinary diagnosis

  • Same day treatment at the earliest

  • Diagnostic imaging conducted on the same day if possible

  • Comprehensive treatment services

Professional Medical Team

  • Neurosurgeons

  • Clinical Oncologist

  • Specialized radiology team

  • Specialist nursing team

  • Team of Lifestyle Management Center

  • Physiotherapy team

Advanced Surgical Equipment
Our state-of-the-art operating room has high-definition microscopes, computer guidance systems, and minimally-invasive brain endoscopes. Further, it is also the only hybrid cardiac catheterization and interventional operating room in Hong Kong. All of the above are available to conduct intervention treatments, as well as both minimally-invasive and other complex brain surgeries.

Convenient and Comprehensive Diagnostic Imaging
A large assortment of diagnostic imaging equipment are available: such as CT Scan, 3T MRI, PET-CT, ultrasound etc. For most of the imaging equipment, a same day examination can be arranged; for PET-CT, the earliest an arrangement could be made is the next day.

Safe and Accurate Radiation Therapy
The highly accurate Tomotherapy and Linac is at our disposal, giving our patients the best options for treatment.


  • 一站式跨專科聯合診療   

  • 最快可預約即日就診  

  • 最快即日安排影像診斷   

  • 一站式綜合診治服務     


  • 神經外科專科醫生   

  • 臨床腫瘤科專科醫生    

  • 放射診斷治療專業團隊   

  • 專科護理團隊   

  • 健康生活促進中心團隊   

  • 物理治療團隊   




設置包括全套的影像診斷設備,例如電腦斷層 (CT Scan)、3T 磁力共振掃描 (3T MRI)、正電子與電腦相容掃描 (PET-CT) 等造影設備。可以安排患者最快於即日進行電腦斷層 (CT Scan)、3T 闊口徑磁力共振掃描 (3T MRI)、超聲波診斷或其他影像診斷掃描檢查,翌日安排正電子電腦素描(PET-CT)服務。 


配備用於精準放射治療的高速螺旋放射治療系統(Tomo Therapy),又稱螺旋刀或托姆刀,及醫用直線加速器(LINAC)等,為病人提供最適切的選擇。

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