O-arm O2 Now Fully Operational  

O-arm O2已正式投入服務

With continued advances in the field of minimally invasive surgery, the standard for medical equipment has correspondingly increased over time. To ensure its medical teams are able to provide the safest, most effective minimally invasive spine, neurological, and ear, nose, and throat surgeries, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road has invested over HK$10 million this year into Hong Kong’s first O-arm O2 imaging system with StealthStation 8 navigation.
The 3D imaging capabilities of the O-arm enable surgeons to better understand each patient’s condition for safer, more precise minimally invasive surgeries. 360-degree imaging eliminates the need to move or adjust the patient or the surgical bed, allowing for a much smoother surgical process and shorter surgery times.
The O-arm is now fully operational and we are happy to arrange tours of our newly renovated OT-2. To schedule a visit or for enquiries, please feel free to contact our Operational &Technical Manager, Mr Andrew Tam, on (852) 3651 8683.

我們很樂意為您安排參觀裝修後的OT-2。如需安排參觀或有任何查詢,請致電(852)3651 8683與我們的手術室部門經理談先生聯絡。

Elevating the Cardiac Catheterization & Interventional Center to Meet European and American Standards  

To further advance and develop our cardiology services, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital  –  Stubbs Road has started to upgrade its Cardiac Catheterization & Interventional Center (CCIC). Scheduled to commence services in early 2019, the CCIC will feature a new biplane DSA system and LabSystem Pro EP Recording System, which will elevate the entire center to meet European and American standards.
心臟科是香港港安醫院─司徒拔道的重點發展項目之一,今年致力改裝「心導管檢查及介入治療中心」,不單購置全新雙向造影系統及LabSystem Pro電生理檢查系統,更將整個中心提升至歐美手術室水平,即將於2019年首季投入服務。

Comprehensive Breast Health Services

As a response to the rising incidence of breast cancer, which is the third deadliest cancer for women in Hong Kong following lung cancer and colorectal cancer, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Stubbs Road plans to introduce the city’s first breast CT system in January 2019. With cutting-edge 3D imaging capabilities, the new system will play a vital role in all aspects of the hospital’s comprehensive breast health services from assessment to diagnosis and treatment.
乳癌是本港女性第三大致命癌症,僅次於肺癌及大腸癌。香港港安醫院─司徒拔道亦即將引入全港唯一一部乳房電腦斷層掃描儀(Breast CT),預計將於明年一月投入服務,配合新引入的3D乳房X光檢查設備,提供更周全的乳房檢查及治療服務。    

Caring  for Your Intestinal Health

Colorectal cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in Hong Kong. To increase public awareness of the disease and highlight the importance of intestinal health, Hong Kong Adventist HospitalStubbs Road has produced videos to address frequently asked questions and showcase patient stories.
Our Colorectal Health Center is a dedicated facility equipped with the latest technologies and is committed to safeguarding the intestinal health of the community with a focus on colorectal cancer. The Center’s highly flexible, three-part colorectal cancer care package is designed to cater to each patient’s specific needs.
For more details, please visit the website below
香港港安醫院─司徒拔道設有大腸健康中心 ,配備精密先進的測試儀器,致力維護大家的腸道健康,針對腸癌,更提供彈性極高的「腸癌防護3部曲套餐」,照顧不同病人的需要。  
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