Announces Group Structure Changes in Preparation of New Plan
整合管理架構   充足準備   邁步向前

To continue enhancing our services, a new management structure as approved by the Board of Governors, has come into effect on January 1, 2021 . Please join us in thanking the outgoing leaders, and welcoming familiar faces as they step into new roles:

(1)    Outgoing Leaders 

Chief of Medical Staff – Stubbs Road
January 2016 –  December 2020
Dr. Samuel Kwok (General Surgery)

Vice President of Medical Affairs – Stubbs Road
October 2011 – December 2020
Dr. Kenneth Ho (General Practice)

Vice President for Administration  – Stubbs Road
January 2014 –  December 2020
Ms. Rachel Yeung
(2)    Incoming Leaders

Chief Medical Executive and Chief of Medical Staff –Stubbs Road
Dr. Eddie Cheung (Paediatrics)

Vice President of Medical Affairs (Tsuen Wan & Stubbs Road),
Chief Medical Executive – Tsuen Wan

Dr. Monty Lee (General Surgery)
Director of Marketing and Assistant to CEO – Stubbs Road
Mr. Arthur Wong
Director of Corporate and Physician Development Services – Stubbs Road
Ms. Daisy Sin

We wish the former and new management every success in their roles. Once again, we would like to thank the Board and all physicians for your continued support. We look forward to working towards a brighter future, together.


(1) 卸任管理層成員

醫務總監 – 司徒拔道
2016年1月 –  2020年12月
郭寶賢醫生 (外科)

醫務副院長 – 司徒拔道
2011年10月 – 2020年12月
何啟智醫生 (全科) 

行政副院長 – 司徒拔道
2014年1月 –  2020年12月

(2) 新任管理層成員

醫務行政總監兼醫療總監 – 司徒拔道
張蔚賢醫生 (兒科)

醫療事務部副總裁 (荃灣及司徒拔道),
醫務行政總監 – 荃灣

李偉明醫生 (普通外科)

市場部主管 / 行政總裁助理 – 司徒拔道

企業及醫生業務拓展主管 – 司徒拔道

Striving to Provide Quality Pediatric Surgery Services

Orthopedic problems are not unique to adults. Newborn babies may also have orthopedic problems and the most common condition is developmental hip dysplasia. Our professional medical team has years of experience in pediatric surgery and they specialise in providing pediatric medical services, which is not commonly offered in private hospitals in Hong Kong. Together with the latest high-tech equipment and technologies, we strive to provide quality surgical services for children.

When it comes to the condition of developmental hip dysplasia, it can lead to problems like leg length discrepancy or hip degeneration. Recently, there has been a rising trend. Treatments methods vary according to the age of the baby. However, if a child is diagnosed after he/she turns 5, surgery is not recommended. Treatment will only start when the patient experiences painful degenerative joints in his/her adult life. Our pediatric specialists can provide the care and treatments that children with developmental hip dysplasia need, gradually helping them get on the road of recovery.




Food & Dietician Department: ISO Accreditation

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road (HKAHSR) achieved the ISO22000 food safety certification in 2013, the first private hospital to be awarded as such. The ISO22000 is the most authoritative international standard in the field of food safety, as it encompasses the Codex Alimentarius International Food Standards, and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

The achievement of ISO22000 requires rigorous monitoring of the entire food supply chain, including checking for potential contamination at the ingredient’s source of origin, cleanliness of utensils, temperature control etc. By identifying potential food safety risks and managing them accordingly, safe consumption is assured for those being catered to, especially those with lower immunity: children, cancer patients, and the elderly.

At HKAHSR, there are clear protocols and guidelines on the handling and transportation of foodstuffs and ingredients. For example, in order to prevent cross-contamination, a color-coded system is used to separate equipment such as chopping boards, cloths and various cooking tools.

Healthy food can replenish the body's nutritional needs, but unsafe food can pose a great threat to inpatients and cause various complications. Thus, it is vital that our hospital ensures a high level of food safety for people seeking treatment and recuperating patients alike.





Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ

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