We Have Been Awarded Internationally Recognized Healthcare Accreditation by JCI!

Joint Commission International (JCI) is one of the world's most recognized and rigorous accrediting bodies. 2006 was the year when HKAH first became JCI Accredited, and this year we achieved accreditation again. This is evidence that our service and patient safety standards have always been on par with international standards.

This accreditation is definitely a result of our staff’s united efforts. We are deeply encouraged, and emboldened to continue providing patients and their families with safer, higher quality services.



Mycoplasma infection: an under-recognized cause of fever of unknown origin

In the daily work of an infectious disease specialist, dealing with ‘fever’ of different causes is one of the most challenging and yet fulfilling experiences. Within a week in August, Dr. Andrew Wong had encountered 2 patients whose main symptom was fever of unknown cause. After conducting different tests, Dr. Wong found the underlying cause of the patients’ fever syndrome to be mycoplasma infection. Through treating with doxycycline, patients’ fever was successfully brought down and their mycoplasma infection was treated and cleared.


Developmental Hip Dysplasia: Novice Parents Should Beware

When a newborn baby’s thighbone socket is not well developed, problems like leg length discrepancy or hip dysplasia might appear. Research shows that 1 in every 1,000 newborns suffer from this condition and there is a recent rising trend. To prevent this condition, newborns should undergo hip ultrasound before they turn 6 weeks old. Parents should also pay attention to see if the baby’s leg length is different, or if the skin folds on the thighs or buttocks are asymmetrical. Treatments methods vary according to the age of the baby. However, if a child is diagnosed after he/she turns 5, surgery is not recommended. Treatment will only start when the patient experiences painful degenerative joints in his/her adult life.


Food & Dietician Department: ISO Accreditation

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital - Stubbs Road (HKAHSR) achieved the ISO22000 food safety certification in 2013, the first private hospital to be awarded as such. The ISO22000 is the most authoritative international standard in the field of food safety, as it encompasses the Codex Alimentarius International Food Standards, and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

The achievement of ISO22000 requires rigorous monitoring of the entire food supply chain, including checking for potential contamination at the ingredient’s source of origin, cleanliness of utensils, temperature control etc. By identifying potential food safety risks and managing them accordingly, safe consumption is assured for those being catered to, especially those with lower immunity: children, cancer patients, and the elderly.

At HKAHSR, there are clear protocols and guidelines on the handling and transportation of foodstuffs and ingredients. For example, in order to prevent cross-contamination, a color-coded system is used to separate equipment such as chopping boards, cloths and various cooking tools.

Healthy food can replenish the body's nutritional needs, but unsafe food can pose a great threat to inpatients and cause various complications. Thus, it is vital that our hospital ensures a high level of food safety for people seeking treatment and recuperating patients alike.



香港港安醫院對食材和食品處理及運送方面訂立方案和清晰指引,同時配合Color Code系統,把不同用途的砧板、抺布和煮食工具配上不同顏色碼,分門別放置、預防交叉感染。


Thanks to our Staff for Weathering through the Storm

To show our appreciation for our wonderful staff, Human Resources distributed these special umbrellas as a thank you gift (blocks wind, rain and UV rays). Specifically, the logo changes color when wet - so too does our staff's true colors shine amidst the COVID storm. Thank you for embracing our Hospital’s SHARE values (Sense, HELP, Acknowledge, Respect, Explain). No matter the weather, we are united in our commitment to continue providing quality medical services, and being a blessing to our patients.


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