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The Adventist and every member of its dedicated staff are committed first and foremost to providing exceptional medical treatment to every patient, without condition and without exception. Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road & Tsuen Wan recognize the importance of the protection of patients’ private data, and is fully committed to compliance with the Privacy Ordinance. The policies of  The Adventist are under continual review to ensure best practice in every facet of medical service. All medical staff at the Adventist receives on-going training and guidance to ensure compliance with its policies.



香港港安醫院全院上下將病人的福祉視為首要考慮,並不受任何立場和因素影響,務求為每位求診者提供卓越和適切的醫療服務。香港港安醫院的話 –司徒拔道及荃灣深明保護病人私隱資料的重要性,亦致力遵守私隱條例的規定。香港港安醫院會繼續檢視政策,務求令病人得到最優質的醫療及護理服務。為確保符合相關指引,院方亦會安排員工定期接受相關培訓及指導,令他們不斷進步,精益求精。

Spinal fusion improves quality of life for adolescents

Scoliosis is a problem plaguing many children and teens, especially during the onset of puberty. As scoliosis has the chance to become more serious and greatly affect daily living, surgery is required. Still, at the mention of surgery, many parents become understandably worried over its effectiveness.
Here at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road, we recognize these parental concerns. To address these concerns, we have introduced a Nerve Monitoring System, an advanced instrument specifically designed for spinal surgery. It acts as a shield, ensuring the safety of their child’s nerves during the operation. Hence, parents can be assured their child will receive the best treatment, and be relieved of all the pain and discomfort associated with scoliosis. As a testament to the effectiveness of this procedure, 16-year-old Toby recently breezed through her surgery with no complications.
When Toby was in primary school, she had already suffered from a 30 degree scoliosis. Despite being given a brace, Toby could not wear it because of the immense discomfort and pain it brought. But when puberty started, Toby’s scoliosis advanced to 58 degrees, seriously affecting her everyday life. This was when Toby’s parents decided to let Toby undergo spinal fusion at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road.
Making use of computer navigation and neural monitoring technology, orthopaedic consultant Dr. Mak Kin Cheung successfully and accurately fused screws to Toby’s spine during the 7-hour long surgery. Toby was discharged 4 days later and she was able to walk slowly a week after. She now receives regular physiotherapy treatments and is on the road to recovery. 
If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at (852) 3651 8629 for more details. Our team of medical experts is happy to provide diagnosis and treatment plans that are most suited to your needs.

如有任何疑慮,可與本院作進一步查詢 (852) 3651 8629,我們的醫護團隊樂於助您作出診斷及制訂最合適的治療方案。
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Candida auris, the first global fungal MDRO and the use of MALDI-TOF - how technology in Hong Kong Adventist Hospital can make a difference
耳念珠菌—全球第一種多重抗藥性菌種及MALDI-TOF檢驗新方法 香港港安醫院的醫療新科技

Prof. Seto Wing Hong 司徒永康教授

The health crisis of Candida auris and an outbreak at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).
Candida auris was first described in Japan in 2009. It is of concern because this fungus is resistant to most of the common antifungal medications. When it was first identified in Japan, it was a relatively minor problem, causing only localised ear infections. However in recent years, Candida auris has been reported to be a major problem in USA, accumulating over 700 cases, all of which involving all kinds of infections andsome strains are resistant to all antifungal medications. Both Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC USA) and World Health Organization (WHO) have recommended contact isolation for patients who are infected or colonised with this fungus.
The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) has recently reported a large outbreak of 16 cases related to PMH (as of 12th August 2019), from in-patients who have been in the hospital since May, both in the ICU and the rest in other wards. This is a big concern because Candida auris is indeed a Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (MDRO) and appropriate infection control and preventive measures must be taken.

What is the new technology of the MALDI-TOF?
One of the most dramatic advance for the microbiology laboratory is the MALDI-TOF for which K. Tanaka, the inventor was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2002.  The MALDI-TOF is the acronym for the technical name of technique, which is Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-Of-Flight. For simplicity, it is often called MS which stands for Mass Spectrometry. It is an innovative technology that will forever eliminate the need for many identification tests in the Microbiology laboratory. In brief, the biological material is hit by a laser beam that will convert it to molecules with charges. The MS simply analyses these molecules and within an hour, organism will be identified to the species level. In the near future, it will even be able to detect antibiotics sensitivity and bio-typing at the same time.
The Hong Kong Adventist Hospital has installed this machine in the laboratory since September 2015. Today, this machine is only available in the most advanced hospitals in the territory. It is extremely useful for rapid identification of microorganisms and enables >70% of the routine microbiology reports to be completed earlier by 2 days of the turnover time, in comparison to 4-6 days before using the MALDI.
Why the MALDI-TOF makes a key difference?
Candida has many species and identification is difficult and slow, often requiring 2-3 days. The common ones such as Candida albicans can frequently be identified, but for others including Candida auris, they are usually reported simply as “Candida species”. However, with the help of MALDI-TOF, Candida auris can be accurately identified within an hour. To ensure the accurate identification of Candida auris, the computer database has to be updated to the relevant version (i.e. Saramis Ver. 4.14 or equivalent) and this is already installed in the laboratory of Adventist Hospital. Even since September 2015, the HKAH laboratory has been using the machine to identify Candida auris to the species level. This is how technology can make a difference and it was already implemented in the hospital well before the PMH outbreak. If Candida auris was isolated at the Adventist Hospital, it would be identified and the case would be alerted for Infection Control to take further action.
With the outbreak progressing in PMH, all patients admitted to HKAH-SR in the last month will be screened for Candida auris. The MALTI-TOF is definitely the most reliable and without doubt the most rapid method for the identification of this organism. Indeed technology, at the right time for the right situation can make a difference.
微生物實驗室近年最引人注目的醫療科技進步之一,非由2002年諾貝爾獎得獎者田中耕一所研發的MALDI-TOF莫屬。MALDI-TOF的英文全名為Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-Of-Flight,常被簡稱為MS(Mass Spectrometry),是一種創新的科技,能快速識別微生物品種,從而取代在鑑定微生物時所需進行的繁複測試。簡單來說,MALDI-TOF能利用激光把所需鑑定的生物材料轉化成帶電荷的分子,然後進行分析,從而得知微生物的品種,整個過程大約需時一小時。在不久的將來,MALDI-TOF甚至可以同時檢測微生物的抗藥性和生物分型。 
念珠菌屬有不同的品種,而要正確識別每一項品種有若干的難度,而且往往需時甚久,常需要2-3天才有報告結果。常見的白色念珠菌較易識別,但其他的種類包括耳念珠菌,常只被分類為「念珠菌屬」。但MALDI-TOF能在1小時內識別耳念珠菌。為了提高識別的準確度,MALDI-TOF儀器需要更新至相關的版本(如Saramis Ver. 4.14 或同等的版本),而香港港安醫院的MALDI-TOF儀器亦已更新至同樣的版本。自2015年9月開始,香港港安醫院便已運用MALDI-TOF來識別耳念珠菌,比起瑪嘉烈醫院耳念珠菌爆發事件來得要早。若耳念珠菌事件發生在港安醫院,相信在很短的時間內便能被識別,同時醫院能及早通知香港衞生防護中心作進一步的行動。

Summer NEWSTART Camp Teaches Kids to Live Healthy
暑期新起點營 助孩子建立健康生活模式

Organized by the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation’s Healthy Lifestyle Fund and sponsored by Friends of Asia Hong Kong, the Summer NEWSTART Camp was successfully held at the Solar Tower Camp at Noah’s Ark from July 14 to 16. 
Hosted in collaboration with the YWCA, the camp saw the participation of 19 children aged between 8 and 12. A graduation ceremony on July 16 included both children and parents, and even featured special guests: new celebrity parents Ruco Chan Chin Pang and Phoebe Sin Man Yau, who handed out certificates to participants alongside Chairman of the Healthy Lifestyle Fund, Ms Juliana Lam, and CEO of Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, Mr Alex Lan. Following the ceremony, children, parents, and guests enjoyed a wonderful evening together and feasted on a delicious vegetarian buffet prepared by our hospital chef and culinary team.     
The Summer NEWSTART Camp was led by professional instructors, who taught participating children how to kick-start a healthy lifestyle through a series of tailor-made health education activities such as healthy living classes, interactive cooking sessions, nature tours, and outdoor adventures. By learning about how to foster their physical and mental development and boost their resilience, campers were encouraged to take charge of their future by safeguarding their own health and well-being.      


I am Healthy” Campaign
「我就是健康 I am Healthy (IMH)」

In order to raise funds and promote healthy living, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation’s (HKAHF) Healthy Lifestyle Fund launched the “I am Healthy” (IMH) campaign this year. Through a series of health promotion activities and large-scale fundraising initiatives, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of disease prevention and adopting a healthy lifestyle.    
The IMH campaign officially kick started in June and is currently recruiting schools, organizations, and the public to participate in various events such as “Walk to Give”, “Draw to Give”, and “Post to Give”. Through goal-oriented activities, the IMH campaign is designed to not only raise money for the Healthy Lifestyle Fund but also to inspire and guide participants in their journey towards healthy living and disease prevention, with the hope of eventually reducing the pressure on both public and private healthcare systems in the long run.    
There will be a celebration gala dinner and award ceremony on November 28 (Thursday) at Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel which recognitions will be given to participating schools and winning students.. We invite all friends of HKAHF to show their support through donations or by purchasing a table for the gala dinner.    
All proceeds from the IMH campaign will be used to fund health and simple screenings for financially disadvantaged families and elderly, as well as healthy lifestyle camps, health talks, and healthy gift packs for underserved children.    
We also welcome the support from corporate and partner with us to promote healthy living to the public by becoming sponsors of the IMH campaign    
For more details regarding the campaign and donation, please visit the IMH campaign webpage or call 2276 7130, or email

港安醫院慈善基金轄下的「健康生活基金」為籌募經費及推廣健康生活理念,本年度將首次舉辦名為「我就是健康I am Healthy (IMH)」之主題籌款活動,是次活動目標是希望透過一系列社區健康宣傳及大型籌款活動,提升大眾關注對預防疾病及實踐健康生活模式之重要性。    
健康生活基金將於本年11月28日(星期四) 晚上於香港海洋公園萬豪酒店舉行「我就是健康I am Healthy (IMH)」籌款晚宴暨頒獎典禮,表揚參與的學校及獲獎的學生,我們亦誠意邀請的各界朋友,踴躍認購晚宴筵席及捐款。    
此外,我們亦歡迎各有心企業/善長成為「我就是健康I am Healthy (IMH)」活動贊助伙伴,與基金攜手合作,共同推廣健康生活理念。    
如欲查詢詳情及捐款,請即登入活動網頁或致電2276 7130 或電郵至 查詢。
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