All-New Website Offers Improved User Experience
全新網站 煥然一新 為市民提供更方便的瀏覽體驗

On April 11, the Hospital officially unveiled its revamped website, designed in line with the latest technological trends to better cater to the needs of the public. The website includes newly added functions that support appointment booking, enabling users to quickly and easily make appointments and enquiries, thereby streamlining the medical consultation process. The new website also features a wider collection of articles and videos focusing on various conditions and diseases, which encourages patients and visitors to increase their awareness of health and wellness topics through a verified source of medical information. The entire website is designed to be user-centered with the aim of facilitating quick access to information via a more personalized, interactive user experience.

Three Key Improvements:
  1. Patient-centered appointment booking system: The new interface includes shortcuts to some of the most commonly used functions (such as: search, appointment booking, and doctors) and places them front and center, allowing users to easily find what they need at a glance or quickly make an appointment.
  2. Enhanced search engine ranking: Through changes made to website settings, content, and format, internet users are now more likely to be directed to the Hospital’s website via search engines such as Google and Yahoo, increasing web traffic on the Hospital website.
  3. Simple, user-friendly design: Boasting soft colors and a dynamic design, the new website also caters to the browsing experience of both computer and smartphone users, with articles, charts, promotional leaflets, and pricelists displayed in a way that is optimized for the device being used. Viewers may now enjoy hassle-free access to detailed and practical medical information.


  1. 以病人為中心的預約流程:新介面於當眼處置放多個熱門快捷鍵,例如「搜尋」、「預約」、「醫生」等,讓市民一目了然,簡單輕鬆即可進行預約,減省搜尋時間。
  2. 提升搜尋引擎搜索排名 : 通過更改網站設定、文章內容及格式等,令市民可以更容易在Google、Yahoo等搜尋引擎中找到並進入本院網站,提高瀏覽量。
  3. 設計簡單 操作容易:新介面用色溫和,設計靈活,同時兼顧到電腦或手機用户的瀏覽習慣,不論文章、圖表、宣傳單張、價目表等均以適合屏幕顯示的方式排列,讓用戶輕鬆獲取詳盡而實用的醫療資訊。
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Partnering with the Li Ka Shing Foundation to Help More Patients in Need
樂與李嘉誠基金會同行 支援更多有需要病人

Even as the fifth wave gradually eases, the public healthcare system continues to be heavily stretched, causing further delays to non-emergency surgeries. To help alleviate the burden on public hospitals, the Hospital has actively sought to serve patients in urgent need of care referred by the Hospital Authority, so that they may receive the treatment they need as early as possible. Working alongside the Li Ka Shing Foundation, the Hospital has also allocated additional funds to support these patients, with the aim of generating a synergistic effect that will ultimately benefit even more patients and the community at large. At this stage, the Hospital has already confirmed its partnership with the Li Ka Shing Foundation and Hospital Authority, and has begun accepting referrals, freeing up much-needed space in public hospitals for COVID patients.
“Having served Hong Kong for over 50 years, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road remains committed to its mission of “extending the healing ministry of Christ’ by providing quality healthcare to the city’s residents,” said Mr. Alex Lan, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital. “To the extent that our manpower and facilities allow, our Hospital and fellow medical professionals are doing everything we can to help ease the burden on public hospitals and fight the virus together with the public.”
We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the medical staff at this Hospital for their selfless dedication and efforts during this pandemic. A special thank you goes to our doctors, who have actively responded to the needs of the Hospital and its patients by reducing their fees, making possible a host of subsidy programs that enable public hospital patients to receive the treatment they need during these difficult times.
To find out more about the Hospital’s pandemic support efforts and initiatives, please visit the “Fighting the Pandemic Together” page on our website.


“Screening Heart” Cardiac Assessment Package: 20% Limited-Time Discount
至稱心 - 心臟健康評估八折限時優惠

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital - Stubbs Road has recently unveiled a limited-time promotional offer for its “Screening Heart” cardiac assessment package. From now until September 30, interested individuals may enjoy a 20% discount on the package, which includes a cardiopulmonary function assessment conducted by a cardiologist based on results from an exercise stress test (treadmill test), electrocardiogram (ECG), and other examinations. The assessment will enable the doctor to analyze the patient’s risk of heart disease and provide personalized recommendations on how to effectively manage or prevent heart disease.
Enquiries: (852) 3651 8789

本院現推出「至稱心計劃」心臟健康評估限時優惠,由即日起至9月30日,有需要人士可以8折優惠 (港幣$3,900) 進行本計劃之心臟健康評估。本院的心臟專科醫生會結合運動心電圖、靜態心電圖和各項檢查結果,了解心臟和血管狀況,繼而仔細評估患上心臟疾病的風險,及提出個人化的建議,幫助大家更有效地控制和預防心臟病發作。
查詢電話︰(852) 3651 8789

Post-COVID Health Assessment

A COVID-19 infection can affect the body’s organs and cells in different ways even after recovery. At present, over 200 post-COVID-19 symptoms have already been identified, including prolonged cough, excessive phlegm, shortness of breath, chest pain, etc.  In response, the Hospital recently launched a post-COVID health assessment program that helps patients who have recovered from COVID-19 to improve their health and wellbeing and protect themselves against the long-term effects of the disease. The program focuses on the assessment of post-COVID-19 symptoms and also includes checkup results explained by a doctor, a lifestyle improvement plan designed by a lifestyle medicine professional, and personalized tips to strengthen cardiorespiratory fitness provided by a physiotherapist. 
Enquiries: (852) 3651 8624

查詢電話︰(852) 3651 8624

Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ

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