Mrs. Fung Leung Ngan Loi Charity Program

As a response to the growing demand for physiotherapy services, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road (HKAH – SR) is pleased to announce the establishment of the Mrs. Fung Leung Ngan Loi Charity Program, which aims to provide free physiotherapy services to patients in need.
In memory of Ms. Catherine Fung’s late mother, Mrs. Fung Leung Ngan Loi, the Mrs. Fung Leung Ngan Loi Charity Program has donated HK$1 million, which will go towards providing free physiotherapy treatment for about 150 beneficiaries at rehabilitation centers located at either HKAH – SR or Adventist Medical Center – Taikoo Place. Physiotherapy involves the use of physical methods to treat a range of non-communicable diseases, such as sports injuries, stroke, osteoarthritis, cancer, etc., or may be used as a complementary treatment to facilitate recovery.
The establishment of this program was made possible thanks to the generosity of the Fung family, and HKAH – SR is incredibly grateful not only for their sponsorship, but also their willingness to walk alongside the Hospital in its efforts to serve those in need in society. Details of this program will be announced by the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation shortly.
Ms. Fung has also donated an additional HK$500,000 to HKAH – SR for the purchase of a BTL Emsella chair, which trains the pelvic floor muscles to treat various conditions caused by weak pelvic floor muscles, such as urinary incontinence.

同時,馮女士亦捐出港幣$500,000元為香港港安醫院—司徒拔道的復康中心添置BTL Emsella椅子。此儀器乃通過專利技術訓練盆底肌肉,藉此改善因為盆底肌肉較弱所引致的有關症狀,例如尿失禁。
(From left) Ms. Clara Leung, Director of Nursing; Mr. Simon Sim, COO of HKAH - SR; Dr. Eddie Cheung, Chief of Medical Staff; Mrs. Maria Lee; Mr. Alex Lan, CEO and President of Hong Kong Adventist Hospital; Dr. Maurice Leung, Chairman, Board of Governors (Stubbs Road), Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation; Dr. Monty Lee, Vice President of Medical Affairs; and Mr. Philip Mok, Vice Chairman, Board of Governors (Stubbs Road), Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation.
(左起)護理部主管梁寶珍女士、香港港安醫院—司徒拔道首席營運總監沈漢榮先生、醫務行政總監暨醫務總監張蔚賢醫生、善長李黃倩儂女士、香港港安醫院院長 / 行政總裁凌宏寶先生、港安醫院慈善基金司徒拔道理事會主席梁平醫生、醫務副院長李偉明醫生及港安醫院慈善基金司徒拔道理事會副主席莫君逸先生

Donation to Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road

To honor the 50th anniversary of Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road (HKAH – SR), Mrs. Maria Lee has made a generous donation of HK$400,000 to the hospital, exemplifying the wonderful spirit of giving and blessing those in need.
The donation was officially presented in the form of a check to Mr. Alex Lan, CEO and President of Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, on July 20, 2021, and a group photo was taken to mark the occasion.

為慶祝香港港安醫院—司徒拔道成立 50 週年,李黃倩儂女士向醫院慷慨捐出港幣400,000元支持本院發展,發揚為善最樂的精神,將這份喜悅和福氣與有需要人士共同分享。
於2021年 7 月 20 日舉行的捐款儀式上,李黃倩儂女士將支票送予香港港安醫院院長 / 行政總裁凌宏寶先生,並拍攝大合照留念。

Medical Staff Receive #OnigriforLove 

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road (HKAH – SR) staff received a “rice” surprise on July 25, 2021 - 150 onigiris (Japanese rice balls) from the #OnigiriforLove initiative, which were gifted as a show of support for medical workers during the pandemic. As a healthcare facility committed to combatting this pandemic, we would like to thank chef Richard Ekkebus of Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong and the other participating chefs for organizing this meaningful initiative, which brought big smiles to the faces of our hospital staff.  HKAH – SR would also like to thank Cookie Smiles, a local social enterprise that provides jobs for the physically impaired, for linking up various organizations to make this initiative possible. This token of love and support has empowered our staff to continue providing quality medical services to patients while persevering alongside the community in our fight against the virus.

今年7月25日,我們收到突如其來的驚喜!由#OnigiriforLove慈善活動送來150個愛心飯糰,為香港港安醫院—司徒拔道的員工打氣,令同事深受鼓舞!作為一直與全港一起謹守抗疫防線的醫療機構,我們衷心感謝香港文華東方的行政總廚 Richard Ekkebus與其他廚師好友籌辦事次別具意義的活動,為前線人員送上美食。與此同時亦感謝專為殘障人士提供就業機會的社企Cookie Smiles 將各個機構連繫起來,促成這次活動。我們會將這份心意化成動力,繼續為病人帶來更優質的服務體驗,一起抗疫同行。
Hysan Development’s Chief Operating Officer Ricky Lui, and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital’s President/Chief Executive Officer Mr. Alex Lan, as well as Adventist’s Chief Operating Officer Mr. Simon Sim, visited the “Adventist Health x Hysan Vaccination Promotion Centre” at Leighton Centre in Causeway Bay.
希慎興業首席營運總監呂幹威先生,與香港港安醫院院長 / 行政總裁凌宏寶先生和港安醫院首席營運總監沈漢榮先生到訪位於銅鑼灣禮頓中心的「港安醫療 X 希慎疫苗接種推廣中心」。

Adventist Health Partners with Hysan Development Offering 1,000 Free Health Screenings to Underserved Groups and Frontline Employees Promoting Vaccinations for a Healthy Community
港安醫療 X 希慎興業 為弱勢社群和服務業前線人員 提供1,000個免費體檢名額 鼓勵市民接種新冠疫苗 共建安全社區

In the face of the pandemic, Adventist Health’s Adventist Medical Canter (AMC) has partnered with Hysan Development to offer 1,000 free health screenings to underserved groups and frontline employees, so that members of the public may better understand their health condition and the importance of being vaccinated. Regular citizens may also receive health screenings at a discounted price. The program aims to provide support to Hongkongers during this difficult time and reduce the risk of community transmission.

The program is divided into two parts: participants will first receive their health screening at the Adventist Health x Hysan Vaccination Promotion Centre. Medical reports may then be picked up at either AMC – Causeway Bay or AMC – Taikoo Place, where participants will also meet with a doctor. Should they choose to get vaccinated (Sinovac COVID-19 Vaccine (Vero Cell), Inactivated, CoronaVac), they may make an appointment to receive their vaccination at AMC – Taikoo Place or Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road.

Separately, those ineligible for the free program but interested in paying for a pre-COVID vaccination health screening may also undergo an assessment at the Adventist Health x Hysan Vaccination Promotion Centre at a discounted rate.

Adventist Health x Hysan Vaccination Promotion Centre

Address: Shop G07, G/F, Leighton Centre, 77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Opening hours: 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (except Saturdays)
Appointments/Enquiries/WhatsApp: 9316 7110


是次計劃內容分兩部分,身體檢查於港安醫療 X 希慎疫苗接種推廣中心進行。其後,參加者可選擇於兩間分別位於銅鑼灣和太古坊的港安醫療中心領取報告,並與醫生會面。如有意接種科興新型冠狀病毒滅活疫苗(Vero細胞)「克爾來福」,可即時於預約港安醫療中心—太古坊或香港港安醫院—司徒拔道。
另外,有興趣付費接受此身體檢查服務的公眾人士,亦可於港安醫療 X 希慎疫苗接種推廣中心獲取更多有關自己健康狀況的資訊,為接種疫苗做好準備。

港安醫療 X 希慎疫苗接種推廣中心
開放時間:上午9:30至下午6:30 (星期六除外)
預約 / 查詢 /  Whatsapp:9316 7110

Water Vapor Therapy: A New Treatment for BPH/LUTS

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) affects more than half of men aged 60 and above*. With this in mind, the urology team at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road (HKAH – SR) has recently introduced water vapor therapy as part of its services, offering a safe treatment option for patients seeking relief from lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), such as frequent urination or increased frequency of urination.
Water vapor therapy is a minimally invasive procedure where a special instrument is inserted through the urethra and releases water vapor throughout the targeted prostate tissue to remove excess tissue. Over time, the prostate will shrink, allowing the patient to gradually experience symptom relief and return to normal urination. The procedure is performed with light anesthesia and is relatively quick. Most patients are discharged within 24 hours of the procedure, and may experience symptom relief as soon as two weeks, with the best results often occurring within three months. Water vapor therapy is FDA-approved as a treatment for BPH. Interested patients should consult a urologist to determine their suitability for this treatment.
HKAH – SR’s urology team, comprising experienced doctors and attentive nurses, provides professional and personalized medical services.  Our specialists are experienced in the treatment of urological conditions as well as minimally invasive urological surgery, the latter of which involves smaller incisions and a lower risk of complications, enabling patients to recover faster and with less pain and discomfort.
*Information from the Centre for Health Protection (Hong Kong)

良性前列腺增生又稱前列腺肥大,影響逾半數年屆 60 歲以上男士(註一)。香港港安醫院—司徒拔道的泌尿外科專科服務團隊最近引入了水蒸氣療法,為患者提供多一個安全的選擇,幫助減輕因為良性前列腺增生而導致的下尿路症狀,例如尿頻和小便次數增加等。

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