Establishing Colorectal Health Center to safeguard the colorectal health
成立大腸健康中心 守護腸道健康

Colorectal cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in Hong Kong. As a response, we establish Colorectal Health Center, a dedicated facility equipped with the latest technologies and committed to protecting the health of the community with a focus on colorectal cancer. The Center’s newly launched three-part colorectal cancer care package is highly flexible, patient-focused, and transparent in terms of fees and charges. From prevention and examination to treatment and rehabilitation, the Center covers all areas of cancer care and provides a comprehensive range of services that target colorectal health, including colonoscopies, specialist consultations, pathology laboratory services, surgery, diagnostic and therapeutic radiology, rehabilitation services, and dietetic consultations.
大腸癌位列香港癌症首位,腸道健康對每個人至關重要。香港港安特意設立大腸健康中心 ,配備精密先進的測試儀器,致力維護大家的腸道健康。並將推出彈性極高的「腸癌防護3部曲套餐」,提供從預防、檢查、治療到復康一站式專科服務,包括腸鏡、専科診症、病理化驗、手術、放射診斷及治療、復康服務及營養諮詢等,全面照顧病人的腸臟健康。    

New Clinical Laboratory and Pathology Service

We are pleased to announce that our Clinical Laboratory and Pathology will be extended. The new enhancements translate into further benefits and improvements in our pathology services for patients including:
  • Independent Phlebotomy Room
  • Enhanced Histopathology service including on-site frozen section
  • Extended Microbiology Lab
  • Molecular DNA testing
Should you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact the Clinical Laboratory and Pathology on (852) 2835 0534.
如有任何疑問,請致電 2835 0534與病理化驗中心聯繫。

Foundation's Second Care Date
港安Care Date˙「糉」是關愛順利舉行

Foundation's Second Care Date & press conference 港安Care Date˙「糉」是關愛 was successfully held at HKAH-TW on Jun 3. This time, 25 underprivileged families from J Life Foundation participated in the event .  In order to express our care for the underprivileged, Hospital gave out vegetarian rice dumplings, fresh fruits, umbrellas to them while Healthy Lifestyle Fund gave out T-shirts & booklets to the children. Health Educator guided participants to do exercise for muscle strengthening and also played ball games with the children. It was a joyful afternoon filled with fun & laughter !
香港港安Care Date˙「糉」是關愛 於6月3日於香港港安醫院-荃灣順利舉行。活動上嘉賓向25個基層家庭示範制作健康有營的端午素糉,並由健康教育導師同一眾學童同義工隊拋氣球同單腳站立,鍛鍊身體核心和腿部肌肉。最後大會亦準備了禮品包送贈予每個家庭,包括長柄煲、乾果、茶花籽油、水瓶和圍裙及新鮮水果、雨傘和素糉,滿載而歸,樂也融融!        
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5thAnnual Women of Hope (WOH) Awards Luncheon
第五屆Women of Hope頒獎禮暨週年午宴    

The 5thAnnual Women of Hope (WOH) Awards Fundraiser Luncheon, a campaign created by the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation (HKAHF) was held on Friday, 18 May 2018 at the JW Marriott Hotel. Over 400 guests, sponsors and event partners celebrated the achievements of eight inspirational women from different industries who were chosen by online public voting. Apart from the awards presentations, the attendees also witnessed moving testimonials of cancer patients and made on-site pledges in support of HKAHF’s Cancer Fund. Over HK$5 million in donations were raised to help the underprivileged in Hong Kong who do not have financial means and immediate access to care.

由港安醫院慈善基金創辦的第五屆Women of Hope頒獎禮暨週年午宴已於2018年5月18日(星期五)假JW萬豪酒店舉行。超過400位賓客、贊助者及活動伙伴一同見證祝賀由網上公眾投票選出、來自不同行業的8位傑出女性奪得殊榮。除了頒獎典禮外,出席嘉賓有機會親聽癌症患者述說感人故事,當晚共籌得超過五百萬的善款,幫助本港有經濟困難而無法得到適時護理的貧困病者接受檢查或治療。

A singing section by Hong Kong Adventist College

Students from Hong Kong Adventist College came to our hospital for a singing section before Chinese Lunar New Year. By listening the beautiful melody and , the visitors and patients are embraced by a blessed atmosphere.


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