Prioritize critical patients at 24/7 Urgent Care Services
24/7急診服務 優先處理危急病人

With the rapid increase of medical technology to aid ageing population, so too has public expectations increased for medical services, including the demand for emergency services. In line with this public need, our one-stop Urgent Care Services operate ceaselessly throughout the entire year, and do not require prior appointments. Here, patients can expect professional and reliable service in a timely manner. Upon arrival, specialists of emergency medicine will promptly identify the root causes of a patient’s discomfort, before directing them to other specialists for follow-up, ensuring that the most severe cases are given priority.

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What are the Functions of a Scrub Nurse in the Operating Room?

Many surgical procedures, both major and minor, take place in the operating rooms daily. Hence, to avoid bacterial infection, it is paramount that the operating room be as aseptic as possible, and that all surgical tools be disinfected and sterilized. Thus, in order to maintain these high standards of hygiene, nurses in the operating room are divided into two groups: circulating and scrub nurses.

Scrub nurses are those who assist the surgeon during the operation. Not only do they need to wear sterile protective clothing and gloves, they also need to be very familiar with the different surgical procedures. Furthermore, as surgical instruments are only accessible to scrub nurses, they need to remember the name of every surgical tool, even though some of them may look quite similar! Moreover, they will need to check the number of surgical instruments after operations to ensure that none of them is left in the patient’s body. All in all, scrub nurses have an incredibly meaningful role in saving lives.

手術室每日需要進行大大小小的手術,是個非常注重衛生的地方。要確保手術室能夠盡量處於無菌狀態,避免病人受細菌感染,任何手術工具都需經過消毒及不可任意碰觸,因此手術室護士亦分為擦手護士(scrub nurse)和流動護士(circulating nurse)


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