Meeting The Needs Of Patients With Our Guest Relations Service

Our Guest Relations department has been successfully launched, complementing clinical care with heartfelt services in line with our Total Health philosophy. With a singular focus on enhancing patient experience, our Guest Relations department will promptly and proactively offer services ranging from escort and transport assistance. By establishing a mutual relationship with patients, exercising keen attention to unspoken needs, and engaging in heartfelt service, we hope patients will not only feel comfortable during their stay, but feel at home.  


What do Clinical Engineers do?

Have you ever stopped to think about the piece of hospital equipment used by nurses and doctors to assess or treat your condition, and wondered whether the equipment is routinely maintained by a group of qualified engineers and technicians? 

Clinical engineers work to ensure that medical equipment in hospitals meet the required quality and safety standards to provide a safe environment for all front-line staff, patients, and their family members within the hospital setting.

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Cross-Allergy between NSAIDs

There have been cases of patients with known allergy history of aspirin or other Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), who developed allergic reactions with other NSAIDs prescribed. The type of NSAID reaction (i.e., pseudoallergic or allergic) determines the possible management options. To prevent cross-allergy, healthcare professionals should always review the patients’ allergy history before prescribing NSAIDs.

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Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ

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