Adventist Mission Trip to Cambodia

At Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, we believe that there is no boundary when it comes to helping others. And recently, we extended the healing ministry of Christ by visiting patients in Cambodia.

Our teams of dedicated and compassionate medical doctor, healthcare team and volunteers attended to more than 600 patients over 3 days and organized Kids Club events for around 600 children there. To cope with the overwhelming demand for proper healthcare there, we had also set up health talks to promote health education. The locals were very grateful for the medical assistance, and are excited for the future as they can incorporate what they've learned to their daily lives.


香港港安醫院堅信助人無分界限。早前,我們的熱心醫護團隊包括醫生、醫護人員和義工團隊 遠赴柬埔寨舉行醫療短宣,以延續基督的醫治大能。在短短三日內,我們合共為逾 600 位當 地病人會診,同時亦為近 600 名小童舉辦兒童活動,以傳播正確的醫療常識。另外,因應當 地對於醫療有逼切的需求,我們亦舉辦了不少講座,以宣揚健康教育信息。當地居民對於是次 醫療援助表示感謝,並會把學習到的醫療常識應用到日常生活中,因此對未來充滿盼望。

Introducing Our All-New Shoulder Replacement Packages

In light of the aging population and the growing need for shoulder replacement, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road proudly presents the new packages for shoulder replacement surgery. With the goal of minimizing pain and accelerating recovery, our replacement surgeries have shown superior effectiveness and durability. Patients of all ages were able to quickly regain their mobility and improve their quality of life. During the surgery, the damaged parts of the shoulder are removed and replaced with artificial components. Our dedicated rehabilitation team will then help patients with their speedy recovery. Patients can gradually recover their mobility in about 3-4 weeks and say goodbye to shoulder pain.

鑑於人口老化問題嚴重及肩關節置換需求漸增,香港港安醫院─司徒拔道將推出全新的肩關節 置換術套餐,以迎合大眾的需要。為減低病人在術後的痛楚及加速復原的時間,肩關節置換術 的成效超卓,靈活耐用,不同年齡層的病人均能在短時間內重拾活力,生活質素得以改善。在 手術過程當中,醫生會把受損的關節拿走,並換上人工關節。並由專屬復康團隊跟進,貼心護 理。病人約 3-4 星期後便可以慢慢康復,從此告別肩痛。
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Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ

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