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To welcome the arrival of a new life with peace of mind, a professional and experienced medical team is the strongest support an expectant family can ask for. Here at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road, we are fully prepared to meet the various needs of prospective parents, and can provide a comprehensive set of services and support. Our dedicated employees will go above and beyond to carry out their duties to ensure each patient receives professional care and comfort. Everytime a patient’s appreciation is received, it motivates us to continually pursue the provision of high-quality services to those in need. Overall, we hope to extend the healing ministry of Christ, especially during the epidemic.



Compassionate Offers during COVID-19

In light of these unique times, HKAH-SR is proactively developing compassionate offers to meet the demands of the community during the pandemic. For example, we have launched a Safe Maternity Care Package, which not only offers a discounted rate, but more importantly, offers peace of mind for the patient. For ease of reference, these packages are consolidated on a dedicated new channel for all COVID-19 related offers.

為同心抗疫對抗新冠疫情,本院特意推出一系列限時優惠,務求為大眾提供多一個貼心選擇,一起共度時艱。 以婦產科為例,本院推出「安心抗炎產科優惠套餐」,以相宜的價錢為準媽媽提供一個安心舒適的環境迎接嬰兒出生。 所有與新冠肺炎的相關優惠,可查看以下網址。


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Adventist Medical Center – Taikoo Place Offers Procedures in Hospital-Standard Operation Rooms

Our new and modern Day Procedure Center, operational in Q2 2020, offers safe and fast surgeries that do not require hospitalization. Our two operation theaters are on par with hospital standards, and are capable of carrying out high-quality procedures.
We aim to provide medical care — comprehensive, convenient, and compassionate — and holistically address the needs of patients in different districts.

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Racing Against Time: Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic

Heart attacks can strike anytime, anywhere - patients may become unconscious, without breath or pulse. At this critical juncture, rapid and professional treatment can drastically increase their survival rate.
In 2017, surgical assistant Marco Wan, a non-smoking, non-drinking, healthy young man of 34, was struck by severe chest pains on his way to work at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road. Thanks to the attentive and prompt actions of our Chest Pain Clinic team, effective treatment in the form of a balloon angioplasty operation was efficiently delivered, successfully saving Marco’s life.
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當心臟病病發時,患者可能會不省人事,沒有呼吸及脈搏。在這危急關頭,如能得到快速、專業的治療就能得以增加患者的存活率。 2017年34歲的Marco在本院手術室任職手術室助理,不煙不酒,豈料有天上班途中突然劇烈胸痛,全靠心胸痛急診中心醫護團隊的及時配合,成功以「通波仔」手術拯救Marco一命,令他在短時間內得到專業而有效的救治。

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Joyful@Healthy Workplace Best Practice Award

It’s unsurprising for hardworking Hong Kongers to spend at least one-third of their lives at the workplace. Thus, having a healthy and pleasant working environment is a huge motivation! Here at our hospital, we have been actively promoting good workplace practices, hoping to reduce employee pressure, improve work culture, and boost our community’s overall health.
We are honored to be awarded "Joyful@Healthy Workplace Best Practice" (2019 - 2020) from the Occupational Safety & Health Council for promoting "Healthy Eating", "Physical Activity" and "Mental Well-being". It affirms our outstanding achievements, and motivates us to continue building a safe and healthy working environment to provide better services for people in need.

今年三月,本院榮獲職業安全健康局頒授「好心情@健康工作間大獎(企業/機構組) - 良好機構大獎」,對本院喺「健康飲食」、「體能活動」和「心理健康」三方面嘅表現予以肯定。本院會繼往開來,建構更安全、更健康的工作環境,為有需要人士提供更優質的服務。

Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ

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