Striving for quality service at the frontline - Dr. Ko Hiu Fai’s mission
堅守醫療最前線 –

Doctors in the Accident & Emergency (A&E) department handle life and death cases every day. The exciting and challenging nature of their work is exactly the reason why Dr. Ko Hiu Fai enjoys his work at the frontline. Being one of the very few doctors in Hong Kong who has double fellowships in emergency medicine and intensive care, Dr. Ko thinks the true profession of emergency medicine doctors lies in their ability to make accurate diagnoses in split seconds. He is also an active community service volunteer, enthusiastically sharing first aid knowledge with children and youngsters. In April, Dr. Ko officially joined us at Stubbs Road, dedicated to providing quality service to the general public.

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24/7 Help is always here, whenever needed
無休急診 無需預約 時刻為你

Our newly enhanced 24/7 Urgent Care Services will continue to provide personal and comprehensive services with upgrades to the services this April.
Our hospital endeavours to provide for those in need of immediate medical attention, by delivering to each quality emergency services with efficiency and utmost care.


New Hybrid Cardiac Catheterization and Interventional Operating Room Opening Ceremony

To celebrate our new Hybrid Cardiac Catheterization and Interventional Operating Room officially entering into full operation, our hospital held a humble yet memorable launch ceremony. We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to those who came and took part in this joyous occasion. We would not have had such a grand time without you.


Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ

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