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We have a very special newsletter this week featuring our newest project from Darrington Press --Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn AND a mini-interview with Exandria Unlimited’s Anjali Bhimani. Let's get right into it! 
Cover Art by Genel Jumalon
Step into our world with Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn from Darrington Press! Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn was written by our very own Matthew Mercer along with Hannah Rose and James Haeck and greatly expands upon the original campaign setting released in 2017. This amazing tome contains 4 new subclasses, stunning new art, mysterious magical items, and a slew of other surprises. Keep an eye out for its arrival in late 2021/early 2022 at Critical Role shops (USUKCA, and AU), Darrington Press Guild stores, and other friendly local game stores. 

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We are so grateful to welcome the fantastic Anjali Bhimani to the cast of Exandria Unlimited as the flame-wielding warrior Fy’ra Rai. To celebrate her arrival we put together a few questions to help you get to know the brilliant mind behind this mysterious monk. So, take it away Anjali!
Q: What was your main inspiration for your character Fy’ra Rai?
A: I wanted her to be someone who was from somewhere far far away and wasn’t really OF any place on Exandria…which is part of why her accent is a combination of several different ones from different lands. I wanted her to be aspirational - someone who had traits that I would hope I would have in the same situation, and maybe traits that I do see in myself but magnified. For her basic build, I’m rather obsessed with the monk class - probably because I just wanna be able to do what they do in real life - "dope monk shit” as one might say - and I had played a fire genasi character for a charity event during the pandemic and thought it would be a wonderful combination. However she is so vastly different in every other way from that previous character, and I’m really happy with how she fits into this gang and their delicious chaotic energy. 
Q: Which character in Exandria Unlimited do you think would be the best roommate and why?
A: Oh, CLEARLY Orym. He’s quiet, respectful, honest, accommodating, and like me, doesn’t take up a lot of space. Plus, you KNOW if he ate even a bite of something I bought he would replace it. He also seems like the guy who would know the right thing to do in a handyman crisis. Not to mention if someone broke in late at night, little murder man would SO be on the case before I even woke up. 
Q: What are your top 3 most-watched YouTube channels?
A: Hmm, I’m mostly a podcast girl, but for YouTube probably Andrew Huberman - he’s a neuroscientist and I geek out so much on that stuff. And I love Brie Larson and all of her workout videos. I think she’s freaking adorable, wildly talented, approachable, AND a physical badass. My favorite relaxation MP3 isn’t on YouTube, it’s just on the internet, but it’s called Relaxing by David Rowan and it has SAVED me for years when I need to feel like I’ve had 4 extra hours of sleep in 25 mins.
Q: What advice would you give to your younger self?
A: Stop spending your energy focusing on and lamenting all the things you aren’t and lean into all the things you are. The very things you think are going to keep you from love and success are the things that will bring more of those two things to you in the future, once you lean into who you are. Also, NEVER stop stretching. Everything starts to ache if you do. Flexibility is way harder to get back than to maintain. Plus, since you (meaning ME) want to be as badass as Fy’ra Rai well into your 90’s, your joints and connective tissue need that love! 

We cannot wait for the wonderful and thoughtful stories Anjali has in store with Fy'ra Rai and the rest of the Exandria Unlimited crew. Get to know her even better by checking out her Instagram Takeover happening RIGHT NOW on our account! 
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