LIFE CLIMARK - Newsletter n. 4 - September 2022
8 pilot tests are launched
Serra de Collserona
AFG de les Arenes
The pilot tests planned in the LIFE CLIMARK should allow us to evaluate each of the implementation phases of the future climate credits market, with a view to its eventual launch in 2023. The suitability of the planned forestry actions is assessed, from the methodology for calculating its impact and for calculating the climate credits generated. We work with the different actors involved in each territory to specify the organization of the entire process, from the proposal of the forestry project to its effective financing and subsequant certification.

There are currently 8 pilot tests under way, in eight areas with different evironmental and socio-economic contexts. The following five, which are at a more advanced stage, are worth highlighting:

Serra de Collserola - AFG de les Arenes - Conca del Segre-Rialb - Serra de Miralles-Orpinell - Vall de Lord

Three other pilot tests are progressing well in the Garrotxa region and in the Muga Valley, while work is under way to replicate a possible climate credit market in the Veneto region of Italy.

Methodology for calculating the impact of forest management on ecosystem services: carbon, water and biodiversity

This publication establishes a methodology for calculating the impact of multifunctional forest management on three key factors of climate change mitigation and adaptation in the Mediterranean: carbon, water and biodiversity. In this first version, the impact of the management on the carbon balance has been obtained for the main conifers of Catalonia, the white pine, the red pine and the pinassa, and for the oak. The impact of management on water resources (blue water) incorporates the calculation for the set of formations as well as the integration of biodiversity, which is accounted for all types of forest management and formation.

Methodology for calculating the impact of forest management on ecosystem services: carbon, water and biodiversity

Sant Francesc forestry day
October 4, 2022

(Caldes de Montbui - Castellar del Vallès)

The forestry day is part of the LIFE CLIMARK project, whose main objective is to promote multifunctional forest management through the creation of a voluntary market for climate credits.

We are commited to a nature-based solution for climate change mitigation and to group, participatory and climate-smart management to obtain more resilient landscapes. With the climate credits we aim to finance the management of forests for the provision of three ecosystem services: carbon, fixation, water provision and the improvement of biodiversity.

The forestry day consists of two parts: a session in the auditorium, where professionals in the field will explain how climate credits are obtained, the design of the market and a second session in the field, where the results of the implementation of eight tests will be announced pilot throughout the territory.

Registration deadline: September 26

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