“You have to chase your dreams, no matter what. The impossible just takes a little longer.
One stroke at a time, one step at a time, the impossible is easy to achieve.” – Tori Murden
May - June 2019
Dear friends, sponsors, partners and colleagues

Thank you all for continually trusting in our projects and supporting them. We cannot do it alone and together we can make a small difference in someone’s life.
Please find below a quick update on some of the projects Gondwana Care Trust assisted in the past few weeks. We will try to summarise as much as we can, so please do not hesitate to contact us via email (dginiv(at) for further details on any of the following projects.
It is always so difficult to keep it short regarding feedback on the amazing work these incredible associations or/and individuals achieve everyday for their community and children...
We are always looking at new projects and extend some assistance when needed. The aim is not to create a dependancy but empower the individual to carry on with the project in a sustainable manner.
Assistance comes in many forms. We are extremely blessed to have business partners who have extended their generosity towards our projects.

Ann Pads: Washable Hygienic pads for youth in rural areas

Project Co-ordinator: Hermine Bertolini
+264 812878516
In the past, we have already assisted in the distribution of the washable pads to rural areas and especially to young teens who could not afford the disposable hygienic pads. This topic is easily avoided for obvious reasons and sometimes it is even considered a taboo to discuss menstruation in certain areas of Namibia.
Menstruation is a fact of life and is part of every girl‘s, teen‘s, woman’s life and too many are deprived of education as they cannot attend school due to menstruation. About 25% of the curriculum is lost at the end of the year! In more and more rural areas, the alternative of using the hormonal injection to avoid bleeding is used as it is free in most clinics. I cannot underline enough the negative effect for a young girl to use hormonal injection as a use to avoid menstruation! During my last visit to the Northern part of Namibia, too many young girls (as young as 12 years old) are using the injection and the lack of education on the topic is frightening.
Ms Bertolini has visited several schools and is advocating the use of the washable pads against the contraceptive injection, if the latter is not needed for unwanted pregnancy.

In April, the Gondwana Care Trust sponsored 100 Pads to the total value of N$12,000.00, which were distributed amongst Dr Frans Aupa Indongo Primary School (40 packets) and Mountain View High School (60 packets).
Ann Pads is organising an outreach to the Zambezi Region and is looking for further support. After we enquired with the School Life-skills teachers on the real need for the washable pads... 300 girls are still in need opposed to 400 using the injections. Gondwana Care Trust is sponsoring 150 Pads, total value N$18,000.00.
Please do not hesitate in contacting me or Hermine directly if you want to assist in the outreach programme. Thank you.

Mammadu – Katutura 

Project Coordinator: Ms Agnes Albrecht Röhm 
Ms Agnes Albrecht Röhm - agnes(at)  
Mammadu Trust -       

Please visit their website for more information on how to assist Mammadu and the children in Katutura. From a warm meal to assistance for their homework, the centre is doing so much for the children but also their mothers in giving them the opportunity to create goods from recycled plastic and other materials.
As last year, Mammadu participated in the Green Market Café in Windhoek to raise funds for the centre. Gondwana Care Trust sponsored the ingredients for the stand to the value of N$3,275.00. This year Mammadu made a turnover of over N$10,000.00 and a profit of over N$8,000.00. A big success.
Well done Mammadu and the children who participated in the event!

Gondwana Care Trust is also sponsoring the feeding programme at Mammadu through the donation of meat, twice a month so the children can receive a daily warm meal. Mammadu has been effectively using the meat to create a varied menu for the children.
Thank you for the feedback and your support towards the welfare of the children.

Delta Primary School – Hostel Children

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Chanel Richter

Ms Chanel Richter is co-ordinating the project and she was raising funds to get a few much needed new matresses for the children staying in the hostel. Many of the children do not have funds and barely manage to pay their monthly fee for the school and hostel.
The school is a government school and as many schools do not receive enough funds to properly manage the school maintenance. The girl‘s hostel was without hot water for over a year and the second level of the boy hostel is still without water! None of the lavatories are working and the boys need to use the ground floor bathroom.
The overall state of the hostel is sad and the matresses are very old and totally worn out!
The hostel is supposed to welcome even more children next year even though there is no water for the boys and some of the windows are still broken. Thanks to the Art teachers and other teachers, the girls' dormatories have been decorated so it looks child friendly and homely. The boys' dormatories unfortunately do not have any decorations and looks very sad.

The delivery of food for the children is also minimal and the staff and caretaker often rely on private donations to be able to cook enough food for the children.
It is sad that many schools face the same situation and without awareness from the caretaker and the dedication of few of the parents, the children would not be able to have enough food for the day.
These two pictures below show the rations given the school to feed over 67 children for a week, 3 meals a day plus a snack...
The caretaker said that they do not always get the food delivered on time and sometimes the school is even skipped.
The Gondwana Care Trust decided to assist the hostel with 88 new matresses. Thanks to our partners, Namib Foam for giving us a great discount and Bedding Warehouse Windhoek for their sponsorship of N$10,000.00 towards the matresses! Thank you!
We cannot do it alone and we cannot thank you enough for jumping in immediately and assisting with this project (s. photos on top).
The Gondwana Care Trust will also assist towards the feeding programme of the hostel children by sponsoring groceries on a Adhoc basis. Too many children are staying on a permanent basis at the hostel as it is too far for them to go home on and the parents cannot afford to send food along with the child.
Total value of the donation for the matresses: N$45,540.00

P.A.Y Centre : Physically Active Youth Namibia 

Windhoek, Katutura
Project Coordinator: Ms Thubaelihle Sibanda (Senior Programme Manager)
Ms Ursula Matzopoulos (Programme Manager) 
Cell: +264 81 1279074

The PAY center is situated in Katutura and welcomes children after school for lunch and homework support and sport activities such as cycling, swimming, soccer,  and Chess... Activities are also oragnised over the weekends so the youth can be physically active and remain healthy and away from the streets‘ temptations.
The center receives good sponsorships for some areas and for others, they need assistance to continue the fantastic job they have been doing for the past 15 years, thanks to volunteers who commit to give back to the youth.
The programme has seen great success stories, not only in sport but in academic achievements. Children who enrol for free into the PAY programme follow a strict routine and follow up on their school report provide the ground for the tutors to pinpoint where the child needs to focus during study time.
The number of children at the centre is unbelievable! The energy and structure among all the chaos of all the children trying to get to their class is incredible…. The discipline and focus is so real … it is making such a difference in these children’s lives to be able to get a meal and have support for their homework! Whatever schools they come from, they can join a class for their subject and get support to study for specific tests / exams. This gives them such an opportunity to succeed at school! They have to bring their school reports at the end of the term so the tutors can evaluate where they need more support.
I wish we could have more of these centres in Namibia. Too many children do not have the support to study and drop out of school due to academic failure.

During our last visit to the centre, Gondwana Care Trusts donated 4 Tablets to the IT Class so children can search for information while waiting for a place at the computer table… They do need more of these Tablets or computers! Please contact them if you can assist!!
The centre receives assistance with meat but needs another source of protein and the caretaker is looking for fish to add to the children’s diet.
The centre has a vegetable garden, but it needs some attention again now as the ground needs to be replaced and new seeds planted etc.…. Please if you are willing to assist us in this area, contact me or Ms Ursula directly.
The Gondwana Care Trust is looking at assisting the centre with their feeding programme. Please contact me (dginiv(at) if you want to assist in the MealForTwo programme.
They lacked fish in their diet and of course fruit and veggies. Children get lunch and after homework, they get two sandwiches and a fruit (if they have) to go home. Most of these children do not have food at home so at least the centre provides them with the minimum for dinner.
Each child is registered and if he/she misses classes more than 3 times without explanation, they are out of the program. The centre is free of charge but they demand commitment and discipline from the child.
The Gondwana Care Trust will sponsor groceries to the centre on an Ad hoc basis, until the centre can get sustainable assistance in this area. If you are willing to assist this programme, please contact us or P.A.Y. directly.

Follow up: The Lidar Foundation 

Katutura, Windhoek
Project Co-ordinator:
Ms Serley Khaxas
081 687 1537
Lidar Foundation is a center in the heart of Katatura where many children find themselves living on the street and without an adult’s guidance and protection. Serley opens the center to welcome children and teens who find themselves in difficult situation such as pregnancy, abuse, abandonment, etc. The centre helps the children with a meal during the day, being breakfast before they start school, lunch and early dinner.
The center organizes numerous workshops for young mothers so they can gain some credentials and find employment. The next training will be a course for 6 weeks towards lifeskills and cooking training for the young mothers. To learn the basics of cooking healthy food and understand the difference between starch / protein / carbs etc. To learn how to feed their young children the best way for the child to get the best nutrition with basic ingredients.
Gondwana Care Trusts supports the training program with the dry goods needed. Total Value: N$7,981.43
Pictures to follow in the next newsletter or visit their facebook pages for more information – Lidar Foundation.
The centre has received help from various sponsors but they are still in need of regular sponsorship for hygienic goods for the teens, dry food and educational material for the children who come to study at the center after school.
Thank you to Mr Erno Bertolini from Empower Light for the donation of 24 Rechargeable LED Bulbs to the Center. These amazing Bulbs recharge as they are being used and in case of power failure, the bulb can still provide light as it has charged. This is in aid to reduce the electricity bill at the Centre.
These bulbs are currently available at all Metros and Spars. The bulbs:
1)      Works as a normal LED bulb with electricity but with a 50 000 hour lifespan.
2)      Works with a light switch when the Power cuts and will shine for up to 3 hours, like a torch.
3)      Shines bright by the touch of a hand or when the base is inserted in a small amount of water or wet ground.
4)      Fully rechargeable, built-in lithium battery.
5)      Extreme energy saving.
6)      Eco friendly.
7)      High level of safety and child friendly.
8)      Made from plastic and aluminum.

Thank you Mr Bertholini for the food donated to the Centre.
Gondwana Care Trusts has sponsored the center with starter pack for the children who were starting their second school term – age from 8 to 18. Lidar has a few of their teens enrolled at UNAM in their first and second year. These young ladies are looking for sponsorship especially for their academic fees and accommodation. Most of them live at the center as they have no accommodation otherwise.
GCT sponsored 18 Gondwana bags filled with some stationery and basic hygienic products and cookies and sweets of course…. A small note for each child to encourage them to carry on and to study hard at school!
Total value for the hygienic goods only: N$3,550.92
Please do not hesitate to contact me or Serley if you want to assist the center! They are doing a wonderful job and the children are receiving so much love, care and attention.
Thank you for any donation.


The Project name i : Khaibasen Community Centre
Co-ordinator: Ms Kujandeka & Mr Theron
Contact Detail – Mr Willie Theron – 081 605 66 15
Thanks to Global United and Gee-Om for their continued assistance towards Paulina and the Khaibasen Community center.
This centre welcomes children on a daily basis. A warm meal is prepared and must be consumed at the centre to avoid the child being robbed of his food once back on the street. There is a small crèche at the centre but most of the children are street-kids or the children living off the dumpsite in Okahandja.
Ms Paulina who is in charge of the project is trying to get the children off the street and back to school. This is not an easy task and the first step is to have the child attend basic school and adopt some minimum life skills and stay off the dumpsite where alcohol and drugs are available.
At this stage, they are looking after 64 children through the day care program:
0 – 2 years caring / 3 – 4 years basic learning / 5 – 6 years pre-school
The program is always in need of: Any food : dry food and vegetables and fruits / Chairs / Tables
The Gondwana Care Trusts sponsored the Centre with a fridge so they can keep the fresh veggies and fruits a bit longer. There is power at the center and a freezer. The GCT will also support the centre with some groceries on an Ad hoc basis until the center can get some more assistance towards their feeding program.
Thank you to anyone willing to assist in this worthy project. Paulina needs more support.


Gondwana Care Trusts
081 242 59 00 for more information

Last year we reached a 1 000 children with a bag filled with a basic stationery kit but also with a toy and the basic hygienic set... This year our aim is to double this number!
This year Namibia is experiencing the worst drought in over 50 years and we know that many will suffer the disastrous consequences... therefore the Gondwana Care Trusts has decided to go further with the Xmas Bag and add a basic set for a meal so the family can also enjoy a warm meal together. To reach this goal, we would like to add a can of fish / a can of bully beef or similar and a small bag of pasta or rice or maize.
Thank you to our partners who have jumped in immediately and contributed towards the Xmas Bag prokect – THANK YOU Sea Pride Walvis Bay and THANK YOU Sea works.
We cannot do it alone! Please if you are willing to assist us, contact me or drop off your donation at the Gondwana Collection head office... Please write on your donation your name and email adress so we can add you to the newsletter and XMAS BAG 2019.
What we need towards the Xmas Bags:


Basic stationery set
: Exercise book / set of pen &pencil with ruler, eraser and sharpener / 10 pages plastic folder / crayons or colouring pens and the plastic cover to put it all in.
Basic hygienic set: soap / small Vaseline / toothpaste and toothbrush (all ages needed) / body cream / hand towel / washable hygienic pad if possible (cost N$120.00 @ Ann Pads) / roll on for boys and girls… anything extra is a bonus
Basic extra/toys set: small cars and figurines / small dolls / colouring books / reading books (all ages) / puzzles / educational toys all ages / crayons and clays…. Any small toys for boys and girls and teens… sweets if possible
Basic food set: small bags for every items please so we can pack into the bag or with: pasta / rice / bully beef / oil / sugar / coffee or tea…. Cookies are a bonus and sweets
We will start packing the bags in October in time for the schools Year End Ceremonies in November.
Thank you for sharing this newsletter with friends and partners, without the support we receive from our colleagues, partners in business and our friends, we would not be able to share with so many.
Remember to share a smile is to care and care for another is the first step towards self care.
We have a few more projects lined up, please contact the Trust if you would like more information.
We cannot thank you enough for your support! 
Gondwana Care Trust 
081 242 59 00 
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