“Challenging times call for extraordinary measures and extraordinary beings.
There is no such thing as wasted time when caring and sharing with others.
Care and love will bring light and hope in the darkest times.”
April 2020
Dear friends, sponsors, partners and colleagues

Thank you to all our partners who continually put their trust in and support our projects. We cannot do it alone and together we can make a small difference in someone’s life. 

On 17 March, President Hage Geingob declared a state of emergency. On 24 March 2020, additional measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak have been announced, including a lockdown of the Khomas and Erongo regions from 27 March until 16 April 2020. 

We at the Gondwana Care Trust have been monitoring the situation and have coordinated actions with our “active” recipients in the Meals for Two programme, which are allowed to operate and continue with their feeding programmes. We want to thank you for your commitment and your endless passion and love to continue and care for others in this difficult time.

Please, if you can assist us with any food/hygienic items or cash donations into the Gondwana Care Trust account (Ref: Food relief Covid19) so we can continue delivering to those in need, please contact us at 

Bank Windhoek Limited  
Gondwana Care Trust  
Maerua Mall Branch / 483 872  
Chk – 800 818 44 91 

This newsletter is focusing on the Meals for Two Lockdown emergency plan and any assistance you can extend, will be greatly appreciated. 

We will update you on other projects at a later stage. Thank you once again.


On Wednesday, 25 March 2020, the Trust bought fruits and veggies from the street vendors in Nelson Mandela Avenue. The food was donated to old age homes during the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown, which was also an endeavour to assist the street vendors who might have to close their business during the lockdown or will lose a lot of customers. 

The fruits and veggies were distributed to:

Senior Park in Pioneers Park (160 residents)
Khomas Homeless Development Trust (60 residents)
The Okahandja Old Age Home (44 residents)
and Khaibasen (+/- 100 streets kids), through Mr Willie Theron. 

Additionally, the Gondwana Care Trust has been delivering meat and other dry goods to the Meals for Two recipients who are still open and providing food to their communities. 


Project Coordinator: Ms Anja Rohwer

The DRC, situated in the northeastern part of Swakopmund, was started in 2001 by the local community as a temporary settlement for people, who had no means to buy their own home. A total of 15,000 people are currently living here under the worst conditions on the edge of the rubbish dump outside the town. Many women look for food here to feed their children. 

The project for women was created to enable learning new skills so the women could make a sustainable living and gain independence. 

The Gondwana Care Trust donated food items and clothing items to the DRC project the day before the lockdown so the women were able to collect their parcels.

  • DRC Women’s Project - 15 women x 8 trays x 12 tins = 96 (each women received 6)
  • DRC Soup-kitchen - 120 children x 22 trays x 12 tins = 264 (each child received 2) 
  • Oasa Taradi Trust  WHK - 15 women x 10 trays x 12 tins = 120 ( each women received 8)
  • Orlindi House of Safety WHK - 24 children x 10 trays x 12 = 120  

Some of the needy women of the DRC Women’s project and elderly families in DRC received clothing parcels. Anja was able to make up a total of 30 bags.

The Delight Swakopmund was one of the Gondwana establishment that had to close their doors due to the lockdown of the Erongo region and restriction of movement. The manager Ms Barbara Zahradnicky donated all the milk and cheese that were still in stock  to the DRC Thank you for being so proactive and for your generous contribution. 

Every contribution makes a difference, especially in these particularly difficult times when small entrepreneurs can no longer operate in the street. These individuals are left with nothing at all!


Project Co-ordinator: Mr Willie Theron  
Cell: +264 81 605 66 15 

Through Pastor Willie Theron, the Trust is able to extend a helping hand to the most vulnerable in some parts of the Okahandja district, and particularly through Khaibasen which remains active in order to continue their feeding programme for the street children and those living in the dumpsite. 

Please, once again, any assistance that you can give us so we can continue supporting Paulina and Willie is indeed very much welcomed!! 

Almost 200 kids get to have a meal once a day... We can assure you that all the health precautions and sanitary measures are in place, and only 10 children are allowed at one time.

We are also assisting the Nau Aib Old Age Home with meat and vegetables supplies, as well as sanitary products. There are 44 residents and they cannot shop for themselves, especially in the restricted conditions during lockdown. 

Thank you for any donation you can make!

Nau Aib Old Age Home

Over the last week, The Gondwana Care Trust has continued delivering meat and vegetables to Keetmanshoop and Fish River and other recipients of the Meals for Two programme. 

Here is a summary of some of the deliveries…. 

Please note that we are running out of game meat and any suppliers willing to assist with some kind of protein, please contact us so we can look into a plan of action to join efforts in assisting some of the community.

During lockdown the following recipients will still be able to order and they will receive meat: Huis Maerua, Hope Village, Khaibasen & Heal the Land, El Shaddai, MEGS… 

  • Okahandja Old Age Home (Oom Willie) = 25kg 
  • Children living on Okahandja's dumpsite (Oom Willie) = 25kg 
  • Lidar = 25kg 
  • MEGS = 25kg 
  • Hope Village = 25kg 
  • Huis Maerua = 25kg 
  • Keetmanshoop (Elshaddai) = 25kg
  • Seniorpark = 50kg 

Extra handouts to Senior Park, Grace Project, Khomas Homeless Shelter and Okahandja Old Age Home (Nau Aib Old Age Home) were made during these difficult times. 

We are now trying to assist another association in need of the following items urgently: Help needed, please!!! 

The organisations are: 

MEGS Care for Needy and Elderly People 
Manager: Mrs Diergaardt 
Cell: +264817112200 
Shangia Str 4009 - Khomasdal WHK 

They assist elderly and needy people in Khomasdal and Katatura and are still operating from home by providing them with the essential things needed. They deliver to the homes of the bedridden elderly, and then call on the rest - only 5 at a time - to come collect what they have to hand out. They have +/-45 people that they would like to assist during this time if they receive assistance. 

We’ve worked with them in the past and still provide meat to them, but they now need:

  • 50 x tins of beef 
  • 50 x tins of fish 
  • 50 x 2.5kg macaroni/rice/pasta 
  • 50 x 2.5kg Bread flour 
  • Frozen veggies?
  • Any extra protein? 

Please contact Dgini: if you want to assist, if you are a supplier or if you want to contribute with a cash donation, please use our bank details and reference Aili or MEGS – Thank you. 

Let us fill the empty plates and keep the children healthy!

HANDS OF HOPE - Namibia 

Project Coordinator: Ms Niki Carstens 
Cell: +264 81 660 10 25 

Founded by Niki Carsten in 2013, this project aims to help vulnerable children, orphans, and families in need due to sickness, job loss, shack fires, or poverty. They are based in eight different towns - Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Henties Bay, Uis, Outjo, Okahandja, Windhoek, Lüderitz and Tsumeb. Hands of Hope Namibia consists of 10 volunteers who rely entirely on public donations. 

Please visit their Facebook page for more information to found out more about their needs if you are interested to assist them. They provide families and individuals in need  with much-needed food parcels during the lockdown.  

Please contact Dgini @Gondwana Care Trust or Niki Carsten directly if you can assist Hands of Hope. Thank you. 

Other donations in the form of goods are welcome. Please contact Dgini for further information on how to donate – 

Thank you to all the wonderful individuals for their contributions. Thank you!  

Should you still want to contribute with a cash donation, please find our bank details below.  

Please add your name/food relief as a reference for your contribution.  

Bank Windhoek Limited  
Gondwana Care Trust  
Maerua Mall Branch / 483 872  
Chk – 800 818 44 91 

We have a few more projects lined up, please contact the Trust if you would like more information.
We cannot thank you enough for your support! 
Gondwana Care Trust 
081 242 59 00 
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