To care for others as you would care for yourself is essential to restore dignity and love

in this dark time calling more than ever for care and compassion.

Care to shine for others."

May 2020
Dear friends, sponsors, partners and colleagues

Thank you to all our partners who continually trust and support our projects. We cannot do it alone and together we can make a small difference in someone’s life.
On 17 March 2020, President Hage Geingob declared a state of emergency. On 24 March 2020, the additional measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak were announced. They included a lockdown of the Khomas and Erongo regions from 27 March until 16 April 2020.
The Lockdown was then extended to the whole country until 4 May 2020, which brought distress to many families finding themselves without jobs, income and any basic resources to provide for their children, their family and their elders.
The Gondwana Care Trust has been monitoring the situation and has coordinated actions with our still “active” recipients in the MealForTwo programme, who are allowed to operate and continue with their programmes to provide food. We want to thank you for your commitment and your endless passion and dedication to continue to care for others in this difficult time.

Bank Windhoek Limited 
Gondwana Care Trust 
Maerua Mall Branch / 483 872 
Chk – 800 818 44 91

This newsletter #2, is focusing on the MealForTwo lockdown emergency plan and any assistance you can extend, will be greatly appreciated.
We will update you with the other projects at a later stage. Thank you.
Following our last newsletter on the emergency lockdown food relief, we would like to thank the following sponsors for their contribution in goods, cash and services.
Your contributions made such a difference in enable us to help so many children and families. We cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH!

Cash donation from Sponsors who have asked to remain anonymous & anonymous sponsors:  4 500Nad – Thank you for your kind contribution! Thank you to Ms Silke Ahrens for your continuous support (N$ 2000) and thank you to Mr Engelmann for your contribution towards children (N$5000) that we have utilized to purchase and delivered food items to children in Katutura (Havana district) and Okahandja. Thank you Andre & Ria T. (N$1000), Johan & Wendy Benade (N$5000), U Serrer (N$1000), Kock Family (N$500), Ms Karin Maerki (N$5000), Mirko (N$250) - we are so grateful for your trust and support! Please note that all invoices are available for your viewing.
A huge thank you to a provider who asked to remain anonymous for the donation of 100Kg of Beef meat and 50Kg of sausages! Please accept our most grateful thanks for this most needed donation! We were able to distribute the meat to several associations and children! THANK YOU!

We would like to thank SEA PRIDE for enabling us to order in such short notice and deliver the goods as quickly as possible and provide us with reduced goods as well when possible, thank you to KERCON for fresh vegetables order and your assistance, thank you to AFRICAN MARKETING for your support and donation of extra food items. This is really amazing, thank for your great value goods and delivering the orders.

Finally THANK YOU to our partners in MealForTwo! We cannot do it alone and together we can provide so much more! Bank Windhoek for your continuous support and trust. Thank you to Global United for your generous contribution of N$50 000 towards the MealForTwo Emergency Lockdown Food relief COVID-10.
Finally THANK YOU Capricorn Asset Management for your trust and support in the Gondwana Care Trust and you sponsorship of N$150 000 to enable us to continue our assistance towards the community and its sustainable development. We cannot do it alone and without support from partners such as Capricorn Asset management, we are limited in our action. We cannot thank you enough!

These are difficult time for all businesses and we are so grateful to our sponsors to still contribute and assist us in this life saving program! Any other sponsors willing to assist us with goods, food items or hygienic goods, please do not hesitate in contacting us at
Gondwana Care Trust MealForTwo lockdown emergency food supplies   

These are difficult times for all businesses and we are so grateful to our sponsors who remain dedicated to contribute and assist us in this programme. Any other sponsors willing to assist us with goods, food items or hygienic products, please do not hesitate in contacting us at

Gondwana Care Trust MealForTwo Lockdown emergency food supplies  


Project Co-ordinator: Mr Willie Theron

Cell: +264 81 605 66 15


Through Pastor Willie Theron, the Trust is able to extend a helping hand to the most vulnerable in some parts of the Okahandja district and most particularly through Khaibasen which remains active in order to continue providing food for the street children. We would like to appeal to you once again, since any assistance that you can provide us to ensure that we continue supporting Paulina and Willie is welcomed.

Since our last newsletter, we have continued delivering food to Heal the Land, Light of Hope, Khabaisen, and Nau Aib old age home in Okahandja. We have also been able to increase some of the deliveries. Over the last period, 500 children have received a meal once a day. All the health precautions and sanitary measures are in place and only ten children are provided with food at a time.

The line is getting longer every week with more children in need of a meal to survive the day.

Thirty families in need also received food parcels, each providing for six to eight members. Nau Aib managed to serve over 352 meals and 88 snacks. We thank you on behalf of the 44 residents who are unable to shop for themselves, especially due to the lockdown conditions. 

Thank you for your donations. Thank you to Damara Mopane Lodge for the excess vegetables they have sent to Okahandja. This was greatly appreciated and received by everyone with joyous hearts.


Nau Aib Old Age Home

Over the last week, The Gondwana Care Trust has continued delivering meat and vegetables to Keetmanshoop and Fish River as well as other recipients of the MealForTwo programme.

Thank you to the Gondwana Canyon Collection for delivering meat and vegetables to El Shaddai Soup Kitchen, so that they can continue serving warm meals to over 200 individuals in need.

Please note that we are running out of game meat and any suppliers willing to assist, please contact us so we can devise a plan of action to co-ordinate efforts in assisting the community.

Delivery for Seniorspark – Old Age home – 160 residents – Windhoek

Project co-ordinator: Ms Riana Maasdorp 

The Grace Project is a non-profit, community-based project which reaches out to the marginalized in different communities throughout Namibia, by contributing towards their basic livelihood as well as attending to their psychosocial needs. The Grace Project strives to provide the necessities such as food, clothes, blankets, etc., while also providing social welfare services such as counseling and referrals, to needy individuals.


The Grace Project also distributes food packages to the families, especially pensioners on a monthly basis. Currently about 170 households, which have been identified by board members as well as people in the community, benefit from this aid. Because of the support from all our sponsors, we were able to assist Grace Organisation with groceries and basic necessities. They delivered and handed over food parcels over a few days and on the last day, they assisted 170 families.

MEGS Care for Needy and Elderly People

Manager: Mrs Diergaardt
Cell: +264817112200
Shangia Str 4009 - Khomasdal WHK


This organisation assists elderly and needy people in Khomasdal and Katatura, by providing them with essential goods.

They deliver to the homes of the elderly who are bedridden, and then allow the others they support, five at a time to come collect what they can hand out.

They have about 45 people that they would like to assist during this time if they receive the necessary assistance.


65 elderly and needy people with food hampers over the Easter weekend. The food hamper consisted of: 3kg macaroni / 1kg rice / 2.5kg bread flower / 1 toilet paper

A can of tuna fish / Bag of frozen vegetables / Small bottle of hand sanitizer / Small packet of meat. MEGS also added: 1kg maize meal & 1l fresh milk, sponsored by Namib mills and Namdairies.


Thanks to the last newsletter, we received donations to sponsor MEGS with groceries to the value of just under N$11 000.00 and they were able to assist almost 100 elderly with food parcels, following this.

MAD (Make a Difference Charity)Tsumeb                                          

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Violet E Witbeen
Cell: +264 81 660 10 25

Based in Tsumeb, MAD aims at assisting the youth of Tsumeb to develop skills and enable them to find employment in various industries. They look after 28 families on a regular basis which mostly consist of disabled youth and elderly members, some of whom are visually impaired or sick. They live in the Kuvukiland settlement. A further four widows who live with more than six grandchildren of which parents are unemployed, also receive support. They are facing material hardships such as food insecurity as well as no access to education, basic sanitation, proper healthcare and adequate housing.

MAD is also in need of more protective gear to use when delivering the parcels during the lockdown: they are on the regional council’s exclusionary list and are allowed to provide their services during this period.

Recently the Gondwana Care Trust was able to assist MAD with basic items for those with special needs whom they support and also food parcels. Our recent sponsors enables us to add fruits and vegetables to our next delivery as well as items such as adult diapers and other hygienic goods desperately needed by these individuals.

Following a few emails, the Gondwana Collection Namibia’s office team in Windhoek, managed to get a wheelchair for one of the beneficiaries who recently became paralyzed. Without this form of assistance, the lady would not be able to move around. We are so grateful for everyone involved and for their support. We have another beneficiary in need of a wheelchair – who, after she was physically molested, was left with a broken spine by her attackers and is in dire need of a wheelchair.

MAD welcomes any generous donations and we will do a regular follow up as well as deliver more food parcels as soon as we can get the next transport to Tsumeb. We extend a thank you to Sea Pride for their continuous support and immediate response once again, in delivering these goods as well as the wheelchair for Ms Rosa.




One of the beneficiaries of MAD, Ruth, has outgrown her wheelchair which she has had since she is 6 years old!  She has totally outgrown the chair and the chair has now collapsed! Ruth is 13 years old and has been paralyzed since birth. She needs a special chair that can support her neck and keep her in a stable and comfortable position!

Please if anyone can assist us, contact us at so we can help Ruth! Ms Violet Witbeen from MAD is in contact with the family and will get all the information needed if you are able to assist.



Please contact Dgini: if you want to assist, if you are a suppliers or if you want to contribute with a cash donation.

Please use our bank details and ref Food relief COVID-19 – THANK YOU


Project Co-ordinator: ESB Windoek
081 341 44 01  


The ESB Rocket Stove is an efficient and user friendly stove made out of mild steel. An old, tried and tested design, that has been revived & adapted to Namibian conditions. It was not designed by ESB as the concept has been on the market internationally for long but ESB has now started to manufactured these stove for several reasons, such as to have a positive social impact, not only on the Namibian community, but on the environment too. Every year, many trees get killed for the need of firewood, especially in winter. There are a few towns that do not have any access to natural fire wood, such as the coastal Walvis Bay.


The rate of accidents of open fires remains high and too many have suffered the disastrous consequences of shacks fire in Namibia. Too many homes don’t have access to electricity and therefore families do not have the choices and must use firewood to cook their meals and boil water!


the ESB Rocket Stove is super fast, saves wood (it only uses sticks and twigs) and it is safer to use as it is not an open fire and it provides heat as well during the cold winter night. It is easy to use and to clean and can be used by all. The ESB Rocket Stove (L: 450mm x W:300mm x H: 600mm & weighs 7kg) costs N$699.00. ESB is looking for sponsors to enable donation towards families in need.


If you are interested in sponsoring a family with a stove, you can contact me or ESB directly. There are many families in need of such a stove, especially in the Northern rural areas of Namibia which has been flooded and families have lost most of their belongings. This is a Namibian product made for Namibians and to sponsor some families in need will be a life-changing donation for many! Thank you.

Please find below a list of our Community partners, who receive assistance during the lockdown and stage 2:

Heal the Land, Khaibasen, Light of Hope - Okahandja
160+ children, 44 Adults.

These three organisations run in Okahandja, are connected to a local church whose pastor is the project co-ordinator and drives weekly to Windhoek to pick up all the goods to distribute thereafter to the beneficiaries. They provide cooked meals to vulnerable and homeless kids in Okahandja. They are also affiliated with the Nau Aib Old Age Home in Okahandja and provide cooked meals to the elderly in the old age home.

MEGS Care for Needy - Katutura:
60+ families
Operates in Khomasdal and Katutura, Windhoek providing food parcels and cooked meals to vulnerable elderly people in those communities. Since the lockdown, they have assisted over 100 people with a food parcel.


Senior Park - Windhoek:
160 residents.
Old Age home in Pioneerspark, Windhoek. MealForTwo donations go to the elderly that needs food assistance and for the old age home kitchen.


Lidar Foundation - Katutura:
250 Children and 100 Adults.
Provides food and youth empowerment and educational activities for orphaned and vulnerable girls in Katutura- Central. Since the lockdown, Lidar has prepared meals and food parcels for over 200 kids.


Hope Village
88 Children.
Provides a loving home and food to orphans and abandoned children living with HIV and other debilitating illnesses. Operate in Katutura.


Windhoek PAY Center
120 Children.
Operates in Katutura, Windhoek. Provides nutrient meals and education and physical activity programmes daily to kids coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. Since the lockdown, PAY provides take away food for the kids.


Huis Maerua:
24 Children.
Operates in Windhoek. Houses and feeds children with social welfare troubled backgrounds.


Grace Project:
180 families.
Operates in Khomasdal, Windhoek. Distributes food parcels to vulnerable families, especially pensioners. Since the lockdown, they have provided food parcel to almost all the families as well.


Khomas Homeless Shelter - Windhoek:
Since the lockdown, the Gondwana Care Trust has added the shelter to the recipient and they have received dry goods and meat to provide a meal on a daily basis to homeless individuals. They have over 70 people visiting the shelter on a regular basis.


Bridge of Hope - Havana:
has also been added to the list since the lockdown. They assist over 150 kids with a meals. They still operates and provide take away and food parcel to the kids.


Elshaddai Caring and Feeding:
120 Children and 30 Adults.
Operates in Keetmanshoop. Provides nutritious meals daily to kids and adults coming from disadvantaged backgrounds

Part of the Meal for Two program – Associations / schools are closed at the moment:

Dagbreek Special School - Windhoek:
26 Children, 7 Adults.
Operates in Windhoek provide education, food and shelter to kids with disabilities.


Mammadu Trust - Katutura:
60 Children.
Operates in Otjomuise, Windhoek and provides food and education to orphaned and vulnerable children in the community.


Dorcas Soup Kitchen - Keetmanshoop:
100 children and 20 adults.
Operates in Keetmanshoop. Provides nutritious meals daily to kids coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Geduld Primary School and Immanuel Hostel - Grunau:
200 children.
Operates in Grunau. Provides education, shelter and food to kids from the Grunau and surrounding area.


Witkrans Primary School - Stampriet:
162 children and 8 adults.
Provide nutrient meals for underprivileged children from the Witkrans area.


Natascha Pre-Primary School & Day Care - Katutura: 46 children.
Operates in Okuryangava, Windhoek, provide food and care to vulnerable children from the community.

Other donations in the form of goods are welcome – We are looking for blankets and warm winter clothes as we fast approaching winter….

Please contact Dgini for further information on how to donate – 

Thank you to all the wonderful individuals for their contributions. Thank you! 
Should you still want to contribute with a cash donation, please find our bank details below. 
Please add your Name/Food relief as a reference for your contribution. 

Bank Windhoek Limited 
Gondwana Care Trust 
Maerua Mall Branch / 483 872 
Chk – 800 818 44 91
We have a few more projects lined up, please contact the Trust if you would like more information.
We cannot thank you enough for your support! 
Gondwana Care Trust 
081 242 59 00 
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