“A new decade for new resolutions, new hope and new dreams are within everyone’s reach, and together we can reach even further. Extend a helping, caring hand of which the effect will last another decade.”
December 2019 - February 2020
Dear friends, sponsors, partners and colleagues

Thank you to all our partners who continually trust and support our projects. We cannot do it alone and together we can make a small difference in someone’s life.Thank you to all our partners who continually trust and
2020 started with more school Christmas bags being handed out to learners, starting their brand-new year with eyes full of hope and dreams! We wish you all the very best for 2020!

Please find below a quick update on some of the projects Gondwana Care Trust has assisted with in the past few weeks.
We will try to summarize as much as we can, so please do not hesitate to contact us via email ( for further details on any of the following projects. It is always so difficult to keep it short regarding feedback on the amazing work these incredible associations and/or individuals achieve for their community and children every day.
The Trust donates vouchers on a regular basis to assist with raffles and fundraisers, while smaller donations are made to assist with projects and we do not always name all these donations. Please note that we do not favour cash donations. We are always looking for new projects to extend some assistance when needed. The aim is not to create dependence but to empower the individual to carry on with the project in a sustainable manner.
Assistance comes in many forms. We are extremely blessed to have business partners who have extended their generosity towards our projects, especially the Meal For Two programme which enables so many children and vulnerable individuals to have a proper balanced meal once a day to live a healthier lifestyle. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to assist in the Meal For Two programme.
Due to the disastrous drought in Namibia, we are running short of game meat. Meat delivery will therefore be reduced, and in some instances ceased, as there is no supply.
We appreciate all support towards our existing Meal For Two recipients who will be most affected by the shortage. We apologise to our recipients and hope to assist in other means by delivering fruit and vegetables and other goods thanks to our partners.


Kanono Combined School - Katima

Project Co-ordinator: Mr Ndabeni - School principal
+264 812040910
Kanono Combined School has been established in 1961 and it is one of the oldest schools in the region with over 460 learners from grade 0 to 9.
The school offers I.C.T. (Information, Communication and Technology) as a subject but only theoretical classes due to the fact that they do not have a single computer! The school has the infrastructure to receive computers, they have an internet connection, and got the Wi-Fi connected in January 2019.


The school has already raised funds towards the project. After the Gondwana Care Trust agreed on assisting the school, the classroom was secured with burglar bars, and the school installed an alarm system. Gondwana Care Trust purchased the first 10 computers, and basic programmes were added with an anti-virus system. Total value: N$ 26 500.00 (excl. Programmes, installations, transport)
The first 10 computers were delivered in January 2020. Upon installation, Mr Ndabeni, the school principal immediately purchased IT educational books to teach both the learners and the teachers. The school still needs more computers as the classes are very full.


We will need further funds to buy 15 more computers due by April 2020.
If you want to support Gondwana Care Trust in this project, please contact Dgini for further information. Nowadays computer literacy is  a requirement in tertiary education and the workplace. Kanono Combined School is proud to be one of the first schools to offer such a subject in this region. Being able to apply the practical side of the subject can only be beneficial to the learners.
Thank you for any help towards this project! The teachers and the learners are so grateful as they now have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and gain access to higher education! The internet opens doors to so many tools and opportunities!

A special thank you to Mr. Jens Vietor and Morne Du Toit from the IT department at Gondwana Collection for preparing the computers and installing them at the school,  ensuring it is ready for the learners to use. Thank you for your patience, time and care!   

Hands of Hope - Namibia

Project Co-ordinator: Ms Niki Carstens
Cell: +264 81 660 10 25

Founded by Niki Carsten in 2013, the aim of this project is to help families in need due to sickness, job loss, shack fires, poverty,  vulnerable kids, orphans. They are based in eight different towns - Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Henties Bay, Uis, Outjo, Okahandja, Windhoek, Lüderitz and Tsumeb. Hands of Hope Namibia consists of 10 volunteerswho rely entirely on public donations.
Please visit their Facebook page for more information on their needs if you are interested to assist them. Their biggest need is stationery for their Back to School project and uniforms for the children starting school. They currently provide about 958 learners with stationery while also taking care of other needs.
Gondwana Care Trust donated a total of 104 School Christmas Bags filled with a basic stationery set and some sweets to the Grade 1, 2 and 3’s from Flamingo Primary School in Walvis Bay.
Please contact Dgini or Niki Carsten directly if you can assist Hands of Hope. Thank you.

MWADINOMO Pre-school & Day Care Centre – Kuisebmund 

School principal: Ms Elina Shidolo
Cell:+264 81 292 17 83 

Mwadinomo pre-school has grown over the years. They now have 10 teachers, six classrooms and 178 learners of various ages from baby care to pre-school kids. Mwadinomo recently added Night Care for parents who work nightshift. They currently have 11 children in Night Care.

Mwadinomo pre-school provides care and the basic pre-school education before starting Grade 1. Children are in a safe environment, get to socialise with children their own age and thereby stay off the streets. Mwadinomo is situated in Kuisebmund and provide great relief to many parents as there are no other pre-schools in that area of the township.
Mwadinomo is always in need of educational material, books and toys. Recently Gondwana Care Trust donated chairs to the pre-school – 26 have been delivered and 24 more will be delivered late February. Thanks to Learning Nation who offered us a discounted rate - we were able to donate sturdy and colourful chairs for another year of fun and learning at Mwadinomo.
The pre-school still needs mattresses for the little ones to have a nap during recess. If you can assist with some clean mattresses, contact Dgini or Elina directly.

Mammadu – Katutura 

Project Coordinator: Ms Agnes Albrecht Röhm

Mammadu has been providinga safe environment for the children living on the outskirts of the capital city Windhoek for 10 years now. They are a pre-school for kids living in this area of the township of Katutura, and  welcomes older kids in the afternoon, so they can have a meal and assistance with their homework. Mammadu welcomes volunteers yearly who dedicate their time to help the children with homework and other social skills. Children are provided with breakfast, lunch and a snack.

Mammadu is also a centre for the mothers creating handmade goods made of recycled material and sold in all the Gondwana lodges’ curio shops and other tourists curio shops around Namibia. This provides the mothers with a steady income.
Every year, Mammadu wants to motivate the older children to study and to stay in school. They keep track of the children’s school records and at the end of the year about 20 kids are rewarded with a school trip.
This year Gondwana Care Trust sponsored the trip with 1 night at Kalahari Farmhouse and 2 nights Kalahari Anib Lodge with all meals and activities included, so the children can enjoy the school holidays but also appreciate nature. For some children, it is a chance to discover another part of the country. Many children do not have the opportunity to travel and experience nature. After visiting a lodge for the first time, Many  are interested to study further and work in tourism once they realise  that there is potential in the industry.
At Farmhouse they visited the Self-sufficiency centre that provides lodges with fresh vegetables and meat. Mammadu is a recipient of the Meal For Two programme, and visited the centre with great excitement to see where the meat comes from and what other operations are carried out at the farm.
Thank you to all our sponsors, friends, colleagues… for enabling us to welcome so many children and to give them a trip they will not forget!

THANK YOU KALAHARI ANIB LODGE TEAM for spoiling the kids for their birthday!! 

Please note Mammadu will be at the Bio Markeet in Indhoek again with fabulous brötchen filled with goodies and cake. Please support them!

YOUTH HOPE – Kindergarten library project 

Project co-ordinatorMs Hilma Weber
081 127 91 98

Youth Hope is part of the Development Workshop Namibia, which is a charity trust focused on informal settlements and town planning. Youth Hope aims to create libraries in townships to provide reading and educational material to children and adults.
The project has just recently started, and they are looking for donations in forms of books and any other type of educational material to assist them. They offer a training workshop for teachers on ECD and the importance of reading to children, as well as how to practically apply it.
Youth Hope donates children’s books, puzzles, flash cards, teaching materials, as well as toys and other useful materials to create a friendly reading environment for the children. Education is the start of a brighter future and without it there is little hope. Reading enables the mind to create, construct and plan… Reading is one of the basic tools to enable one’s mind to visualise the potential of a better life.
If you are able to donate unwanted books, reading materials, or educational material, contact Dgini or Hilma directly. Youth Hope will visit as many kindergartens in Namibia as possible to spread the literacy amongst our youth.

HOPE VILLAGE - Windhoek 

Project co-ordinatorMs Marietjie de Klerk 
:+264 85 128 14 05

Hope Village is an orphanage in Windhoek (Namibia), which takes care of victims affected by HIV/AIDS epidemic. More than 80 children are currently living there.
Hope Village is situated in the middle of Katutura, a township outside Windhoek. It consists of four houses with 24 children living in each house. The children are referred to Hope Village by Child Protection, the hospital or a social worker. Furthermore, there is a vegetable garden, producing healthy food for the children.
Gondwana Care Trust assists Hope Village through the Meal for Two programme and provides meat when available and other goods needed for the meals’ preparation. A special thanks to our partners, Sea Pride & Deep Catch & Bank Windhoek. Hope Village faces many challenges and one of them is to transport the children to the various schools they are attending in Windhoek. The bus has been in repair for weeks now. The Gondwana Care Trust assisted with  a bus rental for two weeks, as well as  some parts for the bus and courier costs.
Unfortunately, the actual bus still needs further repairs before it can undergo the road-worthy test. Hope Village is desperately looking for assistance for the transportation bill! The weekly rental is N$5900,00.
They need a road-worthy sprinter bus. Is anyone willing to help with a secondhand sprinter bus for sale or long-term rental? If you are willing to assist with the rental costs or to cover some of the repairing expenses, please contact Dgini or Marietjie directly at Hope Village! Children need to go to school to stay in a routine and be safe.


SOCCER TOURNAMENT – Ipumbu Shiimi Xmas Annual Cup 2019 

Tournament co-ordinator : Mr Ipumbu Shiimi 

The aim of the tournament is to help with youth development, particularly with the aim to keep the youth away from undesirable activities, such as alcohol and drug abuse. 19 teams from the surrounding areas in Omusati, Oshana and Ohangwena regions participated in the tournament, most of them aged between 15 to 25 years.
This year, the tournament was attended by approximately 800 to 900 people on the first day, including soccer fans and about 20 food and beverage vendors. No alcohol is allowed at the tournament. The Gondwana Care Trust was pleased to sponsor 10 000.00 NAD towards the tournament. Congratulations to all players who took part in the tournament!

Vouchers and Accommodation support 

Gondwana Care Trust assisted in a few associations with vouchers and/or free of charge accommodation at some lodges to support fundraising projects, be it towards the Cancer Association, swimming workshops specifically designed for austistic learners, raffles to raise funds to support a soup kitchen, sponsorship towards child education or funding flight tickets to raise awareness of the importance of health and wellness in remote areas in Namibia.
Assistance comes in various forms and we can never takea kind gesture towards another being for granted.
2020 will be a challenging year, facing problems such as the coronavirus directly decreasing the number of visitors to many countries and Namibia, and the drought crumbling families to extreme poverty levels…. Let’s make a difference and help each other make tomorrow better by caring and sharing.


Gondwana Care Trusts
081 242 59 00

Following a few requests from guests and colleagues, the Gondwana Care Trust has decided to keep the School Christmas Bag Project running the whole year. We have almost reached 2500 bags in 2019 and we would like to  improve this year and enable more children to receive the School Christmas Bag at the end of the year. It is a way of preparing them for the new school year and also encouraging them to go back to school!
Thank you to all our sponsors, patners, colleagues and the guests, who have purchased a Gondwana Care Trust bag in 2019.
Thank you to the following sponsors and donors for their amazing contribution in goods or cash donation or discounts.
Namib Mills / Sea Pride - Deep Catch / African Marketing / All Namibian Embroidery / Coastal Couriers
Sea Work / Komnick & Franck / Global United / Potentia / Mr Jan Bouwer (Wutow) / Mr & Mrs Dreyer (Wbay)
Windhoek Textiles / The Grove Super Spar / ABC Stationers / Learning Nation (Walvisbay) / Namibia Book Market / World Of Hygiene / Gondwana team and friends

We are aiming for 3000 bags this year and we are already starting to locally produce the Gondwana Care Trust bags so we can start packing as early as May/June 2020 to be ready for distribution in October. As always, we need stationery kits, crayons, colouring books, hygienic products such as soap, toothpaste & toothbrushes, body cream, roll on for boys and girls, toys and any reading or study material for teens.
The School Christmas Bag makes such a big difference in a child’s life as it is specially packed for the child. Lists are sent to us with the name and age of the child so we can pack the bag individually and write the child’s name on the bag. We often write a small note on the colouring book or reading book. This is to encourage the child to pursue his school career, and hopefully bring a smile when we can add a toy as well.

Still facing the drought, Namibia suffers greatly and many people will not enjoy a Christmas dinner with their loved ones. Therefore, we add a small pack of maize\rice and a can of fish or meat for the family to enjoy in the School Xmas Bag.

Should you wish to be part of this special project, please either purchase a School Christmas Bag at any of the Gondwana lodges, Windhoek Head Office or online by using our Gondwana Care Trust bank account. Please use your name and GCT Bag as a reference.

Other donations in the form of goods are welcome. Please contact Dgini for further information on how to donate – 

Thank you to all the wonderful individuals for their contributions. Thank you! 

Should you still want to contribute with a cash donation, please find our bank details below. 

Please add your name/Xmas as a reference for your contribution. 

Bank Windhoek Limited 
Gondwana Care Trust 
Maerua Mall Branch / 483 872 
Chk – 800 818 44 91

We have a few more projects lined up, please contact the Trust if you would like more information.
We cannot thank you enough for your support! 
Gondwana Care Trust 
081 242 59 00 
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